Zetor 5245

The Zetor 5245 is a robust and dependable row-crop tractor that was manufactured by Zetor in Czechoslovakia from 1985 to 1992. It is known for its versatility and reliability, making it a popular choice among farmers and agricultural enthusiasts. With a powerful 3-cylinder diesel engine and four-wheel drive capability, the Zetor 5245 was well-suited for a variety of farm tasks, from plowing fields to pulling implements. Its mechanical simplicity and rugged design made it easy to maintain and operate, and it became a trusted workhorse in many farming operations. The tractor’s durability and solid performance have contributed to its continued popularity among those who appreciate a dependable agricultural machine.

General Information
ModelZetor 5245
Years Produced1985 – 1992
TypeRow-Crop Tractor
Production LocationBrno, Czechoslovakia
Original Price (1992)$15,000
Engine Details
Engine ManufacturerZetor 5201
Fuel TypeDiesel
Number of Cylinders3
Cooling SystemLiquid-cooled
Displacement164.6 cubic inches (2.7 liters)
Bore/Stroke4.016×4.331 inches (102 x 110 mm)
Engine45.9 hp (34.2 kW)
Drawbar (claimed)38 hp (28.3 kW)
PTO (claimed)42.5 hp (31.7 kW)
Drawbar (tested)37.96 hp (28.3 kW)
PTO (tested)42.51 hp (31.7 kW)
Fuel SystemDirect Injection
Rated RPM2200
Idle RPM600-2400
Firing Order1-3-2
Starter Volts12V
Oil Capacity9.5 quarts (9.0 liters)
Without Heater8.5 quarts (8.0 liters)
With Heater11.1 quarts (10.5 liters)
Intake Valve Clearance0.010 inches (cold) or 0.254 mm
Exhaust Valve Clearance0.010 inches (cold) or 0.254 mm
Gears10 forward and 2 reverse
Oil Capacity33.8 quarts (32.0 liters)
Mechanical Details
DriveFour-wheel drive (4WD)
Differential LockMechanical rear
Operator StationOpen
Standard Tires(Ag)
Optional Tires(Ag):
Wheelbase84.3 inches (214 cm)
Length143.1 inches (363 cm)
Width72.8 inches (184 cm)
Height (Cab)102.2 inches (259 cm)
Height (Exhaust)94.7 inches (240 cm)
Weight6790 lbs (3079 kg)
Clearance (Front Axle)15.2 inches (38 cm)
Front Tread59.4 inches (150 cm)
Rear Tread56.1 to 70.9 inches (142 to 180 cm)

The Zetor 5245 is a versatile row-crop tractor known for its power and reliability, suitable for a range of agricultural applications.

Zetor 5245 Advantages:

Versatility: The Zetor 5245 is a versatile tractor suitable for a wide range of agricultural tasks, from plowing and planting to hauling and mowing.
Reliability: Known for its reliability and robust construction, this tractor is designed to withstand demanding farm conditions and heavy workloads.
Powerful Engine: The 45.9 horsepower engine provides ample power for various agricultural applications, making it capable of handling tough tasks efficiently.
Four-Wheel Drive: With four-wheel drive capability, it offers enhanced traction and stability, especially in challenging terrain or adverse weather conditions.
Simple Maintenance: Its mechanical simplicity and straightforward design make it easier to maintain and repair, reducing downtime and repair costs.
Differential Lock: The mechanical rear differential lock improves traction and helps the tractor navigate through difficult terrain or when pulling heavy loads.

Zetor 5245 Disadvantages:

Limited Features: Compared to modern tractors, the Zetor 5245 may lack some of the advanced features and technology found in newer models, such as modern control systems and digital displays.
Fuel Efficiency: Older tractor models like the Zetor 5245 may be less fuel-efficient compared to newer, more technologically advanced tractors.
Availability of Parts: Finding replacement parts for older tractor models like the Zetor 5245 can sometimes be challenging, as they may no longer be in production.
Noise and Vibration: Older tractors tend to generate more noise and vibration during operation, which can lead to operator fatigue over extended periods.