Zetor 25

TypeTwo-cylinder, vertical, four-cycle high-pressure Diesel
ValvesIn head, replaceable, wet cylinder liners
Bore4 1/5 in.
Stroke4 3/4 in.
Displacement1/4 gallon
Compression ratio18:1
Cylinder headWith precombustion chambers common for both cylinders
Fuel consumption7 ounces HP/hr
TypeWorm and worm gear
Reduction ratio1:17
Steering wheel diameter16 1/2 in.
AdditionalElectric horn button
ZETOR 25K21 ft. 3 3/4″
ZETOR 2516 ft. 4 3/4″
TypeDry, single-disc
Diameter11 in.
Pressure springs9
Speeds6 forward, 2 reverse
Speeds(miles per hour/hr)
First gear2.40
Second gear3.12
Third gear4.00
Fourth gear6.62
Fifth gear8.66
Sixth gear11.25
First reverse1.65
Second reverse4.25
Differential driving pinionMade of nickel chromium alloy steel
Bearings2 tapered roller bearings
Reduction ratio (pinion and differential crown wheel)4.7/1
Final reduction ratio (to rear wheel axles)48/1
TypeSteel casting, square section
FrontAutomotive with pneumatic tyres 6,50—16
RearCast hubs with pressed rims. Tyres 11,25—24
Speed535 RPM at rated engine speed (1,600 RPM)
Spline shaft diameter1 3/8 in. (S. A. E. standard)
Diameter9 7/8 in.
Speed880 RPM at rated engine speed (1,600 RPM)
Belt speed3 ft. 9 3/5”/sec
Special orderBelt pulley shield available
InstrumentsOil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge (both with indirect light), headlights switch, glowing plug and starter switch, charging pilot lamp (ammeter substitution available on request)
Zetor 25 Overview

The Zetor 25 tractor is a robust and reliable machine designed for various agricultural tasks, reflecting the expertise and craftsmanship synonymous with Zetor’s heritage in the tractor industry. Engineered with efficiency and durability in mind, the Zetor 25 boasts a two-cylinder, vertical, four-cycle high-pressure Diesel engine configuration. This engine is equipped with valves in the head and replaceable, wet cylinder liners, ensuring optimal performance and ease of maintenance over its operational lifespan.

The tractor’s engine specifications include a bore of 4 1/5 inches and a stroke of 4 3/4 inches, resulting in a displacement of 1/4 gallon and a compression ratio of 18:1. Such specifications contribute to the tractor’s impressive power output and fuel efficiency, making it suitable for a wide range of agricultural applications.

The Zetor 25 features a worm and worm gear type system with a reduction ratio of 1:17, providing precise and responsive control during operation. The steering wheel, with a diameter of 16 1/2 inches, is ergonomically designed and includes an electric horn button for added convenience and safety. Additionally, the tractor offers impressive maneuverability with minimum turning radii of 21 feet 3 3/4 inches for the ZETOR 25K model and 16 feet 4 3/4 inches for the ZETOR 25 model.

The clutch system of the Zetor 25 is dry, single-disc type with a diameter of 11 inches and is equipped with nine pressure springs, ensuring smooth engagement and disengagement of power transmission. This contributes to the overall ease of operation and control of the tractor, even during demanding tasks.

The gearbox of the Zetor 25 is equipped with six forward and two reverse speeds, allowing operators to select the appropriate gear for various operating conditions. With speed ranges tailored to suit different applications, including field work and transportation, the Zetor 25 offers versatility and adaptability to meet the diverse needs of agricultural operations.

The rear axle of the Zetor 25 features a differential driving pinion made of the finest nickel chromium alloy steel, ensuring durability and reliability under heavy loads. Coupled with a reduction ratio of 4.7:1, the differential crown wheel delivers optimal torque distribution to the rear wheel axles, resulting in enhanced traction and performance in challenging terrain.

The Zetor 25 is available in two wheels variants: the ZETOR 25K and the ZETOR 25. Both variants feature front automotive wheels with pneumatic tires for smooth and comfortable operation, while the rear wheels are tailored to specific model requirements. The ZETOR 25K is equipped with discs and pneumatic tires, providing excellent traction and stability, while the ZETOR 25 features cast hubs with pressed rims, ensuring robustness and durability in demanding conditions.

The Zetor 25 is also equipped with a power take-off (PTO) system with a speed of 535 RPM at the rated engine speed of 1,600 RPM, allowing operators to connect various implements and accessories for increased productivity and versatility. Additionally, a belt pulley with a diameter of 9 7/8 inches is provided, offering additional power transmission options for compatible equipment and machinery.

The dashboard of the Zetor 25 is thoughtfully designed, featuring essential instruments such as an oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge (both with indirect light), headlights switch, glowing plug and starter switch, and a charging pilot lamp. These instruments provide operators with vital information regarding the tractor’s performance and operating conditions, ensuring efficient and safe operation at all times.

Zetor 25 tractor embodies the expertise and innovation synonymous with the Zetor brand, offering farmers and agricultural professionals a reliable, efficient, and versatile solution for their daily tasks. With its robust construction, powerful engine, and advanced features, the Zetor 25 is well-equipped to tackle a wide range of agricultural applications with ease and efficiency, making it a valuable asset on any farm or agricultural operation.

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