Zetor 16245

The Zetor 16245 is a robust row-crop tractor produced from 1990 to 1997 by Zetor in Brno, Czechoslovakia. Known for its powerful turbocharged diesel engine and durable construction, it offers reliable performance for various agricultural tasks. With a 4×4 MFWD 4WD chassis, power steering, and a standard cab with a heater, it ensures comfort and efficiency for operators. Its open center hydraulics system, independent rear PTO, and versatile hitch capabilities make it a versatile choice for farmers. Priced at $48,000 in 1992, it combines affordability with advanced features for its time.

General Information
TypeRow-Crop Tractor
FactoryBrno, Czechoslovakia
Original Price (1992)$48,000
PTO (claimed)135.9 hp / 101.3 kW
Engine Details
TypeTurbocharged Diesel
Displacement417.5 ci / 6.8 L
Bore/Stroke4.33 x 4.72 inches / 110 x 120 mm
Coolant Capacity24 qts / 22.7 L
TypeSynchro Mesh
Gears12 forward and 6 reverse
Chassis4×4 MFWD 4WD
BrakesHydraulic Dry Disc
CabStandard with Heater
TypeOpen Center
Pump Flow10.8 gpm / 40.9 lpm
Tractor Hitch
Rear TypeIII/II
Rear Lift8650 lbs / 3923 kg
Power Take-off (PTO)
Rear PTOIndependent
Rear RPM540/1000
Ag Front14.9-24
Ag Rear18.4-38
Wheelbase106.1 inches / 269 cm
Weight11500 lbs / 5216 kg
Zetor 16245 Overview

Zetor 16245, manufactured between 1990 and 1997 in Brno, Czechoslovakia, stands out as a notable model in the row-crop tractor category, embodying the robust engineering and practical design for which Zetor is renowned. As a tractor expert, one appreciates the Zetor 16245 for its combination of power, durability, and versatility, which made it a popular choice among farmers during its production years.

At the heart of the Zetor 16245 is its turbocharged diesel engine, a 6.8-liter, six-cylinder powerhouse that delivers a claimed PTO power of 135.9 horsepower. This engine, known for its reliability and efficiency, ensures that the tractor can handle demanding agricultural tasks with ease. The liquid-cooled design helps maintain optimal operating temperatures, contributing to the engine’s longevity and consistent performance. The substantial displacement and robust build reflect Zetor’s commitment to producing machinery capable of heavy-duty work while maintaining operational efficiency.

The tractor’s transmission system further enhances its versatility and ease of use. The 12-speed synchro mesh transmission offers a good range of gears, allowing operators to select the optimal speed for various tasks, whether it’s plowing, planting, or transporting loads. The inclusion of six reverse gears provides additional maneuverability, which is particularly useful in tight or challenging field conditions.

Mechanically, the Zetor 16245 is designed for durability and operator comfort. The 4×4 MFWD (Mechanical Front Wheel Drive) 4WD chassis provides excellent traction and stability across different terrains, making it suitable for a variety of agricultural environments. Power steering reduces operator fatigue and increases precision, while the hydraulic dry disc brakes ensure reliable stopping power, enhancing safety. The standard cab, equipped with a heater, offers a comfortable working environment, protecting the operator from harsh weather conditions and allowing for extended working hours.

The tractor’s hydraulic system is another highlight, featuring an open center design with two valves and a pump flow of 10.8 gallons per minute. This system provides the necessary hydraulic power for various attachments and implements, increasing the tractor’s functionality. The rear hitch, compatible with Category III/II implements, boasts a substantial lift capacity of 8650 pounds, enabling the Zetor 16245 to handle heavy equipment and large loads efficiently.

The independent rear PTO with selectable 540/1000 RPM settings offers flexibility in powering a wide range of implements, from mowers and balers to sprayers and tillers. This versatility is further enhanced by the tractor’s tire configuration, with 14.9-24 front tires and 18.4-38 rear tires providing a good balance of traction and flotation, essential for minimizing soil compaction and maximizing performance in the field.

In terms of dimensions, the Zetor 16245 features a 106.1-inch wheelbase and a weight of 11500 pounds, which contribute to its stability and handling characteristics. The tractor’s design and specifications reflect a balance between power, durability, and operator comfort, making it a reliable choice for farmers looking to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Priced at $48,000 in 1992, the Zetor 16245 offered a competitive package of advanced features and robust performance, representing good value for money. Its legacy in the agricultural sector is a testament to Zetor’s engineering prowess and commitment to meeting the needs of modern farmers. Whether viewed from the perspective of power, versatility, or durability, the Zetor 16245 remains a standout model in the history of row-crop tractors.

Zetor 16245 Zetor 16245