White 1270

White 1270 tractor was indeed built in Italy by the Fiat Tractor Company for White Farm Equipment in the 1970s. It shared similarities with the Fiat 480 and featured a 41 horsepower (31 kW) Fiat engine. Additionally, it was marketed under different names, including the Cockshutt 1270 and Oliver 1270, highlighting the practice of rebranding or collaboration within the agricultural machinery industry during that time. This type of collaboration allowed manufacturers to leverage each other’s resources and expertise in producing tractors that could be marketed under multiple brand names.

White 1270 Utility Tractor Specifications:

Manufacturer Information
TypeUtility Tractor
Original Price$6,900 (1975)
Power and Capacity
PTO (Claimed)41 hp / 30.6 kW
Fuel Capacity14.25 gal / 53.9 L
Hydraulic System Capacity4.5 gal / 17.0 L
TypeOpen Center
Hydraulic Tank Capacity4.5 gal / 17.0 L
Hydraulic Pressure2133 psi / 147.1 bar
Pump Flow5.76 gpm / 21.8 lpm
Tractor Hitch
Rear TypeII/I
ControlPosition and Draft Control
Rear Lift2660 lbs / 1206 kg
Power Take-off (PTO)
Rear PTOLive
Rear RPM540 / Ground
Engine RPM540 @ 1970
Charging SystemAlternator
Charging Amps42
Battery Volts12
Engine Details
Displacement158.1 ci / 2.6 L
Bore/Stroke3.94×4.33 inches / 100 x 110 mm
Air CleanerOil bath
Rated RPM2400
Starter Volts12
Oil Capacity8 qts / 7.6 L
Coolant Capacity13.5 qts / 12.8 L
TypePartially Synchronized
Gears6 Forward and 2 Reverse
Clutch254mm Dry Disc
Oil Capacity18 qts / 17.0 L
Gears9 Forward and 3 Reverse
2WD Ag Front6.00-16
4WD Ag Front7.50×20
2WD Ag Rear13.6-28
4WD Ag Rear12.4-28
2WD Ag Front7.50-16
2WD Ag Rear12.4-28
2WD Ag Rear14.9-28
Wheelbase75.5 inches / 191 cm
2WD Length115 inches / 292 cm
4WD Length119.5 inches / 303 cm
Width62.5 inches / 158 cm
2WD Height (Steering Wheel)56.6 inches / 143 cm
2WD Shipping Weight3710 lbs / 1682 kg
4WD Shipping Weight4300 lbs / 1950 kg
2WD Clearance (Front Axle)18.25 inches / 46 cm
4WD Clearance (Front Axle)14 inches / 35 cm
2WD Front Tread50.4 to 78 inches / 128 to 198 cm
4WD Front Tread55/59 inches / 139/149 cm
Rear Tread47.25 to 74.75 inches / 120 to 189 cm
Attachments (Cockshutt 1522 Loader)
Height (to Pin)109 inches / 276 cm
Clearance, Dumped Bucket85 inches / 215 cm
Dump Reach30 inches / 76 cm
Dump Angle45°
Reach at Ground76 inches / 193 cm
Rollback Angle25°
Breakout Force (Lift)3200 lbs / 1451 kg
Lift to Full Height (at Pin)1930 lbs / 875 kg
Bucket Width48 inches / 121 cm, 60 inches / 152 cm, 72 inches / 182 cm
Attachments (Cockshutt 1524 Loader)
Height (to Pin)120 inches / 304 cm
Clearance, Dumped Bucket103 inches / 261 cm
Dump Reach38 inches / 96 cm
Dump Angle45°
Reach at Ground67 inches / 170 cm
Rollback Angle24°
Breakout Force (Lift)4600 lbs / 2086 kg
Lift to Full Height (at Pin)1800 lbs / 816 kg
Bucket Width48 inches / 121 cm, 60 inches / 152 cm, 72 inches / 182 cm
Key features of White 1270 tractor

Robust Fiat Diesel Engine: White 1270 is powered by a reliable Fiat diesel engine with 3 cylinders, providing a claimed 41 horsepower. This engine offers a combination of power and fuel efficiency, making it well-suited for a variety of utility tasks.

Versatile Transmission Options: with a 6-speed partially synchronized transmission and a 9-speed creeper transmission, the tractor provides operators with versatility in controlling speeds for different applications. Synchronized shifts between specific gears enhance operational efficiency.

Live PTO Functionality: live rear Power Take-Off (PTO) ensures a continuous power supply to attached implements, enhancing productivity during various agricultural operations. The rear PTO operates at 540 RPM, synchronized with the engine speed.

Hydraulic System Performance: tractor features an open center hydraulic system with a pump flow rate of 5.76 gallons per minute and a hydraulic pressure of 2133 psi. These specifications contribute to strong hydraulic performance, allowing for efficient lifting and operation of hydraulic implements.

Operator-Friendly Design: tractor is designed with an open operator station, providing clear visibility and easy access to controls. This design prioritizes operator comfort and convenience during long working hours.

Compact and Maneuverable: with a wheelbase of 75.5 inches, the tractor is compact and maneuverable, suitable for navigating through various farm environments. This feature enhances agility and ease of operation, particularly in confined spaces.

Attachments Compatibility: White 1270 is compatible with Cockshutt 1522 and 1524 loaders, adding to its versatility. The loader attachments offer features such as different bucket widths, breakout force, and lift capacities, expanding the range of tasks the tractor can handle.

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