UTB/Universal 640

The UTB/Universal 640 tractor is a versatile and robust agricultural machine known for its reliability and power. With different variants, including 2WD and 4WD options, it offers flexibility to cater to various farming needs. UTB/Universal tractors have been used worldwide for their durability and ability to tackle a wide range of agricultural tasks efficiently.
UTB/Universal 640 Variants
U-640SD2WD with shuttle transmission
U-640DTC-SD4WD with shuttle transmission
U-640DTCE4WD with equal-size wheels
UTB/Universal 640 Power
Engine65 horsepower (48.5 kW)
PTO (claimed)62 horsepower (46.2 kW)
Engine Details
Engine ModelUTB diesel 4-cylinder liquid-cooled
Displacement219.4 cubic inches (3.6 liters)
Bore/Stroke4.016×4.331 inches (102×110 mm)
Fuel SystemDirect injection
Compression Ratio17:1
Rated RPM2400
Torque163 lb-ft (221.0 Nm) at 1400 RPM
Starter Volts12
Starter Power4 horsepower (3.0 kW)
Fuel System
Fuel Tank Capacity14.2 gallons (53.7 liters)
Transmissions Overview
Description12-speed constant mesh and 8-speed shuttle
Transmission 1 (Constant Mesh)
TypeConstant mesh
Gears12 forward and 3 reverse
ClutchDry disc
DescriptionFour gears (1-4) plus reverse (R) in three ranges (creeper, low, and high). Gears 3 and 4 are synchronized.
Transmission 2 (Shuttle)
Gears8 forward and reverse
ClutchDry disc
DescriptionWith 14.9×28 rear tires. Reverse speeds are 15% faster than forward.
Chassis4×2 2WD / 4×4 MFWD 4WD
Differential LockMechanical rear
SteeringHydrostatic power
BrakesDry band
CabROPS (Cab optional)
Transmissions12-speed constant mesh / 8-speed shuttle
TypeOpen center
Pump Flow10.8 gpm (40.9 lpm)
Tractor Hitch
Rear TypeII/I
ControlPosition and draft control
Rear Lift4630 lbs (2100 kg)
Power Take-Off (PTO)
Rear PTOLive
Rear RPM540
Standard Tires (ag)
Rear14.9×28 (2WD)
Rear12.4×36 (DTCE)
Rear11.2×38 (640L)
Rear14.9×28 (DTCE)
Rear9.50×36 (640L)
2WD Wheelbase82.6 inches (209 cm)
4WD Wheelbase78.3 inches (198 cm)
2WD Weight4400 lbs (1995 kg)
4WD Weight5100 lbs (2313 kg)
Charging SystemAlternator
Battery Volts12
Advantages of the UTB/Universal 640 Tractor:

The UTB/Universal 640 tractor stands as an enduring symbol of agricultural prowess, revered by enthusiasts and collectors alike for its historical significance and enduring performance. As a versatile and robust machine, it represents a pivotal era in tractor technology, blending reliability with power to meet the demanding needs of farming communities worldwide. Available in various configurations, including 2WD and 4WD options, the UTB/Universal 640 embodies adaptability, catering to a range of agricultural tasks with ease.

At its core, the UTB/Universal 640 boasts a formidable UTB diesel 4-cylinder liquid-cooled engine, delivering an impressive 65 horsepower (48.5 kW) of raw power, with a claimed PTO output of 62 horsepower (46.2 kW). This engine, with its direct injection fuel system and robust construction, exemplifies the engineering excellence of its time, offering reliability and efficiency in equal measure.

In terms of transmission, the UTB/Universal 640 features both a 12-speed constant mesh and 8-speed shuttle transmission, providing operators with precise control and versatility in various working conditions. With features like mechanical rear differential lock, hydrostatic power steering, and dry band brakes, it ensures exceptional traction, maneuverability, and safety, reflecting the technological advancements of its era.

Furthermore, the UTB/Universal 640 boasts a capable hydraulic system, with an open-center design and a pump flow of 10.8 gpm (40.9 lpm), enabling efficient operation of implements and attachments. Its robust tractor hitch, with position and draft control, and a rear lift capacity of 4630 lbs (2100 kg), further enhance its utility and productivity in the field.

In terms of dimensions and weight, the UTB/Universal 640 comes in various configurations, with wheelbases ranging from 78.3 inches (198 cm) to 82.6 inches (209 cm) and weights ranging from 4400 lbs (1995 kg) to 5100 lbs (2313 kg), reflecting its versatility and adaptability to different farming applications.

Electronically, the UTB/Universal 640 adheres to standard practices of its time, featuring a negative ground system, alternator charging, and a 12-volt battery, ensuring reliable operation in diverse conditions.

In summary, the UTB/Universal 640 tractor stands as a testament to the ingenuity and craftsmanship of its era, embodying a rich legacy of agricultural innovation and excellence. As a historical model in today’s context, it continues to captivate collectors and enthusiasts, serving as a cherished reminder of a bygone era in tractor technology.

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