Ursus 4514

The Ursus 4514, produced from 1988 to 2011 in Warsaw, Poland, is a robust and versatile utility tractor designed for a wide range of agricultural tasks. Available in 2WD and 4WD variants, it features a powerful diesel engine, efficient transmission options, and a reliable hydraulic system. Known for its durability and adaptability, the Ursus 4514 provides excellent performance in various farming conditions. Its user-friendly design includes power steering, an optional cab with a heater, and comprehensive control features, making it a dependable choice for farmers seeking efficiency and reliability in their agricultural operations.

Ursus 4514 Utility Tractor Specification
Years1988 – 2011
FactoryWarsaw, Poland
Engine66 hp (49.2 kW)
PTO (claimed)59 hp (44.0 kW)
Engine Details
ModelUrsus 4390
Cooling SystemLiquid-cooled
Displacement235.9 ci (3.9 L)
Bore/Stroke3.87 x 5.00 inches (98 x 127 mm)
Power66 hp (49.2 kW)
Fuel SystemDirect injection
Air CleanerOil bath
Pre-heatingGlow plugs
Compression Ratio16:1
Rated RPM2000
Torque180.7 lb-ft (245.0 Nm)
Torque RPM1400
Starter Volts12V
Starter Power4 hp (3.0 kW)
Oil Capacity7.4 qts (7.0 L)
Coolant Capacity14.7 qts (13.9 L) or 16.4 qts (15.5 L)*
Transmissions 8-speed Gear
Gears8 forward and 2 reverse
ClutchDry disc
Oil Capacity46.5 qts (44.0 L)
Transmission 12-speed Creeper
Gears12 forward and 3 reverse
Chassis4×4 MFWD 4WD
Differential LockMechanical rear
BrakesMechanical wet disc
CabOptional with available heater
Fuel21.1 gal (79.9 L)
Hydraulic System11.6 gal (43.9 L)
Capacity11.6 gal (43.9 L)
Pump Flow6.9 gpm (26.1 lpm)
Tractor Hitch
Rear TypeII
ControlPosition and draft control
Rear Lift5291 lbs (2399 kg) or 6172 lbs (2799 kg)*
Power Take-off (PTO)
Rear PTOLive
Rear RPM540/1000 (1.375)
Engine RPM540 @ 1686 / 1000 @ 1692
Charging SystemAlternator
Charging Amps55
Battery Volts12V
Battery AH120
Standard Tires (ag)Front
Wheelbase90.6 inches (230 cm)
Length145.7 inches (370 cm)
Width72.8 inches (184 cm)
Height (cab)99.6 inches (252 cm)
Height (exhaust)101.6 inches (258 cm)
Clearance (rear axle)18.5 inches (46 cm)
Clearance (drawbar)11.4 inches (28 cm)
Front Tread58.1 to 71.5 inches (147 to 181 cm)
Rear Tread53.2 to 87.2 inches (135 to 221 cm)
ROPS6107 lbs (2770 kg)
Cab7275 lbs (3299 kg)
ROPS Ballasted6967 lbs (3160 kg)
Cab Ballasted8135 lbs (3690 kg)
Expert Overview of the Ursus 4514 Utility Tractor

The Ursus 4514 utility tractor, manufactured in Warsaw, Poland, from 1988 to 2011, stands out as a durable and versatile workhorse in the agricultural sector. With its robust construction and thoughtful design, the Ursus 4514 has earned a solid reputation among farmers and agricultural experts. This tractor is available in two primary configurations: the 4512 model with 2WD and the 4514 model with 4WD, catering to diverse operational needs. Its versatility and strength make it suitable for various farming tasks, from plowing and tilling to hauling and planting.

Under the hood, the Ursus 4514 boasts the Ursus 4390 diesel engine, a 4-cylinder, liquid-cooled powerhouse that delivers 66 horsepower. This engine is renowned for its reliability and efficiency, featuring direct injection for optimal fuel use and performance. The engine’s substantial torque of 180.7 lb-ft at 1400 RPM ensures the tractor can handle demanding tasks with ease. Additionally, features such as an oil bath air cleaner and glow plugs for pre-heating contribute to its dependability, especially in cold conditions. The tractor’s starter system, with a 12-volt setup and 4 hp starter power, ensures reliable ignition under various circumstances.

The Ursus 4514 offers two transmission options: an 8-speed gear transmission and a 12-speed creeper transmission, providing flexibility and control for different farming activities. The gear transmission includes eight forward and two reverse gears, while the creeper transmission adds more granularity with twelve forward and three reverse gears, ideal for tasks requiring precise speed control. The dry disc clutch and significant oil capacity enhance the tractor’s operational efficiency and longevity.

One of the standout features of the Ursus 4514 is its hydraulic system, which has a capacity of 11.6 gallons and a pump flow rate of 6.9 gallons per minute. This robust hydraulic setup ensures efficient operation of various implements, enhancing the tractor’s utility. The rear Type II hitch, with position and draft control, allows for a significant rear lift capacity of up to 6172 lbs, making it capable of handling heavy-duty equipment with ease.

Operator comfort and safety are also prioritized in the Ursus 4514 design. The optional cab with an available heater provides a comfortable working environment, particularly beneficial during harsh weather conditions. The power steering system ensures easy maneuverability, while the mechanical wet disc brakes offer reliable stopping power. The tractor’s dimensions and weight are well-balanced to provide stability without compromising agility, with a wheelbase of 90.6 inches and a length of 145.7 inches.

In summary, the Ursus 4514 utility tractor is a reliable and adaptable machine that has proven its worth over decades of production. Its powerful engine, flexible transmission options, robust hydraulic system, and thoughtful design make it a valuable asset for any agricultural operation. Whether used for routine tasks or more demanding agricultural work, the Ursus 4514 delivers consistent performance, embodying the qualities of strength, reliability, and versatility that farmers and agricultural professionals seek in a utility tractor.