Ursus 2812

The Ursus 2812 compact utility tractor, renowned for its reliability and sturdy build, has been a trusted workhorse in agriculture since its production years between 1988 and 2009. With its efficient 2.5-liter diesel engine and versatile transmission system, it excels in a variety of tasks, from plowing fields to hauling loads. Its straightforward design and ease of maintenance make it a favorite among farmers, although sourcing parts can be a challenge due to its discontinued production. Safety features such as the ROPS cabin and mechanical brakes ensure operator protection, making it a dependable choice for agricultural operations worldwide.
Ursus 2812 General Specifications
Company CountryPoland
Production Years1988 to 2009
Tractor TypeCompact Utility Tractor
Total BuildN/A
Service Repair ManualUrsus 2812 Manual
Dimensions, Weight, and Tires Specs
AG Front Tires6.00-16
AG Rear Tires12.4-28
Weight4123 lbs or 1870 kg
Length126.2 inches [320 cm
Horsepower and Engine Specs
Engine Size152.7 ci or 2.5 L
Number of Cylinders3 Cylinders
Horsepower37.6 hp or 28.0 kW
Power RPM2000 (rpm)
Engine Torque106.2 lb-ft or 144.0 Nm
Engine Torque RPM1400 (rpm)
Fuel TypeDiesel
Fuel Injection SystemDirect Injection
Fuel Tank Capacity15.3 gal or 57.9 L
Compression Ratio16.5:1
Bore Stroke3.60×5.00 inches or (91 x 127 mm)
Oil Tank Capacity7.2 qts or 6.8 L
Coolant Tank Capacity10.8 qts or 10.2 L
Battery and Electrical Specs
Battery Voltage12 V
Battery Amps90 amps
Electric Charging SystemAlternator
Electric Charging Volts12 V
Electric Charging Amps55 amps
Starter MotorElectric
Engine Starter Volts12 V
Clutch and Transmission Specs
Transmission Gears8 Forward and 2 Reverse
Clutch System305mm Dry Disc
Oil Tank Capacity33.8 qts or 32.0 L
Mechanical and Cab Specs
Wheel Drive4×2 2WD
Steering SystemPower
Braking SystemMechanical Drum
Cabin TypeTwo-post ROPS
Differential LockMechanical Rear
Hydraulic Specs
Pump Flow Rate6.1 gpm or 23.1 lpm
Hydraulic Tank Capacity8.5 gal or 32.2 L
Hydraulic Pressure2321 psi or 160.0 bar
Power Take-off (PTO) Specs
PTO Claimed Power33.5 hp or 25.0 kW
PTO Engine @RPM540@1893 (rpm)
Rear PTO SystemLive
Rear PTO RPM540 (rpm)
3 Point Hitch Specs
Hitch Control SystemPosition and Draft Control
Rear HitchII
Rear Hitch Lift2932 lbs or 1329 kg
Ursus 2812 overview

The Ursus 2812 is a reliable and robust compact utility tractor hailing from Poland, produced between 1988 and 2009. Its enduring popularity stems from a blend of sturdy construction, efficient performance, and versatility, making it a dependable workhorse for various agricultural tasks.


Powered by a 2.5-liter, 3-cylinder diesel engine, delivering 37.6 horsepower at 2000 RPM, with ample torque for pulling and lifting tasks.
Equipped with a smooth 8 forward and 2 reverse transmission system, allowing for precise control and maneuverability.
Boasting a comfortable two-post ROPS cabin design, providing essential protection for the operator.
Features a reliable hydraulic system with a decent flow rate and pressure, ensuring seamless operation of attached implements.
Safety features include mechanical drum brakes, a power steering system for effortless handling, and a mechanical rear differential lock for enhanced traction.


Durability: Built to endure the rigors of agricultural work, the Ursus 2812 is known for its robust construction, capable of withstanding heavy-duty usage over extended periods.
Versatility: Its compact size coupled with a range of compatible implements allows for versatile applications, from plowing and tilling to hauling and mowing.
Ease of Maintenance: With a straightforward design and accessible components, routine maintenance tasks are simplified, reducing downtime and operational costs.
Efficient Performance: The diesel engine delivers ample power and torque for demanding tasks while maintaining fuel efficiency, ensuring productivity without excessive fuel consumption.


Limited Features: Compared to more modern tractors, the Ursus 2812 may lack some advanced features and technologies, which could impact efficiency and operator comfort.
Outdated Design: The design and aesthetics of the tractor may appear dated compared to newer models, potentially affecting its appeal to some users.
Availability of Parts: As production ceased in 2009, sourcing replacement parts may pose a challenge, particularly for specific components or accessories.

Common Problems

Hydraulic Issues: Occasional hydraulic system leaks or malfunctions may occur due to wear and tear, requiring regular inspection and maintenance.
Electrical Problems: Aging electrical components may lead to issues such as starter motor failure or charging system malfunctions, necessitating periodic checks and replacements.
Transmission Troubles: Over time, the transmission may experience wear, leading to gear slippage or difficulty in shifting, which should be promptly addressed to avoid further damage.

Ursus 2812 tractor offers a blend of durability, versatility, and efficiency, making it a valuable asset for farmers and agricultural workers seeking a reliable and cost-effective solution for various tasks. While it may have some limitations and potential issues associated with its age, proper maintenance and care can help mitigate these challenges, ensuring continued performance and safety on the field.

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