The STIHL RT 4082 ride-on mower is a compact and agile lawn care solution designed for efficient and precise grass cutting. With its small turning radius and unobstructed forward view, it navigates through gardens, including tight spaces and areas with trees and shrubs, with ease. Operator comfort is prioritized, thanks to a height-adjustable seat and ergonomic design. This mower’s grass collection system is highly effective, ensuring even grass gathering across the entire cutting width, while an optional mulching feature offers natural fertilizer for lawns. Convenient blade control, a single-pedal drive, and effortless grass emptying make it a versatile and user-friendly choice for lawn maintenance.

Technical Specifications
Lawn AreaUp to 4,000 m²
Cutting Width80 cm
Cutting Height35-90 mm
Grass Catcher Box250 l
Tank Capacity6 l
Displacement452 cm³
Nominal Output7.6 kW / 10.3 PS
Working Speed2,700 rpm
Warranty5 Years (Subject to product registration and annual servicing, otherwise 2 years)
Engine details
ModelSTIHL EVC 4000 petrol 4-stroke engine / 452cc / 8.2 kW / 11.1 PS
Fuel typePetrol
Machine Dimensions
Machine Length213 cm
Machine Height118 cm
Machine Width90 cm
Weight202 kg
Noise Levels
Uncertainty Factor, Sound Pressure Level KpA2 dB(A)
Guaranteed Sound Power Level LWAd100 dB(A)
Uncertainty Factor K Seat0.3 cm
Measured Sound Pressure Level LpA86 dB(A)
Blade specs:
Center hole typeRound hole
Blade length (mm)799
Distance between holes (mm)70 / 303
Center hole (mm)16
Edge holes (mm)8.7 x 9.7
Standard Equipment
Turf TyresProtect the lawn surface.
Trailer HitchIntegral hitch for mounting attachments.
Central Cut-Height AdjustmentAdjustable cutting height from the seat.
Robust FrameProvides stability and comfort.
Spring-Mounted, Adjustable SeatComfortable and height-adjustable.
Small Turning CircleExcellent maneuverability.
Low StepEasy access on and off the mower.
Grass Guidance SystemMinimizes manual re-cutting effort.
Grass Collection Box with Sabre HandleConvenient grass emptying.
Single-Pedal DriveIncreases driving comfort.
Electromagnetic Blade ClutchAllows easy blade engagement and disengagement.
STIHL RT 4082 Overview

The STIHL RT 4082 ride-on mower is a compact and maneuverable lawn maintenance machine designed to efficiently and precisely mow lawns of up to 4,000 square meters. This ride-on mower offers a range of features that enhance both operator comfort and the quality of the lawn care process.One of its standout features is its excellent maneuverability, thanks to a small turning circle and unobstructed forward view. This allows for efficient operation even in gardens with tight spaces, trees, shrubs, and flower beds. The compact design and small turning radius make it well-suited for navigating narrow passages and maneuvering around obstacles.

Operator comfort is a priority with the STIHL RT 4082. The ride-on mower features a spring-mounted, height-adjustable seat that ensures a comfortable and customizable seating position. This is especially important for operators who spend extended periods mowing lawns.

The grass collection system on this ride-on mower is highly efficient. With a generous 250-liter grass catcher box, it can collect clippings effectively as you mow. The catching management system ensures that grass is gathered evenly across the entire cutting width, minimizing the need for manual re-cutting. Additionally, the ergonomic sabre handle makes it easy to empty the grass collection box from the driver’s seat, streamlining the mowing process.

For those who prefer mulching, the STIHL RT 4082 offers an optional mulch insert. This feature allows grass clippings to be finely chopped and distributed back onto the lawn as a natural fertilizer, promoting healthy and lush grass growth.

Blade control is made convenient with the electromagnetic blade clutch. Operators can easily engage or disengage the mower blades from the comfort of the driver’s seat, offering flexibility when transitioning between different terrains or surfaces.

The ride-on mower also boasts a single-pedal drive system, a signature STIHL feature. This system allows for seamless transitions between forward and reverse gears using a hand lever, offering precise control from a standstill to maximum speed. A separate brake pedal ensures immediate stopping when needed.

In conclusion, the STIHL RT 4082 ride-on mower is a versatile and user-friendly lawn maintenance tool. Its compact design, exceptional maneuverability, and range of features make it an excellent choice for homeowners and landscapers looking to maintain lawns with precision and convenience. Whether you have a spacious garden or a lawn with tight corners and obstacles, this ride-on mower is equipped to handle the task efficiently, all while providing operator comfort and ease of use.



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