Stiga Villa 12

The Stiga Villa 12 embodies versatility and precision for smaller garden maintenance. Its compact design and front-mounted cutting deck provide unparalleled visibility, while a powerful Briggs & Stratton engine ensures reliable performance. With five forward gears and one reverse, navigating diverse terrain is effortless. The Combi cutting deck offers both Multiclip and rear discharge options, maintaining lawn health with ease. Year-round functionality extends to snow clearance and spring cleaning tasks. Comfortable seating and towing capabilities round out this indispensable tool for homeowners seeking efficient and agile lawn care.

BrandBriggs & Stratton
Power12.5 hp I/C OHV/AVS
Speed9 km/h
Type of fuelPetrol
Tank volume3.8 l
Type of transmissionGearbox in-line
Number of gears5 + R
Type of steeringRear wheel steering
Type of wheelsStiga special lawn tyre tread
Wheel sizeFront 16 inches, Rear 13 inches
Tyre pressureFront 0.4 bar, Rear 1.2 bar
DrivingFront wheel drive
Type of cutting systemFront cutting Combi deck
Cutting heights25-85 mm in 10 steps
Cutting width85 cm
Cutting height adjustmentManual
Synchronized beltYes
Deck connectionUniversal
Deck liftFoot controlled
Electric starterYes
Gear leverHand controlled inline lever
Throttle leverYes
ColourYellow / Grey
Material of chassisSteel
Weight168 kg (excl. cutting deck)
Gross weight201 kg (excl. cutting deck)
Package size (WxHxL)91x86x169 cm
Largest measures (WxHxL)95x115x195 cm
Type of seatComfort seat
Seat adjustable horizontallyYes
Instructions for use8211-0011-80
EAN bar code7 313 321 304 560
Stiga Villa 12 Overview

The Stiga Villa 12 (13-2717-12) stands out as a versatile and nimble solution tailored for the demands of smaller gardens adorned with trees, bushes, and various plants. Its compact design and agile maneuverability make it an ideal companion for homeowners seeking effortless lawn maintenance in tighter spaces. Equipped with a front-mounted cutting deck, this mower offers unparalleled visibility, allowing users to navigate around obstacles with precision and ease, ensuring a neatly trimmed lawn.
Driver comfort takes center stage with the Stiga Villa, featuring an adjustable ergonomic seat that ensures a pleasant mowing experience even during extended sessions. Under the hood, the robust Briggs & Stratton engine, boasting 12.5 horsepower, delivers reliable performance, ensuring efficient operation with every use.

The manual gearbox, with its five forward gears and one reverse, empowers users with versatile control, enabling seamless transitions across various terrain types. Complementing its powertrain is the high-performance Combi cutting deck, sporting an impressive 85 cm cutting width and offering a choice between Multiclip and rear discharge functionalities.

The innovative Multiclip system not only simplifies lawn maintenance but also enhances lawn health by simultaneously cutting and fertilizing, promoting lush and vibrant grass growth. Meanwhile, the rear discharge feature proves invaluable for tackling overgrown areas, particularly following extended periods of neglect such as vacations.

Beyond its primary role as a lawn mower, the Stiga Villa transcends seasonal limitations, transforming into a year-round utility player. Equipped with accessories such as a snow blade or sweeper, it effortlessly transitions into a capable snow clearance tool during winter months. In spring, the sweeper becomes instrumental in clearing pathways of sand and removing moss and dead grass from the lawn, ensuring a pristine outdoor environment.

Moreover, the Stiga Villa’s towing capability adds another layer of versatility, allowing it to haul small carts and assist with various outdoor tasks beyond mere lawn maintenance. In essence, the Stiga Villa 12 exemplifies a holistic approach to lawn care, combining efficiency, comfort, and adaptability into a single, indispensable tool for homeowners with diverse landscaping needs.