Stiga Park 500 W

Stiga Park 500 W Petrol Front Mower with 110cm Combi Pro 110 Q Plus Deck
Battery Capacity30 Ah
Power11.9 kW
Power SourcePetrol
Engine BrandSTIGA
Engine ModelST 550 Twin Powered by STIGA
Displacement586 cm³
Engine Rotation Speed3200 rpm
Battery Voltage12 V
Engine CoolingAir
Fuel Tank Capacity12 l
Easy RefillYes
Maximum Working Area7000 m²
Engine Oil Tank Capacity1.7 l
Cutting System
Cutting MethodCombi – switch between Multiclip mulching and rear discharge
Cutting Width110 cm
Deck LiftManual
Cutting Height AdjustmentElectric
Service PositionYes
Drive System
TractionRear-wheel drive
Maximum Speed Forward10 km/h
Transmission MethodPedal-operated
Transmission TypeHydrostatic
Steering WheelAdjustable with spinner
Steering TypeArticulated (50/50)
Power Assisted SteeringHydraulic
Seat TypeComfort
Seat AdjustmentSingle lever
DashboardYes – compact
Front Wheel Size16×7.50-8
Rear Wheel Size16×7.50-8
PTO EngagementElectromagnetic
Storage CompartmentSeat column pocket
Tools Kit
Trailer Hitch KitIncluded
Vibration and Noise Data
Max Vibration on Steering Wheels (m/s²)2.6
Guaranteed Sound Power Level (LwA) – dB (A)100
Measured Sound Pressure Level at Operator Ear dB (A)86
Measured Sound Power Level dB(A)100
Max Vibration on Driver’s Seat (m/s²)0.7
Overall Dimensions
Pack Weight251.5 kg
Product Weight206 kg
Product Length1960 mm
Product Width864 mm
Product Height1236 mm
Stiga Park 500 W overview

The Stiga Park 500 W Petrol Front Mower with the 110cm Combi Pro 110 Q Plus Deck represents a pinnacle of lawn care technology, engineered to meet the demands of professional landscapers and discerning homeowners alike. At its core lies a powerhouse of performance, with an 11.9 kW petrol engine boasting a displacement of 586 cm³. This engine, branded by STIGA and modelled as the ST 550 Twin, is a testament to reliability and endurance, ensuring sustained power output even under rigorous mowing conditions. With an engine rotation speed of 3200 rpm, this mower delivers consistent and efficient performance throughout extended mowing sessions.
One of the standout features of the Stiga Park 500 W is its cutting system, offering a versatile approach to lawn maintenance. Equipped with a Combi cutting method, users can seamlessly switch between Multiclip mulching and rear discharge modes, providing flexibility to adapt to varying grass conditions and preferences. The expansive 110 cm cutting width, paired with manual deck lift and electric height adjustment, enables precise and efficient cutting across large lawn areas. Additionally, the inclusion of a service position facilitates maintenance tasks, ensuring hassle-free upkeep of the cutting deck for optimal performance.

In terms of drive and transmission, the Stiga Park 500 W offers unparalleled control and maneuverability. Utilizing a rear-wheel drive traction system, this mower delivers superior traction and stability, particularly on uneven terrain. With a maximum speed of 10 km/h in forward motion, users can cover extensive lawn areas with remarkable efficiency, reducing mowing time without compromising on quality. The pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission further enhances ease of use, allowing for seamless speed adjustment to suit varying mowing conditions and terrain gradients.

Equipped with a suite of ergonomic and convenience features, the Stiga Park 500 W prioritizes user comfort and usability. The adjustable steering wheel, coupled with hydraulic power-assisted steering, ensures effortless navigation and precise control, reducing operator fatigue during prolonged mowing sessions. The comfort seat, equipped with a single lever adjustment mechanism, offers personalized seating comfort to accommodate users of different heights. Meanwhile, the compact dashboard provides essential information at a glance, enhancing operational efficiency and user convenience.

Safety and durability are paramount considerations in the design of the Stiga Park 500 W. LED headlights illuminate the mowing path, ensuring enhanced visibility and safety during low-light conditions or twilight mowing sessions. The electromagnetic PTO engagement mechanism ensures smooth and reliable operation of the cutting blades, minimizing the risk of sudden blade engagement or disengagement. Furthermore, the inclusion of a storage compartment, such as the seat column pocket, provides convenient storage for essential tools and accessories, ensuring they are readily accessible when needed.

In summary, the Stiga Park 500 W Petrol Front Mower embodies the epitome of lawn care excellence, combining robust performance, versatility, and user-centric design to deliver an unmatched mowing experience. Whether tackling expansive residential lawns or commercial landscaping projects, this mower stands as a testament to STIGA’s commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction in the realm of outdoor power equipment.

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