Stiga Park 300 M

The Stiga Park 300 M is a versatile front-cut ride-on mower renowned for its maneuverability and reliability. Powered by a robust STIGA petrol engine and featuring hydrostatic transmission, it offers effortless speed management. With its Quick Connect system and compatibility with QuickFlip technology, maintenance is streamlined. The mower’s 85 cm cutting deck ensures precise mowing, while manual adjustments cater to various grass lengths. Comfort features include a spinner-equipped steering wheel and adjustable classic seat. Designed for operator ease, it includes front and rear wheels, electromagnetic PTO engagement, and a storage compartment.
Stiga Park 300 M Specs
TypeCompact front cut ride-on mower
SteeringSTIGA articulated steering
EngineSTIGA petrol engine, ST 400 Powered by STIGA
Displacement414 cm³
Power Output7.1 kW
Power SourcePetrol
Battery Capacity18 Ah, 12 V
Fuel Tank Capacity4.2 liters
Engine Oil Tank Capacity1.2 liters
Cutting System
Cutting Width85 cm
Deck LiftManual
Cutting Height AdjustmentManual
Drive SystemRear-wheel drive
Maximum Speed Forward9 km/h
Steering WheelWith spinner
Seat TypeSTIGA classic, with locking knobs for adjustment
PTO EngagementElectromagnetic
Storage CompartmentSeat column pocket
Tools KitTrailer hitch kit included
Vibration and Noise Data
Max Vibration on Steering Wheels< 2.4 m/s²
Max Vibration on Driver’s Seat0.6 m/s²
Measured Sound Power Level99 dB(A)
Measured Sound Pressure Level at Operator Ear87 dB(A)
Guaranteed Sound Power Level100 dB(A)
Overall Dimensions
Weight178 kg (Product), 219.3 kg (Pack)
Product Length1681 mm
Product Width770 mm
Product Height1171 mm
Stiga Park 300 M Overview

The Stiga Park 300 M stands out as a versatile and efficient compact front-cut ride-on mower, embodying the essence of reliability and ease of use. Engineered with precision, it features STIGA articulated steering, offering unparalleled maneuverability, essential for navigating through various terrains with utmost control and agility. Powered by a robust 414 cc STIGA petrol engine, the Stiga Park 300 M ensures consistent performance, delivering 7.1 kW of power, making light work of demanding mowing tasks.

Equipped with hydrostatic transmission, this mower allows for effortless speed management, enabling operators to tailor their pace to the demands of the job. The inclusion of the RAC Quick Connect system facilitates seamless interchangeability among accessories, enhancing versatility and operational efficiency. Additionally, the mower is compatible with a cutting deck boasting QuickFlip technology, simplifying maintenance and cleaning tasks with its convenient accessibility.

The cutting system, featuring an 85 cm cutting width, offers precision and efficiency in mowing operations, while manual adjustment options for deck lift and cutting height provide flexibility to cater to varying grass lengths and surface conditions. With rear-wheel drive traction and a maximum forward speed of 9 km/h, the Stiga Park 300 M ensures optimal performance and control during operation.

Designed with operator comfort and convenience in mind, the Stiga Park 300 M is equipped with a steering wheel featuring a spinner for enhanced handling, complemented by a classic STIGA seat with locking knobs for adjustable seating position. The inclusion of front and rear wheels, along with PTO engagement via electromagnetic control, further enhances user experience and operational ease.

Furthermore, the mower comes with essential features such as a storage compartment for added convenience and a trailer hitch kit, ensuring versatility and utility beyond standard mowing tasks. The Stiga Park 300 M prioritizes operator comfort and safety, with vibration levels kept minimal to ensure a smooth ride, and comprehensive noise management measures implemented to minimize operational disturbances.

In terms of dimensions and weight, the Stiga Park 300 M strikes a balance between stability and maneuverability, with its compact design enabling easy navigation through narrow spaces, while its robust construction ensures durability and longevity. Overall, the Stiga Park 300 M embodies excellence in performance, functionality, and user-centric design, making it a preferred choice for professionals and enthusiasts seeking superior mowing solutions.

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