Stiga Park 220

The V302 S Park 220 tractor, equipped with a Briggs & Stratton Power Built 3130 AVS engine, offers reliable performance with its 344 cc capacity. Operating on 2WD, it delivers 7.4 kW of power at 3200 rpm, running on unleaded gasoline and SAE 10W-30 oil. With a 4.2-liter fuel tank, it ensures extended operation. Featuring adjustable cutting height, it maneuvers with ease at speeds up to 9 km/h forward and 7 km/h in reverse. Compact and agile, it weighs 169 kg and maintains low noise and vibration levels for operator comfort, making it ideal for outdoor tasks.

Stiga Park 220 Specs
TypeV302 S
ModelPark 220
EngineB&S Power Built 3130 AVS (21R807)
Cylinder capacity344 cc
Power7.4 kW
Engine speed3200 rpm
Electrical system12 V
BatteryVRLA type
FuelUnleaded gasoline without lead
Fuel tank capacity4.2 liters
Engine oil typeSAE 10W-30
Engine oil gradeSJ or higher
Engine oil sump capacity1.4 liters
Spark plugChampion XC12YC or equivalent
Spark plug electrode gap0.75 mm
Tire pressure Front160 x 50-8 / 155 x 50-8 (bar 1 – psi 15)
Tire pressure Rearbar 1 – psi 15
Cutting height25 – 85 mm
Forward speed (indicative)9 km/h
Reverse speed (indicative)7 km/h
Weight169 kg
A) Length1681 mm
A1) Length (with cutting devices)2279 mm
B) Wheelbase800 mm
C) Width1171 mm
D) Width (with cutting devices)770 mm
Other features
Noise level at operator’s ear96 dB(A)
Guaranteed sound power level98 dB(A)
Hand/arm vibration0.5 m/s²
Whole-body vibration0.7 m/s²
Vibration value at steering wheel1.8 m/s²
Uncertainty value for vibration0.56 m/s²
Stiga Park 220 overview

Stiga Park 220 tractor is a robust and efficient machine designed for various outdoor tasks. Powered by a Briggs & Stratton Power Built 3130 AVS engine with a cylinder capacity of 344 cc, it delivers a reliable performance. Operating on 2WD, it offers a power output of 7.4 kW at an engine speed of 3200 rpm. The electrical system runs on a 12 V battery of VRLA type, ensuring consistent power supply.

For fuel, the tractor utilizes unleaded gasoline without lead, with a fuel tank capacity of 4.2 liters, providing ample fuel for extended operation. The engine requires SAE 10W-30 oil, meeting SJ or higher grade standards, with an oil sump capacity of 1.4 liters. Maintenance is streamlined with a spark plug requirement of Champion XC12YC or equivalent, with a recommended electrode gap of 0.75 mm.

Traction is provided by appropriately sized tires, with tire pressure recommendations for front and rear ensuring optimal performance. The cutting height can be adjusted between 25 to 85 mm, catering to different terrain and cutting requirements. The tractor offers a forward speed of approximately 9 km/h and a reverse speed of 7 km/h, facilitating efficient movement during operations.

With a weight of 169 kg and dimensions designed for maneuverability, including a length of 1681 mm and a width of 1171 mm, it strikes a balance between stability and agility. Noise levels at the operator’s ear are maintained at 96 dB(A), meeting standards for operator comfort and safety. Vibration levels are kept low, with hand/arm vibration at 0.5 m/s², whole-body vibration at 0.7 m/s², and a vibration value at the steering wheel of 1.8 m/s², ensuring operator comfort during extended use.