Stiga Estate 384

The STIGA Estate 384 Petrol Tractor embodies superior performance and versatility for residential and light commercial lawn care. Powered by a potent STIGA engine, it boasts precision cutting with an 84 cm deck and two blades, catering to areas up to 3500 square meters. Offering reverse mowing and adjustable cutting heights, it ensures tailored results. With a pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission and ergonomic design, including a comfortable seat and LED dashboard, it prioritizes user comfort and control. Safety features like the seat with Safety Contact Breaker enhance operator security. Optional accessories like the mulching kit further enhance its utility, making it an ideal choice for efficient lawn maintenance.

General Information
Power6.8 kW
Battery Capacity18 Ah
Power SourcePetrol
Engine BrandSTIGA
Engine ModelST 450 Powered by STIGA
Displacement432 cm³
Engine Rotation Speed2400 rpm
Battery Voltage12 V
Engine CoolingAir
Fuel Tank Capacity6 l
Suggested Working Area3500 ㎡
Cutting System
Minimum Uncut Radius80 cm
Cutting Width84 cm
Reverse MowingYes
Blade RotationUntimed
Cutting Height AdjustmentManual with lever
Cutting Height Positions7 positions
Cutting Height Range25 – 80 mm
Number of Blades2
Additional Cutting MethodRear discharge, Multiclip mulching
Blade Engagement TypeElectric
Drive System
TractionRear-wheel drive
Transmission TypeHydrostatic
Transmission MethodPedal-operated
Collector EmptyingManual
Collector Capacity240 l
Steering WheelSTIGA classic
Seat TypeSTIGA classic
Seat AdjustmentScrews
DashboardYes with LED
Front Wheel Size15×6.00-6
Rear Wheel Size18×8.50-8
Washing LinkYes
Collector TypeTextile
Storage CompartmentYes
Cup HolderYes
Pivoting Front AxleYes
Antiscalp Wheels2
Safety System
SafetySeat with Safety Contact Breaker
Optional Accessories
ToolsTools Kit
MulchingMulching Kit
ChargerBattery Charger
HitchTrailer Hitch Kit
Vibration and Noise Data
Guaranteed Sound Power Level (LwA) – dB(A)100
Measured Sound Pressure Level at Operator Ear dB(A)86
Max Vibration on Steering Wheels (m/s2)6.37
Max Vibration on Driver’s Seat (m/s2)1.06
Measured Sound Power Level dB(A)100
Overall Dimensions
Pack Weight228 kg
Product Length2338 mm
Product Width880 mm
Product Height1100 mm
Product Weight165 kg
STIGA Estate 384 Overview

The STIGA Estate 384 Petrol Tractor epitomizes the fusion of power, precision, and versatility in lawn maintenance machinery, catering to the needs of both residential and light commercial users with its robust design and comprehensive features. Powered by a potent STIGA engine boasting 6.8 kW of net power output at 2400 rpm, this petrol-powered ride-on mower ensures formidable performance across varied mowing tasks. Equipped with an 84 cm cutting deck adorned with two blades and two anti-scalp wheels, the Estate 384 promises immaculate results with every pass, effortlessly tackling a suggested working area of up to 3500 square meters.
Versatility is a hallmark of the Estate 384, as it offers not only forward but also reverse mowing capabilities, enabling efficient navigation around obstacles and tight corners. The cutting height can be easily adjusted across seven positions, ranging from 25 to 80 mm, ensuring precise customization to achieve the desired grass length. Moreover, with the option for rear discharge or Multiclip mulching, users have the flexibility to adapt their mowing technique to suit specific preferences and lawn conditions.

Operational convenience is paramount in the design of the Estate 384, exemplified by the pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission system that facilitates smooth and intuitive speed and direction control. The inclusion of a manual blade engagement mechanism further enhances user control, ensuring seamless activation of the cutting blades as needed. Additionally, features such as the STIGA classic steering wheel, LED-equipped dashboard, and comfortable seat with adjustable screws contribute to a pleasant and ergonomic operating experience, reducing operator fatigue during extended use.

Safety is not overlooked in the Estate 384, with the incorporation of a seat equipped with a Safety Contact Breaker system, providing an added layer of protection for operators. Furthermore, the tractor boasts excellent build quality and durability, evident in its sturdy construction and robust components, ensuring long-term reliability and performance even under demanding conditions.

In terms of accessories and add-ons, the Estate 384 offers versatility and customization options to suit individual preferences and requirements. While essentials such as the battery charger are optional, additional accessories like the mulching kit and trailer hitch kit further expand the functionality and utility of the mower, catering to a diverse range of landscaping needs.

With its powerful engine, precise cutting capabilities, ergonomic design, and comprehensive features, the STIGA Estate 384 Petrol Tractor stands as a versatile and dependable companion for lawn maintenance enthusiasts and professionals alike, promising exceptional performance and efficiency in every mowing task.

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