Satoh Buck S470

ENGINE (Mitsubishi Diesel Engine)
TypeWater cooled vertical 4-cycle overhead valve in line diesel engine
Number of cylinder3
Piston displacement.849 cc (51.81 cu. in.)
Bore x Stroke.68 x 78 mm (2.68 x 3.07 in)
Compression ratio23.1
Max. bare horsepower.18.5 PH/2,600 rpm
Max. torque4.8 kg-m (34.7 ft-lb)/1,800 rpm
Max. engine rpm2,800 rpm
Idling speed.900 rpm
Compression pressure.34 kg/cm² (483.6 psi)/280 rpm
Injection order1 – 3 – 2
Weight.125 kg (276 lb) Dry
Valve clearanceIntake .0.25 mm (0.01 in) at cold
ThermostatWax type
Radiator cap pressure.0.7 kg/cm² (10 psi)
Water pumpCentrifugal impeller type
Fuel.No. 2 Diesel fuel
Fuel injection pump.Bosch M type
Injection nozzleThrottle type
Fuel filter.Paper element type
Oil pumpTrochoid type pump
Oil filterPaper element filter cartridge type
Oil pressure6 kg/cm² (85.3 psi)
TypeCyclon dry air cleaner
FilterDry paper element type
TypeCentrifugal weight type
BatteryG100-S6 Polymion 12V – 45Ah
Generator12V – 15A
Starting motor12V – 1.6 kw Magnet type
Glow plug10.5V – 10A Sheathed type
ModelS-470 (2-WD) | S-470D (4-WD)
Overall length1,990mm (78.4 in) | 1,995mm (78.5 in)
Overall width937mm (36.9 in) | Same as 2-WD
Overall height (to steering)1,200mm (47.2 in) | Same as 2-WD
Wheel base1,280mm (50.4 in) | 1,300mm (51.2 in)
Ground clearance285mm (11.2 in) | 235mm (9.3 in)
Tread Front AG tire720mm (28.3 in) | 785mm (30.9 in)
Front ES tire795mm (31.3 in) | 800mm (31.5 in)
Rear AG tire (Standard)740mm (29.1 in) | Same as 2-WD
Rear AG tire (Maximum)890mm (35.0 in) | Same as 2-WD
Rear ES tire (Standard)770mm (30.3 in) | Same as 2-WD
Rear ES tire (Maximum)860mm (33.9 in) | Same as 2-WD
Weight.525kg (1,156.4 lb) | 575kg (1,266.5 lb)
Turning radius (with brakes)1,700mm (67 in) | 1,800mm (71 in)
Clutch typeDry single disc plate
Torque capacity9.42 kg-m (68.1 ft-lb)
Number of shift lever2
Speed steps6-Forward 2-Reverse
Speed change methodSelective sliding gear type
Differential gearBeval gear type
Differential lockWith differential lock
Power take off shaft1-3/8 6 spline SAE standard
PTO Horse power14.6 Hp/2,600 rpm
PTO Shaft speed.544 rpm, 802 rpm, 1,314 rpm,/2,600 engine rpm
Standard PTO speed (L).540 rpm/2,580 engine rpm
(H)1,000 rpm/1,978 engine rpm
Direction of rotationClockwise as viewed from the rear
TypeFoot operating internal expansion water-proof dry type
Parking brakeMain brake use hand operating lock type
Steering type (2-WD)Worm and sector type
(4-WD)Ball screw type
Toe-in (2-WD) & (4-WD).6mm ± 2mm ( 5/32 in ~ 10/32 in )
HYDRAULIC SYSTEM (Satoh live hydraulic system)
ControlLift, hold, down, flow control and lift lock
Type of cylinderSingle acting cylinder
Diameter of piston.60 mm (2.36 in)
Stroke of piston.71 mm (2.80 in)
Pressure of relief valve.135 kg/cm² (1,920 psi)
Pump model.GP1/15 AG
Type of hydraulic pumpPressure loading type
Output of hydraulic pump.13.2 (3.5 gal)/min at 2,800 engine rpm (52.7 cc/rev design output)
Implement lock valveWith lock valve
Hydraulic oilSAE #80 gear oil, same as transmission oil
External service.PT3/8 Tap
Hydraulic adapter plateOptional
Lift capacity (at lower link end)Category “1” .500 kg(1,430 lb)
“Category 1”
Lifting capacity.500 kg (1.100 lb)
Top hitch pin hole dia..19.5 mm (0.77 in)
Lower link stud hole dia..22.5 mm (0.89 in)
Width of cross-shaft.683 mm (26.9 in)
TypePermanent type
Max. drawbar pull (2-WD).39 kg (860 lb)
(4-WD).590 kg (1,300 lb)
Max. drawbar Hp (2-WD and 4-WD).10.2 Hp
Tire size| Ply | Lug pattern | Allowable load
Front 2-WD4.50–10 | 2 | Three Rib. | 155 kg (340 lb)
AG Front 4-WD5–12 | 2 | Farm Lug. | 150 kg (330 lb)
Rear 2 & 4-WD8–18 | 4 | Farm Lug. | 515 kg (1,135 lb)
ES Front 2-WD20×8.00–10 | 4 | Pillow Dia. | 410 kg (900 lb)
Front 4-WD6–12 | 2 | Diamond | 180 kg (400 lb)
Rear 2 & 4-WD9.5–18 | 4 | Diamond | 600 kg (1,320 lb)
Tire size8–18 AG 2-WD and 4-WD at engine speed 2,600 rpm
SpeedKm/Hr | Mil/Hr | M/Sec.
F-11.09 | 0.68 | 0.30
F-21.66 | 1.03 | 0.46
F-32.82 | 1.75 | 0.78
F-44.81 | 2.99 | 1.34
F-57.29 | 4.53 | 2.03
Max. F-613.37 | 8.30 | 3.71
R-11.40 | 0.87 | 0.39
R-26.15 | 3.82 | 1.71
F-11.13 | 0.70 | 0.31
F-21.72 | 1.07 | 0.48
F-32.92 | 1.81 | 0.81
F-44.99 | 3.10 | 1.39
F-57.55 | 4.69 | 2.10
Max. F-613.84 | 8.60 | 3.84
R-11.45 | 0.90 | 0.40
R-26.37 | 3.96 | 1.77
Engine oil.3ℓ (6 pint)
Fuel tank.15ℓ (4 gal)
Transmission case oil.12ℓ (3 gal 1 qt)
2-WD and 4-WD.0.3ℓ (0.64 pint)
Hydraulic oilSame as transmission oil
4-WD front axle (with diff. case)2.5ℓ (5.5 pint)
Cooling water.5ℓ (5 qt)
Advantages of the Mitsubishi Diesel Engine (Model K3B):

Compact and Lightweight: The engine is relatively small and lightweight, making it suitable for applications where space and weight are critical factors.
Diesel Efficiency: Diesel engines are known for their fuel efficiency, which can result in lower operating costs compared to gasoline engines.
High Torque: The engine provides a maximum torque of 4.8 kg-m (34.7 ft-lb) at 1,800 rpm, which is beneficial for tasks that require high torque, such as agricultural work.
Compression Ratio: The high compression ratio of 23.1 contributes to better engine efficiency and power output.
Reliability: Mitsubishi is a reputable brand, known for producing durable and reliable engines.
Centrifugal Weight Type Governor: The governor helps maintain engine speed under varying loads, ensuring smooth and efficient operation.
Versatile Transmission: The transmission offers 6 forward and 2 reverse speed steps, allowing for flexibility in various applications.
Hydraulic System: The hydraulic system provides lift, hold, down, flow control, and lift lock capabilities, making it suitable for agricultural implements.
Differential Lock: The differential lock improves traction, which is crucial in off-road or agricultural settings.
Power Take-Off (PTO): The engine features a PTO shaft with multiple speed options, making it compatible with various attachments and implements.
Adequate Cooling System: The water-cooled system with a wax-type thermostat and centrifugal impeller-type water pump helps maintain optimal engine temperature.
Dry Air Cleaner: The cyclone dry air cleaner ensures clean air intake, enhancing engine longevity.

Disadvantages of the Mitsubishi Diesel Engine (Model K3B):

Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder: The hydraulic system utilizes single-acting cylinders, which may limit its capabilities compared to double-acting cylinders.
Small Fuel Tank: The fuel tank has a capacity of only 15 liters (4 gallons), which may require frequent refueling, especially for extended work periods.
Relatively Low Ground Clearance: The ground clearance of 235mm (9.3 in) for the 4-WD model may limit its off-road capabilities in rough terrain.
Noisy Operation: Diesel engines can be noisier compared to other engine types, which may be a consideration in noise-sensitive environments.

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