Massey Ferguson 3080

The Massey Ferguson 3080 is a versatile tractor produced in the late 1980s by Massey Ferguson. Known for its robust mechanical features and reliable performance, it was a popular choice among farmers and agricultural enthusiasts during its production years. With a powerful engine and a range of transmission options, the MF 3080 could handle a variety of tasks on the farm. Its hydraulic system and three-point hitch offered flexibility for different implements and attachments, making it suitable for a wide range of agricultural operations. The tractor’s front axle, steering, and braking systems provided stability and control in various terrains. Overall, the Massey Ferguson 3080 remains a notable model in the history of agricultural machinery, appreciated for its durability and functionality. Today, it is often sought after by collectors and enthusiasts who value its historical significance in the world of farming equipment.

Massey Ferguson 3080 Specs
Years in Production1986 – 1988
ManufacturerMassey Ferguson
ChassisAvailable in 4×2 2WD and 4×4 MFWD 4WD configurations
BrakesWet disc
Massey Ferguson 3080 Engine Specifications
Engine ModelPerkins A6.354
Number of Cylinders6
Bore98.47 mm
Stroke127.0 mm
Cubic Capacity5800 cm³
Maximum Engine Power73.5 kW
Maximum Torque374 Nm
Engine Speed at Maximum Torque1200 rpm
Idling Speed850 rpm
Maximum Rated Speed2200 rpm
Torque at Rated Speed325 Nm
Maximum No Load Speed2310 rpm
LubricationGear pump
Valves Clearances (Intake/Exhaust)0.20/0.45 mm
Fuel Filter with Sediment BowlCAV
Fuel Injection PumpRotary with Mechanical Governor
Injection Timing23 degrees
Cold Weather StartingThermostart or Ether (market-dependent)
Air CleanerTwo-stage, dry element, with centrifugal prefilter and blockage indicator
Electrical System Voltage12 volt, negative earth
Cooling SystemPressurized system with centrifugal pump
Centrifugal Water PumpBelt-driven
Belt Deflection10.0 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity173.0 liters
Cooling System Capacity25.0 liters
Engine Oil Capacity16.5 liters
Massey Ferguson 3080 Transmission
Basic Transmission32 Forward and 32 Reverse
Transmission TypeSpeedshift
Forward/Reverse Speeds32F/32R
Optional Transmission32 Forward and 32 Reverse
Transmission TypeDynashift
Reverse ShuttleStandard, mechanical
Creeper GearboxOptional
Forward/Reverse Speeds With Creeper48F/48R
ClutchDry single disc
Clutch TypeDiaphragm push-type
Disc Diameter330 mm (13.0 in)
Clutch AdjustmentAutomatic
Reduction UnitEpicyclic, in the rear axle housings
Reduction Ratios5.077 to 1
Massey Ferguson 3080 Power Take Off (PTO)
Rear PTO TypeIndependent, proportional to the engine speed
Rear PTO Power68 kW
Rear PTO Ratio (540 rpm at 1980 engine rpm)3.668:1
PTO Ratio (1000 rpm at 2000 engine rpm)2:1
Rear Speed ChangingEither by changing shafts or by lever selection
Rear PTO Shaft540/1000 rpm, 35 mm (1.38 in) diameter, 6/21 splines
Rear PTO ControlLever in the cab
Front PTOOptional
Front PTO Power69 kW
Front PTO ControlHydraulic, electrically actuated by push button in the cab
Front PTO Ratio (1000 rpm at 2040 engine rpm)2.04:1
Ground Speed PTOOptional
Ground Speed PTO ControlFrom the normal PTO operating lever
Massey Ferguson 3080 Hydraulics
Hydraulic SystemTwo-stage gear pump, driven directly by the engine
Hydraulic Pump Flow13.2 gal/min (50.0 l/min)
Maximum Hydraulic Pressure185.0 bar
Steering Pump Flow7.6 gal/min (29.0 l/min)
Maximum Steering Pressure17.0 bar
Suction Circuit FiltrationOne external 150-micron throwaway, canister-type filter
Low Flow Circuit FiltrationOne external 15-micron high-pressure filter
3-Point Hitch
Hitch Type3-point, with fixed, telescopic, or quick attach hook ball ends
Hitch Category2
RamsTwin externally mounted
Ram Diameter66 mm (2.60 in)
Position of Lift Rod on Lower Links550/650 mm
Length of Lift Rods595-827 mm
Lower Links Horizontal/Full Raised at 550 mm4350-4276 kg (9600-9437 lb) / 5194-4308 kg (11463-9507 lb)
Lower Links Horizontal/Full Raised at 650 mm5740-4788 kg (12668-10567 lb) / 5689-4703 kg (12555-10379 lb)
Massey Ferguson 3080 Front Axle and Steering
FWD Clutch MechanismHydraulic, electrically actuated by push button in the cab
Differential LockFront and rear differential lock-hydraulic with electrical control
Front Axle Assembly Capacity6.5 liters
Front Final Reduction Units (Each)1.8 liters
Steering Column TypeFixed or tiltable telescopic
Steering Ram Diameter (2WD/4WD)68/63 mm
Steering Rod Diameter (2WD/4WD)45/32 mm
Total Stroke (2WD)236 mm
Ram Stroke (4WD)2×119 mm
Volumetric Displacement (2WD/4WD)482/550 cc
Steering Pressure at Steering Valve166 bar
Steering Pressure at Return Port16 bar
Steering Valve/DisplacementDanfoss/125 cc
Rear Axle and Brakes
Differential LockPositive clutch
Differential Lock ControlHydraulic, with electrical control
Rear Axle Capacity60.0 liters
Main Brake TypeOil-immersed single disc per wheel
Brake Disc Outer Diameter35.5 cm
Brake Disc Inner Diameter29.0 cm
Brake OperationHydraulic, from two master cylinders, automatic adjustment
HandbrakeOperates on the rear axle bevel drive pinion
Massey Ferguson 3080 Dimensions and Weights
Standard Front Tires12.4-28 / 15.5-38
Standard Rear Tires13.6-28 / 16.9-38
Wheelbase (2WD)2696 mm (106.1 in)
Wheelbase (4WD)2699 mm (106.25 in)
Overall Length with Drawbar (2WD)4320 mm (170.0 in)
Overall Length with Drawbar (4WD)4472 mm (176.0 in)
Height (Cab Tractor)2724 mm (107.2 in)
Overall Width2570 mm (101.2 in)
Ground Clearance (Under Drawbar Frame)385 mm (15.2 in)
Height to Steering Wheel (Platform Models)2068 mm (81.4 in)
Steering Angle (2WD), Inner/Outer56/43 degrees
Steering Angle (4WD), Inner/Outer50/38.5 degrees
Turning Radius (2WD), Without Brake/With Brake4320/3800 mm (171.4/159.3 in)
Turning Radius (4WD), Without Brake/With Brake4700/4300 mm (186.5/171.2 in)
Operating Weight (2WD)4185 kg (9226 lb)
Operating Weight (4WD)4420 kg (9744 lb)
Massey Ferguson 3080 856 Loader Specifications
Loader ModelMF 856
Height (to Pin)151 in (3830 mm)
Clearance, Dumped Bucket120 in (3040 mm)
Dump Reach40 in (1010 mm)
Dump Angle43 degrees
Reach at Ground97 in (2460 mm)
Rollback at Ground21 degrees
Breakout Force (at Pin)5300 lb (2404 kg)
Lift to Full Height (at Pin)4100 lb (1859 kg)
Bucket Width96 in (2430 mm)
Raise Time to Height8.5 sec.
Bucket Dump Time7.5 sec.
Lowering Time6.5 sec.
Rollback Time5 sec.
Massey Ferguson 3080 overview

The Massey Ferguson 3080 is a respected tractor in the world of agriculture, and as a tractors expert, I can provide you with an in-depth analysis of its specifications, advantages, disadvantages, common problems, safety features, and other notable characteristics:


Powerful Engine: The MF 3080 is equipped with a robust 6-cylinder Perkins A6.354 engine, boasting 95.7 horsepower (71.4 kW). This engine provides ample power for various farm tasks.
Transmission Options: It features a versatile 32-speed transmission, which includes options like Speedshift and Dynashift, allowing operators to choose the right gear for specific applications.
Hydraulics: The two-stage gear pump hydraulic system ensures efficient operation, with a maximum pressure of 185.0 bar.
PTO: The tractor comes with an independent rear PTO with 68 kW of power and options for 540 and 1000 RPM. A front PTO is also available.
3-Point Hitch: The Category 2 hitch offers flexibility with fixed, telescopic, or quick-attach hook ball ends.
Front Axle and Steering: It features a front differential lock and hydrostatic steering for improved control.
Brakes: The oil-immersed single disc brakes on each wheel provide effective stopping power.
Tire Options: Various tire options are available, allowing customization for different terrains.


Powerful Engine: The Perkins engine offers substantial horsepower, ensuring that it can handle demanding tasks.
Transmission Choices: The availability of Speedshift and Dynashift transmissions caters to different operator preferences and applications.
Hydraulic Efficiency: The hydraulic system’s two-stage gear pump ensures smooth and efficient operation.
Flexibility: With multiple PTO options, a three-point hitch, and front PTO availability, the tractor is versatile for various implements.
Reliability: Massey Ferguson is known for producing reliable and durable equipment, and the MF 3080 is no exception.


Age: Being a tractor from the 1980s, it may lack some modern features and technology.
Maintenance: Older tractors might require more maintenance and replacement parts.

Common Problems:

Hydraulic Leaks: Over time, hydraulic hoses and seals may develop leaks, requiring replacement.

Safety Features:

Differential Lock: The front and rear differential lock with hydraulic and electrical control enhances traction and safety.
Braking System: Oil-immersed disc brakes ensure effective and reliable stopping power.
Steering: Hydrostatic steering contributes to better control and safety during operation.
Cabin: If equipped with a cabin, it provides protection from weather elements, enhancing operator comfort and safety.

Other Features:

Loader Compatibility: The MF 3080 is often compatible with loaders like the MF 856, adding versatility to its capabilities.
Fuel Efficiency: The tractor’s engine is designed for efficiency, helping to reduce fuel costs.
Ease of Use: A user-friendly design and straightforward controls make it accessible for operators with varying experience levels.

In conclusion, the Massey Ferguson 3080 is a dependable tractor known for its power, versatility, and reliability. While it may have some age-related challenges, it remains a popular choice among farmers and collectors who value its strong performance and historical significance in the agricultural industry.