Massey ferguson 240

The Massey Ferguson 240, manufactured from 1980 to 1999 as part of the 200 Series, is a versatile utility tractor that holds a special place in agricultural history. Built in Coventry, England, and later in North America, this tractor is renowned for its reliability and durability. With a 46 horsepower engine and the option for two- or four-wheel drive, it provides the power and traction needed for various farming tasks. The hydrostatic power steering and optional ROPS canopy enhance operator comfort and safety. The Massey Ferguson 240’s reputation as a workhorse, along with its availability of attachments like loaders, has made it a valuable tool for farmers and landowners. Its role in agriculture and its reputation for reliability make it a cherished collectible in the world of vintage tractors.

Massey Ferguson 240 Specs
Production1980 – 1999
Series200 Series
TypeUtility tractor
ManufacturerMassey Ferguson
NoteProduction of the Massey Ferguson 240 in the UK market began in 1979. North American production began in 1983.
Engine46 hp (34.3 kW)
PTO (claimed)41 hp (30.6 kW)
Drawbar (tested)28.69 hp (21.4 kW)
PTO (tested)34.77 hp (25.9 kW)
Two- or four-wheel drive
Steeringhydrostatic power
Brakesmechanical drum (early) / differential mechanical wet disc (late)
3-cylinder liquid-cooled
Displacement152 ci (2.5 L)
Bore/Stroke3.60×5.00 inches (91 x 127 mm)
Power46 hp (34.3 kW)
Air cleanerdual dry element
Pre-heatingether (optional) / block heater (optional)
Rated RPM2000
Starter volts12
Coolant capacity10.4 qts (9.8 L)
Typesliding gear
Gears8 forward and 2 reverse
NoteTractor must be stopped, and clutch used, to shift gears.
Fuel12.6 gal (47.7 L)
Hydraulic system8.6 gal (32.6 L)
Capacity8.6 gal (32.6 L)
Pump flow9.5 gpm (36.0 lpm)
Tractor Hitch
Rear TypeII/I
Controlposition and draft control
Power Take-off (PTO)
Rear PTOlive (two-stage clutch)
Rear RPM540
Standard tires (ag):
2WD Front6.00-16, Rear
4WD Front10.5/80-18, Rear
2WD Wheelbase76.1 inches (193 cm)
4WD Wheelbase77 inches (195 cm)
2WD Length124.6 inches (316 cm)
4WD Length127.1 inches (322 cm)
Width66.1 inches (167 cm)
2WD Height (ROPS)87 inches (220 cm)
4WD Height (ROPS)86 inches (218 cm)
2WD Ground clearance9.8 inches (24 cm)
4WD Ground clearance10.5 inches (26 cm)
Front tread52 to 72 inches (132 to 182 cm)
Rear tread52 to 76 inches (132 to 193 cm)
2WD4,015 lbs (1821 kg)
4WD4,585 lbs (2079 kg)
2WD Operating4,215 lbs (1911 kg)
Ballasted4,985 lbs (2261 kg)
Serial Numbers
LocationInstrument panel, lower right
1986 (late)U01001
Charging systemalternator
Charging amps32
Battery volts12
Massey Ferguson 240 Review

The Massey Ferguson 240 is a remarkable tractor known for its distinctive features and capabilities that set it apart from its peers. One of its standout qualities is its exceptional build quality and durability. This tractor was constructed with great attention to detail, making it a reliable workhorse that could withstand the rigors of farming tasks day in and day out.
One unique aspect of the Massey Ferguson 240 is its versatility. With options for both two- and four-wheel drive, it accommodated a wide range of farming needs. This adaptability made it a popular choice among farmers with diverse operations.

The hydrostatic power steering in the Massey Ferguson 240 provided smooth and precise control, making it easier for operators to navigate in the field. Additionally, the availability of a two-post ROPS (Roll-Over Protective Structure) or canopy further enhanced safety, which was a significant advancement in its time.

Compared to other tractors of its era, the Massey Ferguson 240 boasted a robust 46 horsepower engine, offering ample power for various agricultural tasks. Its engine, a Perkins AD3.152 diesel, was known for its efficiency and reliability, ensuring consistent performance in the field.

Furthermore, the availability of loaders, such as the Massey Ferguson 232 and 832 loaders, expanded its capabilities, allowing it to handle tasks like material handling and lifting with ease. These loaders were specifically designed to fit the two-wheel drive version of the 240, making it a well-rounded tractor for different applications.

Massey Ferguson 240’s reputation for durability, versatility, and reliability, combined with its powerful engine and safety features, make it a unique and sought-after tractor in the world of agricultural machinery. Its legacy continues as a valuable collectible, showcasing the enduring craftsmanship of Massey Ferguson.

The Massey Ferguson 240 has several advantages that have made it a popular choice among tractor owners and operators:

Reliability: The MF 240 is known for its durability and reliability. It is a workhorse that can handle a variety of tasks on the farm or in other applications. Its robust construction and well-engineered components contribute to its dependable performance.
Versatility: This tractor is versatile and can be used for a wide range of agricultural tasks, including plowing, tilling, planting, mowing, and more. It is suitable for both small and medium-sized farms.
Fuel Efficiency: The Perkins AD3.152 diesel engine is fuel-efficient, allowing operators to get the most out of each gallon of fuel. This is essential for minimizing operating costs, especially on farms with large fields to cover.
Ease of Maintenance: The MF 240 is designed with ease of maintenance in mind. Routine maintenance tasks like oil changes, filter replacements, and general servicing can be performed without extensive technical expertise. This reduces downtime and maintenance costs.
Simple and User-Friendly: The tractor’s controls and operation are straightforward, making it suitable for operators with varying levels of experience. It is often favored by small farm owners and those new to tractor operation.
Good Resale Value: Due to its reputation for reliability, the MF 240 retains its value relatively well. When well-maintained, these tractors can have a good resale value, which can be important for those looking to upgrade or sell their equipment.
Availability of Parts: Despite its age, replacement parts for the MF 240 are still readily available in many areas. This ensures that owners can easily find components to keep their tractors running smoothly.
Two-Wheel and Four-Wheel Drive Options: The availability of both two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive versions allows buyers to choose the configuration that best suits their needs and terrain.
Affordability: The MF 240 is often considered an affordable option for those in need of a reliable tractor. Its cost-effectiveness is a significant advantage for small and medium-sized farmers or those on a budget.
Time-Tested Design: The MF 240’s design has stood the test of time, and it has remained a popular choice for decades. This speaks to the tractor’s enduring appeal and effectiveness in agricultural applications.

While the MF 240 has many advantages, it’s important to note that it may not have all the advanced features found in modern tractors. However, for those seeking a dependable workhorse with a proven track record, the Massey Ferguson 240 continues to be a solid choice.

Potential problems:

The Massey Ferguson 240 is generally considered a reliable and robust tractor; however, like any piece of machinery, it may experience some common issues over time. Here are a few potential problems that owners and operators have reported:
Hydraulic System Leaks: Some users have reported hydraulic fluid leaks, particularly from hydraulic hoses, fittings, or seals. Regular maintenance and inspections can help prevent and address these issues.
Electrical Problems: As with many older tractors, electrical components such as wiring, switches, and connectors may deteriorate over time. Issues with lights, starters, or other electrical functions can occur.
Engine Troubles: While the Perkins AD3.152 diesel engine is known for its reliability, it can still experience issues like fuel system problems, overheating, or issues related to the air intake and exhaust. Regular maintenance, including fuel system cleaning and cooling system checks, can mitigate these problems.
Transmission and Gearbox Issues: Some users have reported issues with the gearbox or transmission, including difficulty shifting gears. Proper lubrication and regular maintenance can help prevent such problems.
Clutch Problems: Clutch wear and tear can lead to slipping or engagement issues. This is a common issue in tractors with manual transmissions. Adjustments or replacements may be necessary.
Steering and Suspension: Over time, steering components or suspension parts may experience wear. This can result in steering problems or a rough ride. Routine inspections and maintenance can help address these issues.
Differential Lock Problems: On some models, the optional differential lock may experience problems, preventing it from engaging or disengaging properly.

Important to note that the severity and frequency of these issues can vary based on factors like maintenance, usage, and the tractor’s age and condition. Regular maintenance, proper storage, and addressing issues promptly can help keep the Massey Ferguson 240 in good working order. Many of these problems are common to older tractors and can be addressed by experienced mechanics or tractor enthusiasts.