Mahindra 6075

The Mahindra 6075 is a robust and versatile utility tractor designed to handle a wide range of agricultural tasks. With its powerful 71 horsepower turbocharged diesel engine, it delivers the performance needed for demanding jobs on the farm. This tractor is built to meet Tier IV emissions standards, ensuring environmental compliance. It features a convenient power shuttle transmission with 15 forward and reverse gears, making it easy for operators to find the right speed for their tasks. The Mahindra 6075 is available with both ROPS and cab options, offering operators comfort and safety. Its hydraulic system, rear hitch, and independent PTO add to its functionality, making it suitable for various implements and attachments. Whether in the field or around the farm, the Mahindra 6075 is a dependable workhorse.

Mahindra 6075
Year of Production2018
Series6000 Series
TypeUtility Tractor
Mahindra 6075 Power
Engine71 hp (52.9 kW)
PTO (claimed)61 hp (45.5 kW)
Engine Detail
FuelTurbocharged diesel
Configuration3-cylinder, liquid-cooled
Displacement161.6 cubic inches (2.6 liters)
Bore/Stroke3.78×4.80 inches (96 x 122 mm)
EmissionsTier IV
Power71 hp (52.9 kW)
Fuel systemDirect injection
StarterElectric (12 volts)
TypePower shuttle
Gears15 forward and reverse
Chassis4×4 MFWD 4WD
BrakesWet disc
CabTwo-post folding ROPS. Cab optional with air-conditioning.
HydraulicsOpen center
Pump flow11.1 gpm (42.0 lpm)
Steering flow4.6 gpm (17.4 lpm)
Tractor Hitch
Rear TypeII
ControlPosition and draft control
Rear lift4850 lbs (2199 kg)
Power Take-off (PTO)
Rear PTOIndependent
ClutchElectro-hydraulic wet disc
Rear RPM540/540E (1.375)
Engine RPM540@1993, 540E@1469
Charging systemAlternator
Charging amps55
Battery volts12
Mahindra 6075 Tires
Standard tires(ag)
Industrial front12.5×80-18
Industrial rear19.5×24
Wheelbase87.4 inches (221 cm)
Width78.7 inches (199 cm)
Height (ROPS)105 inches (266 cm)
Height (cab)115 inches (292 cm)
ROPS Weight6746 lbs (3059 kg)
Cab Weight7495 lbs (3399 kg)
Front tread62/66/70/74 inches (157/167/177/187 cm)
Rear tread60/64/68/72 inches (152/162/172/182 cm)
OptionFront-end loader
Mahindra 6075L Loader
Loader weight1880 lbs (852 kg)
Height (to pin)133 inches (337 cm)
Breakout force (at pin)5000 lbs (2268 kg)
Lift to full height (at pin)3550 lbs (1610 kg)
Mahindra 65B Backhoe
Backhoe typeMahindra 65B Backhoe
Weight1100 lbs (498 kg)
Digging depth112 inches (284 cm)
2-Foot flat digging depth110 inches (279 cm)
Bucket force3895 lbs (1766 kg)
Dipperstick force2358 lbs (1069 kg)

The Mahindra 6075 is a rugged and capable utility tractor, making it a popular choice among farmers and agricultural professionals. With a powerful 71 horsepower turbocharged diesel engine, it offers the necessary muscle for a wide range of agricultural tasks. This tractor is designed to meet Tier IV emissions standards, ensuring it is environmentally friendly.

One of its key advantages is the versatile power shuttle transmission, featuring 15 forward and reverse gears, which allows operators to fine-tune their speed to match specific tasks. This flexibility in gearing makes it suitable for everything from tilling and planting to mowing and material handling.

The availability of both ROPS and cab options caters to the comfort and safety of operators, regardless of weather conditions. The hydraulic system, rear hitch, and independent PTO enhance its versatility, enabling the use of various implements and attachments to suit different farming needs.

Important to note that the Mahindra 6075 may come with a relatively higher price tag, which could be a disadvantage for some buyers. Additionally, its size and power may not be suitable for smaller farms or less demanding tasks, so potential buyers should carefully assess their specific requirements.

Mahindra 6075 is a dependable and powerful utility tractor, well-suited for a variety of agricultural applications. Its robust features, flexibility in transmission, and operator comfort options make it a valuable addition to any farm, but buyers should consider their budget and specific needs before making a purchase.