Mahindra 575 DI

The Mahindra 575 DI, part of the Yuvo Series since 2016, is a versatile and reliable utility tractor designed for a wide range of agricultural tasks. Equipped with a powerful 45 hp diesel engine, it offers robust performance and efficiency. Its constant mesh transmission with 12 forward and 3 reverse gears ensures smooth operation. The tractor’s 4×2 2WD chassis, power steering, and wet disc brakes provide excellent handling and safety. With an open operator station for ease of use, the 575 DI is an ideal choice for farmers seeking dependable and efficient machinery.

Mahindra 575 DI Specifications
SeriesYuvo Series
Production Year2016 – Present
Engine Power45 hp (33.6 kW)
PTO (claimed)41.1 hp (30.6 kW)
Engine Details
Engine ModelMahindra
TypeDiesel, 4-cylinder, liquid-cooled inline
Displacement181.8 ci (3.0 L)
Power45 hp (33.6 kW)
Air CleanerDry
Rated RPM2000
Torque131.8 lb-ft (178.7 Nm)
Starter TypeElectric
TypeConstant mesh
Gears12 forward and 3 reverse
ClutchDry disc
Gear RangesFour gears (1-4), plus reverse (R) in three ranges
Chassis4×2 2WD
Final DrivesPlanetary
BrakesWet disc
CabOpen operator station
Power Take-off (PTO)
Rear PTOTransmission, live*
Rear RPM540
Engine RPM23.76
Ag Front6×16
Ag Rear13.6×28, 14.9×28
Wheelbase75.8 inches (192 cm)
Weight4453 lbs (2019 kg)
Mahindra 575 DI Utility Tractor: Expert Overview

The Mahindra 575 DI, a prominent model within the Yuvo Series since 2016, exemplifies Mahindra’s commitment to delivering durable and efficient agricultural machinery. Designed with the modern farmer in mind, this utility tractor is built to handle a wide array of farming tasks with ease and reliability. Central to its performance is the robust 45 hp diesel engine. This 4-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine is engineered for durability and efficiency, providing consistent power to tackle demanding fieldwork. The engine’s torque of 131.8 lb-ft ensures ample pulling power, making it suitable for various applications, from plowing to hauling.

One of the standout features of the Mahindra 575 DI is its transmission system. The constant mesh transmission offers 12 forward and 3 reverse gears, allowing for smooth and precise gear changes. This setup provides the operator with the flexibility to choose the optimal speed for different tasks, enhancing productivity and efficiency in the field. The inclusion of a dry disc clutch further ensures reliability and longevity, reducing maintenance needs and downtime. This transmission system is designed to be user-friendly, making it accessible to operators of all experience levels.

Mechanically, the 575 DI is built on a 4×2 2WD chassis with planetary final drives, providing a solid and stable platform. The tractor’s power steering and wet disc brakes contribute to its excellent handling characteristics, ensuring precise control and safety even during prolonged use. The open operator station offers ease of access and operation, making it a practical choice for long hours of work. This configuration also allows for better visibility and maneuverability, critical for tasks that require frequent adjustments and tight turns.

The power take-off (PTO) system of the Mahindra 575 DI is designed for versatility and performance. With a transmission-driven, live PTO capable of 540 RPM, it supports a wide range of implements, enhancing the tractor’s versatility. This feature is particularly beneficial for operations that require consistent power delivery, such as running mowers, tillers, or other PTO-driven equipment. The tractor’s hydraulic system is also robust, supporting various hydraulic implements and ensuring smooth and efficient operation of all attached equipment.

In terms of dimensions, the 575 DI’s wheelbase of 75.8 inches provides stability, while its weight of 4453 lbs ensures a good balance between portability and traction. The tire options, including front 6×16 and rear 13.6×28 or 14.9×28, offer adaptability to different soil conditions and tasks, ensuring optimal performance in various environments. This versatility makes the Mahindra 575 DI a reliable workhorse capable of handling diverse agricultural needs.

Mahindra 575 DI stands out as a versatile, powerful, and reliable utility tractor, ideal for small to medium-sized farms. Its combination of a robust engine, flexible transmission, and sturdy mechanical build make it a valuable asset in any agricultural operation. Mahindra’s emphasis on efficiency, durability, and user-friendly design ensures that the 575 DI meets the high standards expected by today’s farmers, making it a trusted choice for enhancing farm productivity and efficiency.