Mahindra 1526

The Mahindra 1526 is a compact utility tractor that was produced from 2016 to 2018 as part of the 1500 Series. It was manufactured by Mitsubishi and distributed by Mahindra. This versatile tractor was available with a choice of a shuttle or hydrostatic transmission and offered options for various agricultural tasks. Its design featured a two-post foldable ROPS for operator safety, and it could be equipped with a front-end loader and backhoe for added functionality. With its reliable Mitsubishi engine, the Mahindra 1526 aimed to provide dependable performance on the farm or in other outdoor applications.

Mahindra 1526 Specs
Years of Production2016 – 2018
Series1500 Series
TypeCompact Utility Tractor
Mahindra 1526 Power
Engine25.6 hp (19.1 kW)
Shuttle PTO (claimed)19 hp (14.2 kW)
Hydro PTO (claimed)18.5 hp (13.8 kW)
Engine Detail
ManufacturerMitsubishi S3L2
Configuration3-cylinder, liquid-cooled
Displacement80.4 cubic inches (1.3 liters)
Bore/Stroke3.07×3.62 inches (78 x 92 mm)
EmissionsTier IV
Power25.6 hp (19.1 kW)
Fuel systemDirect injection
Rated RPM2500
StarterElectric (12 volts)
Shuttle Type8 forward and reverse gears with dry disc clutch
Hydrostatic TypeInfinite (3-range) forward and reverse
Chassis4×4 MFWD 4WD
BrakesWet disc
CabTwo-post foldable ROPS
TypeOpen center
Rear valves1
Pump flow7.5 gpm (28.4 lpm)
Steering flow3.3 gpm (12.5 lpm)
Tractor Hitch
Rear TypeI
ControlPosition control
Rear lift2646 lbs (1200 kg)
Rear ArmsTelescopic stabilizers
Power Take-off (PTO)
Rear PTOIndependent
Rear RPM540 (1.375)
Mid RPM2000
Charging systemAlternator
Charging amps50
Charging volts12
Battery CCA540
Battery volts12
Battery AH46
Mahindra 1526 Tires
Standard tires (ag)
Lawn/turf front25×8.5-14
Lawn/turf rear13.6×16
Industrial front27×8.5-15
Industrial rear15×19.5
Length121.3 inches (308 cm)
Width63 inches (160 cm)
Height (ROPS)81.5 inches (207 cm)
Shuttle Weight2437 lbs (1105 kg)
Hydro Weight2459 lbs (1115 kg)
Attachment Overview
OptionFront-end loader
Mahindra 1526L Loader
Loader weight774 lbs (351 kg)
Height (to pin)84 inches (213 cm)
Clearance, dumped bucket67.5 inches (171 cm)
Dump reach18.5 inches (46 cm)
Dump angle40°
Clearance, level bucket80 inches (203 cm)
Reach at ground56 inches (142 cm)
Rollback angle20°
Breakout force (at pin)2795 lbs (1267 kg)
Lift to full height (at pin)1560 lbs (707 kg)
Bucket width58.5 inches (148 cm)
Mahindra 1526B Backhoe
Backhoe typeMahindra 1526B Backhoe
Weight840 lbs (381 kg)
Transport height73 inches (185 cm)
Digging depth86 inches (218 cm)
2-Foot flat digging depth84 inches (213 cm)
Reach from pivot114 inches (289 cm)
Loading height68 inches (172 cm)
Bucket Rotation185°
Swing Arc145°
Bucket force2440 lbs (1106 kg)
Dipperstick force1510 lbs (684 kg)
Mahindra 1526 Review

The Mahindra 1526, a member of the 1500 Series, is a compact utility tractor that was available in the market from 2016 to 2018. It was manufactured by Mitsubishi and distributed by Mahindra, offering a range of specifications and features tailored to meet the needs of users in the agricultural and outdoor sectors.
One notable aspect of this tractor is its engine. Powered by a Mitsubishi S3L2 diesel engine, the Mahindra 1526 boasted a reliable 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled powerplant with a displacement of 1.3 liters and a power output of 25.6 horsepower. This engine’s reputation for reliability and fuel efficiency made it a solid choice for those seeking dependable performance.

Buyers had the flexibility to choose between two transmission options: an 8-speed shuttle or a hydrostatic transmission. The shuttle transmission provided eight forward and reverse gears, while the hydrostatic version offered infinite forward and reverse gears within three ranges. This choice allowed users to select the transmission that best suited their specific preferences and tasks.

In terms of hydraulic capabilities, the Mahindra 1526 featured an open-center hydraulic system, providing a pump flow of 7.5 gallons per minute (28.4 liters per minute). This feature made it compatible with various hydraulic attachments and implements, enhancing its versatility for different applications.

With its compact dimensions, including a length of 121.3 inches, a width of 63 inches, and a height of 81.5 inches with the ROPS (Roll-Over Protection Structure) in place, the tractor was well-suited for maneuvering in tight spaces. This compact size was particularly valuable for users operating in confined or smaller farm environments.

Advantages of the Mahindra 1526 included its versatility, with two transmission options, a reliable engine, and a hydraulic system capable of handling various attachments. Its compact size facilitated agility and maneuverability, making it an asset in tight spaces. However, it also had limitations, such as its limited power output of 25.6 horsepower, which restricted its suitability for more demanding tasks compared to larger tractors.

As with any piece of machinery, common problems that users might encounter included wear and tear of components, hydraulic system leaks, and electrical issues. Regular maintenance was essential to address these concerns and ensure the tractor’s long-term performance. Additionally, considering that the Mahindra 1526 was produced from 2016 to 2018, finding replacement parts and support might become more challenging with time.

Mahindra 1526 offered a blend of reliability, versatility, and compact design. Its choice of transmission options and dependable engine made it suitable for various tasks, while its compact size enhanced maneuverability. However, users needed to be mindful of its limitations, and regular maintenance was crucial to keep it running smoothly over time.

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