Kubota T2080

The Kubota T2080 is a popular lawn tractor known for its reliability and performance. It has been a trusted choice for homeowners and garden enthusiasts seeking a capable and durable machine to assist with lawn maintenance tasks. With its powerful Kohler engine, it offers ample horsepower to handle various mowing and yard work duties. The T2080’s design emphasizes user-friendliness, making it easy for operators to maneuver and maintain their lawns effectively. Its attachments, including a mid-mount mower deck and optional snow blower and blade, enhance its versatility and usefulness in different seasons. Overall, the Kubota T2080 has been a dependable choice for those seeking a dependable lawn tractor for residential use.

General Information:
SeriesT80 Series
TypeLawn tractor
Production Years2008 – 2017
Original Price$4,248 (2011), $4,399 (2019)
Engine TypeKohler GH710V
Displacement724 cc (44.2 cubic inches)
Number of Cylinders2-cylinder
Fuel TypeGasoline
Cooling SystemAir-cooled
Power (Gross)20 horsepower (14.9 kW)
Rated RPM3200 RPM
Starter Voltage12 volts
Fuel Tank Capacity4 gallons (15.1 liters)
Oil Capacity1.9 quarts (1.8 liters)
Mechanical Details
Drive TypeTwo-wheel drive
SteeringManual steering
BrakesDisc brakes
Operator StationOpen operator station
Front Tires15×6.00-6 (Lawn/turf)
Rear Tires22×11.00-10 (Lawn/turf)
Wheelbase50.8 inches (129 cm)
Length72.8 inches (184 cm)
Width54.8 inches (139 cm)
Height44.3 inches (112 cm)
Weight617 lbs (279 kg)
Front Tread30.8 inches (78 cm)
Rear Tread28.6 inches (72 cm)
Attachments Overview
Model42″ mid-mount mower deck
TypeMid-mount Kubota RCK42-LT20
Blades2-blade with manual lift
Cutting Width42 inches (106 cm)
Cutting Height1 to 4 inches (2 to 10 cm)
Width48 inches (121 cm)
Lift MechanismManual lift
Width46 inches (116 cm)
Kubota T2080Advantages:
Reliability: Kubota is known for manufacturing reliable and durable equipment, and the T2080 is no exception. It’s built to withstand regular use and tough outdoor conditions.
Powerful Engine: The 20HP Kohler engine provides ample power for mowing large lawns and handling various attachments, ensuring efficient performance.
Versatility: The availability of different attachments, such as the mid-mount mower deck, snow blower, and blade, makes the T2080 versatile for various lawn and garden tasks throughout the year.
User-Friendly Design: The lawn tractor is designed with user comfort and ease of use in mind. It features manual steering and straightforward controls, making it accessible for operators of different skill levels.
Kubota’s Reputation: Kubota has a strong reputation for quality and customer support. Owning a Kubota product often means access to a network of dealerships and reliable customer service.

Kubota T2080 Disadvantages:
Price: The initial cost of the Kubota T2080 can be relatively high compared to some other lawn tractors in its class. It may not be the most budget-friendly option for some homeowners.
Maintenance Costs: Like any mechanical equipment, maintenance costs can add up over time. Regular servicing and replacement parts may be expensive.
Manual Steering: While manual steering can be an advantage for some in terms of simplicity, it may require more physical effort compared to power steering, especially when maneuvering in tight spaces.