Kubota T1460

The Kubota T1460 is a well-regarded lawn tractor that was manufactured as part of the T-series lineup. It gained popularity for its reliability and performance during its production years from 1997 to 2001. This model is known for its robust Kawasaki engine, which delivers sufficient power for various lawn maintenance tasks. The Kubota T1460’s user-friendly design and compatibility with a range of attachments make it a practical choice for homeowners looking to efficiently manage their lawns. Overall, it has established a reputation as a dependable and versatile lawn tractor for residential use.
General Information:
ModelKubota T1460
Production Years1997 to 2001
Engine ModelKawasaki FC420V
Engine Type4-Stroke, forced air-cooled, vertical, OHV gasoline
Number of Cylinders1
Displacement25.8 cubic inches (0.423 liters)
Engine Bore3.50 inches (89.0 mm)
Engine Stroke2.68 inches (68.0 mm)
Rated Engine Power12.5 hp (9.3 kW)
Rated Engine Speed3200 rpm
Maximum Engine Speed3600 rpm
Low Idle Speed1450-1650 rpm
Fuel System TypeCarburetor
Carburetor TypeFloat fixed main jet
Fuel PumpDiaphragm type pulse pump
Lubrication TypePressurized
Choke ControlAutomatic
Fuel Tank Capacity2.9 gallons (11.0 liters)
Oil Capacity1.4 quarts (1.3 liters)
Electrical System:
Electrical System Rating12 Volts
Alternator Charging Capacity13 Amps
Ignition System TypeTransistorized Flywheel Magneto
Spark Plug TypeNGK BPR5ES
Electric Starter12V, 0.6 kW Shift Type
Battery Rating12V, 200 CCA
Transmission TypeBelt-driven hydrostatic
GearsInfinite forward and reverse
Cruise ControlStandard
Travel Speed ControlFoot pedal
Maximum Forward Speed5.6 mph (9.0 kph)
Maximum Reverse Speed2.5 mph (4.0 kph)
Wheels and Tires:
Drive Wheels2WD 4×2
Steering ConfigurationFront Steer
Steering SystemManual
Brakes TypeInternal expanding brake
Front Tire Size (Turf)15×6.00-6
Rear Tire Size (Turf)20×10.00-8
Wheelbase47.0 inches (1200 mm)
Overall Length67.7 inches (1710 mm)
Overall Width52 inches (1320 mm)
Overall Height45.1 inches (1140 mm)
Weight530 lbs (240 kg)
Type40″ Mower Deck
Mower Deck ModelRCK40
Mower Deck TypeMid-mount
Number of Blades2
Cutting Width40 inches (1010 mm)
Cutting Height1.0-4.0 inches (25-102 mm)
Lift SystemHydraulic
38″ Snowblower
Snow Blower ModelT2738
Snow Blower TypeFront-mount
Clearing Width38 inches (960 mm)
Lift SystemManual
Front Blade
Blade ModelT2083
Blade TypeFront-mount
Working Width46 inches (1160 mm)
Lift SystemManual
Kubota T1460 Advantages:
Reliability: The Kubota T1460 is known for its reliability and durability. It was built to withstand regular use and can last for many years with proper maintenance.
Powerful Engine: Equipped with a Kawasaki FC420V engine, it provides ample power for mowing large lawns and handling various tasks.
Hydrostatic Transmission: The hydrostatic transmission with infinite forward and reverse gears offers smooth and efficient control, making it easier to maneuver and operate.
Versatility: This tractor is compatible with various attachments, including a mid-mount mower deck, snow blower, and front blade, making it versatile for different lawn and garden tasks.
User-Friendly: The tractor is designed with user comfort in mind, featuring manual steering and straightforward controls that are easy for operators of varying skill levels.

Kubota T1460 Disadvantages:
Aging Model: The Kubota T1460 was produced from 1997 to 2001, which means that it may be an older model with limited availability in terms of parts and servicing. Finding replacement parts could become a challenge as time goes on.
Limited Speed: The maximum travel speed of 5.6 mph (9 km/h) for forward and 2.5 mph (4 km/h) for reverse may be slower compared to some modern lawn tractors, potentially making large mowing areas more time-consuming.
Manual Steering: While manual steering can be simple, it may require more physical effort compared to power steering, especially when maneuvering in tight spaces.

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