Kubota L2501

The L2501 tractor is a versatile and reliable agricultural machine known for its robust performance in various farming tasks. It features a well-engineered design that combines power with efficiency. With a compact yet powerful engine, it can handle a wide range of agricultural applications, from plowing and tilling to mowing and hauling. The tractor’s design prioritizes user comfort and safety, with features like a foldable ROPS (Roll-Over Protective Structure), retractable seat belt, and an operator presence control system. Its ease of use is enhanced by options like hydrostatic transmission and mechanical controls. Whether working on a small family farm or a larger agricultural operation, the L2501 tractor is a dependable companion that ensures productivity and reliability in the field.
Make and ModelD1703-M-DI-E4
TypeLiquid cooled, Meets Tier 4 emission regulations
Engine3 cylinder 4 cycle multi valve diesel engine
Fuel injection systemIndirect injection; mechanical fuel injection
Engine hp, grossNaturally aspirated
Engine hp, net*24.8 hp @ 2200 rpm (2WD Manual Transmission), 23.9 HP @ 2200 rpm (4WD Manual Transmission), and 19.0 hp @ 2200 rpm (HST 4WD)
Engine hp, PTO*F/DT 20.5 hp @ 2200 rpm, HST 19.0 hp @ 2200 rpm
Maximum torque70.2 lb-ft (95.2 Nm)
Bore and Stroke3.40 x 3.60 in. (87 x 92.4 mm)
Displacement100.47 cu.in. (1.647 L)
Air Cleaner ElementDry Paper Single Element (Dual Optional)
Cold Weather Start AidGlow Plugs
LubricationForced lubrication by trochoidal pump
GovernorMechanical control
Injection pumpIndirect injection
Fuel filter system1-Spin on type fuel filter with water separator with manual drain cock
Oil filterSheet net and replaceable treated paper element, spin on oil filter
ExhaustUnderhood exhaust system, forward exhaust
Engine CompartmentFully enclosed and screened engine compartment with easy access hood
Fuel ShutoffElectric activated engine stop mechanism
ThrottleHand and foot operated throttle
RadiatorWater with pressurized radiator
Water pumpCentrifugal
Fuel Tank10.0 gal.
Cooling system6.3 qt.
Engine Oil6.0 qt.
Transmission7.1 gal. (Manual Transmission 2WD), 7.3 gal. (Manual Transmission 4WD), 6.2 gal. (HST 4WD)
Front Axle4WD Bevel Gear Cases
Front Axle2865 lb. @ 41.3 in. tread on 2WD and 2865 lb. @ 43.1 in. tread on 4WD models
Rear Axle2865 lb. @ 43.8 in. tread on 2WD and 4WD models
Rear PTOShaft, 1 3/8″ SAE 6-Spline Shaft
F/DTTransmission driven w/ overrunning clutch; 540 rpm @ 1910 engine rpm
HSTLive-continuous running w/ overrunning clutch; 540 rpm @ 2105 engine rpm
PTO ShieldFlip-up type PTO shield
Front Axle2WD
4WDBevel gear front axle, non-adjustable tread spacing
ClutchDry type single plate – Main clutch 9.45″
Speeds8 Forward / 8 Reverse – 4 Main speeds with High and Low
Shuttle LeverLeft side inline shift lever for forward/reverse direction changes – Synchro-Shuttle
Main Shift LeverStraddle mounted gear shift lever
ThrottleHand and foot operated throttle
SpeedsHydrostatic transmission
Control LeverMechanical control
Foot ControlSingle pedal, Toe/Heel or Toe/Toe forward/reverse operation
ThrottleHand operated throttle
Creep SpeedN/A
Cruise ControlMechanical lever, infinite speed control (optional for HST only)
SteeringHydrostatic power steering
Differential LockRear differential lock standard
Final Drive TypeHelical gear, Flange hub
Axle Ratio 4WD1.663
BrakesMechanical, wet disc type, pedals that can be locked together
TypeOpen center tandem pump gear type
Hydraulic pump output5.15 gpm
Power steering pump output3.11 gpm
Total hydraulic flow8.26 gpm
Number of remote valvesOptional up to 3 – Self canceling detent valve or float detent valve options
Hydraulic filter typeSpin-on hydraulic filter
CategoryCategory I
Control MethodPosition control
Draft ControlOptional
Lift ArmsRigid lower link ends with telescoping stabilizers
Right link adjustmentTurn Buckle
Lift Capacity @ Lift Points1918 lb.
24″ Behind Lift Points1389 lb.
Tongue weightMaximum tongue weight 1430 lb.
TypeFixed (Swinging – optional)
SystemDeluxe dash with analog tachometer, temperature gauge, fuel gauge and LCD hour and error message
Battery12 volt battery 490 CCA
Alternator40 Amps.
Engine ShutoffElectric key shutoff
Cold temperature starting aidGlow plugs (Block heater – optional)
LightsFender mounted 4-way flashers, Two headlights, Two tail lights with hazard flashers and turn signals
Kubota L2501 Tractor Dimensions
Kubota L2501 Tractor Specifications

ROPSFactory certified two post foldable ROPS with retractable seat belt
Safety start switchesPTO / Shuttle (F/DT)/HST Range (HST) Neutral Switches
OPCOperator presence control system, engine shutoff type
Parking brakesInterlocking brake pedals, and press pedal and latch with the parking brake lever
SMV signSlow moving vehicle sign
PaintHigh visibility paint
Traveling Speeds
For manual transmission typesSpeeds vary from 0.9 mph to 10.7 mph in forward motion and from 1.2 mph to 3.9 mph in reverse.
For HST typesForward motion speeds vary from 3.5 mph to 11.5 mph, and in reverse from 3.2 mph to 10.3 mph, depending on the range gear shift lever position (L, M, H).
Kubota L2501 Tractor Review: Power, Precision, and Possibilities

In the world of tractors, the Kubota L2501 stands tall as a versatile workhorse that combines power, precision, and endless possibilities. In this review, we will explore the key specifications, advantages, disadvantages, and how it compares to competitors’ tractors, showcasing why the L2501 is a top choice for modern farmers.

Key Specifications:
Engine: 3-cylinder, 24.8 horsepower
Transmission Options: Manual and Hydrostatic (HST)
Compact Design: Maneuverability in tight spaces
Safety Features: Foldable ROPS, retractable seat belt, operator presence control
Versatility: Multiple PTO speeds, three-point hitch, up to three remote valves
Ease of Use: Hydrostatic transmission, mechanical controls, optional cruise control (HST)

Reliability and Durability: Kubota’s reputation for reliability is embodied in the L2501. Its robust 3-cylinder engine is designed for durability, ensuring years of dependable service on the farm.
Compact Design: Despite its power, the L2501’s compact size makes it ideal for small to medium-sized farms. It excels in maneuvering through tight spaces and maximizing efficiency.
Safety First: Safety features like the foldable ROPS, retractable seat belt, and operator presence control system prioritize the well-being of operators, providing peace of mind during operation.
Versatility Unleashed: The L2501’s versatility is a standout feature. With multiple PTO speeds, a three-point hitch, and optional remote valves, it adapts effortlessly to a wide range of agricultural tasks.
Ease of Use: Whether you prefer manual or hydrostatic transmission, the L2501 caters to your needs. The intuitive controls and optional cruise control (HST) make it accessible for operators of all skill levels.

Price: While the L2501 offers excellent value for its features, it may be on the higher end of the price spectrum for some buyers.
Limited Speed Range: Manual transmission models may not be suitable for tasks requiring high-speed transport.

Comparison with Competitors:

When comparing the Kubota L2501 with its competitors, it consistently holds its own:
John Deere: While John Deere is a formidable competitor, the L2501’s reputation for durability and lower price point often make it a preferred choice for budget-conscious farmers.
Mahindra: Mahindra tractors offer similar versatility, but the L2501’s compact design and ease of use give it an edge for smaller farms and novice operators.
New Holland: The L2501 excels in safety features and reliability, making it a preferred option for those prioritizing operator well-being and long-term performance.
Endless Possibilities:
The Kubota L2501 tractor opens doors to endless possibilities on the farm. Whether you’re plowing, tilling, mowing, or handling attachments, it’s a dependable partner that empowers you to tackle diverse tasks with ease.

Summarizing, the Kubota L2501 tractor is more than just a piece of machinery; it’s a catalyst for farm success. Its combination of power, precision, and possibilities makes it a top choice for modern farmers looking to maximize productivity while ensuring safety and reliability. When you invest in the L2501, you’re investing in the future of your farm. It’s a decision that promises to yield abundant rewards in the fields and beyond.

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