John Deere X748

John Deere X748 is a well-known lawn and garden tractor manufactured by John Deere, a leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery. The X748 is part of John Deere’s X700 series of tractors and is designed for heavy-duty applications, such as lawn mowing, snow removal, and landscaping. It features a powerful diesel engine, four-wheel drive, power steering, and a hydrostatic transmission, among other features.

Main technical specifications for the John Deere X748 tractor
EngineYanmar 3TNV76 diesel engine
Gross power24.7 horsepower (18.4 kW) at 3200 rpm
Displacement1.12 L (68.3 cu in)
Open center system with one hydraulic pump
Total flow15.9 L/min (4.2 gpm)
Maximum pressure172.4 bar (2,500 psi)
Fuel System
Fuel capacity25.5 L (6.7 US gal)
Fuel typeDiesel
Length2.24 m (88.2 in)
Width1.12 m (44.1 in)
Height1.37 m (53.9 in)
Wheelbase1.38 m (54.3 in)
Ground clearance0.146 m (5.75 in)
Weight (without attachments)855 kg (1,885 lb)
4-wheel drive
Front axleIndependent, automotive-type
Rear axleHydraulic power steering with Tilt Steering
BrakesInternal wet disk brakes
Turning radius3.7 m (12.1 ft)
Front tires18×8.50-10 turf tires
Rear tires26×12.00-12 turf tires
12V negative ground
Battery500 CCA
Alternator40 amp
Three cutting blades
Cutting height25 to 102 mm (1 to 4 in)
Four-blade fan
Chute rotationHydraulic
Chute deflectorManual
TypeHydraulic power steering
Turns lock-to-lock3.1
Steering wheel diameter32 cm (12.5 in)
Rear PTO540 rpm
Mid PTO2000 rpm
PTO engagementElectrohydraulic
Three-point hitch
Lift capacity (at hitch)635 kg (1400 lb)
Fuel system
Fuel typeDiesel
Fuel tank capacity25.5 L (6.7 US gal)
Liquid cooled
RadiatorCross-flow with hydraulic fan
Coolant capacity2.8 L (0.74 US gal)
Electrical system
Battery12V, 500 CCA
Alternator40 amp
HeadlightsTwo 55-watt halogen headlights
TaillightsTwo 5-watt taillights

Best suited for:
The John Deere X748 tractor is designed for heavy-duty applications in lawn and garden maintenance. It is suitable for a variety of tasks, including mowing large areas of grass, tilling soil for planting, blowing snow, hauling material, and performing other landscaping tasks. The X748 tractor is also designed to handle tough terrain and steep slopes, thanks to its four-wheel drive and differential lock. This makes it an ideal choice for homeowners or professional landscapers who need a versatile and reliable machine for a variety of tasks. In addition, the X748 tractor is available with a variety of attachments, including a snowblower, front blade, and mower deck, which makes it even more versatile and capable of handling a wider range of tasks. Overall, the John Deere X748 tractor is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a powerful and versatile machine for lawn and garden maintenance.

Advantages of the John Deere X748:
Versatility: The X748 is highly versatile, suitable for a wide range of tasks, including mowing, snow removal, tilling, and more. It can handle both residential and commercial applications.
Powerful Diesel Engine: Equipped with a Yanmar diesel engine, the tractor delivers a robust 24.7 horsepower, providing ample power for demanding tasks.
Four-Wheel Drive: The four-wheel-drive capability enhances traction and stability, allowing the tractor to work effectively on various terrains and in challenging conditions.
Hydrostatic Transmission: The hydrostatic transmission with Twin Touch pedals offers smooth and effortless control, making it easy for operators of all experience levels to maneuver the tractor.
Attachment Options: The availability of attachments like a 54-inch mower deck, 47-inch snowblower, and 54-inch front blade enhances its functionality and makes it adaptable to different seasons and tasks.
Comfortable Operator Station: The deluxe high-back seat with armrests, tilt steering wheel, cruise control, and an instrument panel with essential gauges ensure operator comfort and convenience during extended use.
Differential Lock: The differential lock feature provides additional traction when one wheel loses grip, making it suitable for hilly terrain and challenging conditions.
Reliable Brand: John Deere is a reputable manufacturer known for producing high-quality agricultural and lawn equipment, offering reliable support and a vast network of dealers.

Disadvantages of the John Deere X748:
Price: John Deere tractors tend to be on the higher end of the price spectrum, making them a significant investment compared to some competitors.
Maintenance Costs: While John Deere tractors are known for their durability, maintenance and replacement parts can be costly, especially for older models.
Noise and Vibration: Diesel engines can be noisier and produce more vibration compared to gasoline engines, which may affect operator comfort during prolonged use.
Limited Speed: The tractor’s top speed may be slower compared to smaller, lighter lawn tractors, potentially affecting efficiency during transport.