John Deere LA115

The John Deere LA115 Lawn Tractor, part of the LA105 Series, embodies reliability and efficiency in residential lawn care. Crafted by renowned manufacturer John Deere in Greeneville, Tennessee, USA, this model offers homeowners a versatile solution for maintaining their lawns. Powered by a Briggs and Stratton 31 engine delivering 19.5 horsepower, its hydrostatic transmission ensures smooth operation, while a range of compatible attachments, including mower decks and a snow blower, enhances its functionality. Compact yet robust, the LA115 stands as a trusted companion for effortlessly navigating and tending to lawns with precision and ease.

Specifications for John Deere LA115 Lawn Tractor
ManufacturerJohn Deere
Production(2008 – 2010)
Built inGreeneville, Tennessee, USA
Original Price (2011)$1,699
LA105Gear Drive
LA115Hydro Drive
Engine Specifications
Engine ModelBriggs and Stratton 31
Engine Power (gross)19.5 hp (14.5 kW)
Engine TypeIntek
Shaft OutputVertical
Cylinders (qty.)1
Engine Displacement500 cc
Cooling SystemAir cooled
Fuel TypeGasoline
Fuel Tank Capacity7.9 L (2.1 gal)
Oil Capacity1 1/2 qt
Start TypeElectric
Max. RPM3,300
Transaxle ModelTuff Torq T40
Forward Speed0-8.9 km/h (0-5.5 mph)
Reverse Speed0-5.2 km/h (0-3.2 mph)
Tires and Pressure
Front Tire Size15 x 6.00 – 6
Rear Tire Size20 x 8.0 – 8
Tire Pressure (Front)97 kPa (14 psi)
Tire Pressure (Rear)69 kPa (10 psi)
Height108 cm (42.5 in)
Length (Overall)175 cm (68.75 in)
Width131 cm (51.75 in)
Wheelbase48.9 inches (124 cm)
Weight204 kg (450 lb)
42 Inch Mower Deck
Blades Rotary2
Cutting Height25-102 mm (1-4 in)
Cutting Width1067 mm (42 in)
48 Inch Mower Deck
Blades Rotary3
Cutting Height25-102 mm (1-4 in)
Cutting Width1219 mm (48 in)
43.25 Inch Snow Blower
TypeFront-mount John dual-stage with manual lift
Clearing width43.25 in (1090 mm)
Clearing height18 in (450 mm)
John Deere LA115 Overview

The John Deere LA115 Lawn Tractor, produced between 2008 and 2010 as part of the LA105 Series, epitomizes the quintessential American lawn tractor. Manufactured by John Deere, a stalwart in the industry renowned for quality and reliability, the LA115 was meticulously crafted in Greeneville, Tennessee, USA. With a starting price of $1,699 in 2011, this model offered homeowners a compelling combination of performance and affordability.

At its core lies a Briggs and Stratton 31 engine, delivering a robust 19.5 horsepower (14.5 kW) for tackling various lawn maintenance tasks with ease. Engineered with a vertical shaft output and featuring a single cylinder with a cast iron bore, this engine boasts a displacement of 500 cc and operates on gasoline. Its air-cooled design, coupled with a dual-element air cleaner, ensures efficient performance and longevity even in demanding conditions.

The LA115 is equipped with a hydrostatic transmission system, powered by a Tuff Torq T40 transaxle model, enabling smooth and seamless speed control for both forward and reverse movements. This transmission setup provides versatility and ease of operation, allowing users to maneuver effortlessly around obstacles and navigate uneven terrain with confidence.

In terms of dimensions, the LA115 strikes a balance between maneuverability and stability, with a compact design ideal for residential use. Standing at 108 cm (42.5 inches) tall and measuring 175 cm (68.75 inches) in overall length, it offers ample ground clearance and a relatively small footprint, making it well-suited for navigating tight spaces and storage in garages or sheds.

The LA115 comes with a range of compatible attachments, including 42 and 48-inch mower decks for efficient grass cutting and a 43.25-inch snow blower for clearing driveways and pathways during winter months. These attachments are seamlessly integrated with the tractor, enhancing its versatility and allowing users to tackle a variety of seasonal tasks with ease.

Overall, the John Deere LA115 Lawn Tractor represents a pinnacle of craftsmanship and functionality in the world of residential lawn care equipment. With its powerful engine, intuitive transmission system, and array of compatible attachments, it continues to be a trusted companion for homeowners seeking to maintain their lawns with precision and efficiency.