John Deere D130 (2011-2012)

The John Deere D130 lawn tractor, part of the D100 Series, is a versatile and dependable residential mower designed for homeowners seeking efficient and straightforward lawn care. Manufactured in the USA, it boasts a robust Briggs & Stratton engine that delivers ample power for typical yard work. Featuring an automatic transmission, adjustable seat, and practical accessories like a cup holder, it offers ease of operation and user comfort. With its compatibility with various attachments, including a mower deck, front-mount blade, and snowblower, it provides versatility for year-round yard maintenance. The D130 strikes a balance between affordability and performance, making it a popular choice for homeowners with smaller to medium-sized lawns.

John Deere D130
Production(2011-2012 – D100 Series)
ManufacturerJohn Deere
TypeLawn tractor
Made inBuilt in Greeneville, Tennessee, USA
PriceOriginal price was $1,899 in 2011
D13042-inch deck
D14048-inch deck
Briggs & Stratton 40 gasoline engine
Configuration2-cylinder, air-cooled vertical-shaft V-Twin
Displacement655 cc (40 cubic inches)
Bore/Stroke2.97 x 2.89 inches (75 x 73 mm)
Power (gross)22 hp (16.4 kW)
Air CleanerCartridge
StarterElectric (12 volts)
Oil Capacity2 quarts (1.9 liters)
Sparkplug Gap0.030 inches (0.762 mm)
Point Gap0.010 inches (0.254 mm)
Intake Valve Clearance0.005 inches (0.127 mm)
Exhaust Valve Clearance0.005 inches (0.127 mm)
TransmissionTuff Torq T40
TypeBelt-driven hydrostatic
GearsInfinite forward and reverse
DriveTwo-wheel drive
BrakesMechanical shoe on transaxle
Operator StationOpen
Power Take-off (PTO)
Mid PTOManual independent
D130 Serial Numbers
LocationSerial number on rear of tractor, left side, under fender.
Charging SystemAlternator
Charging Amps9
Battery Volts12
Battery GroupU1
John Deere D130 Tires
Lawn/Turf Front15×6.00-6
Lawn/Turf Rear20×10.00-8
Wheelbase48.9 inches (124 cm)
Length68.75 inches (174 cm)
Width (Mower)51.75 inches (131 cm)
Height44.5 inches (113 cm)
Weight470 lbs (213 kg)
42″ Mid-Mount Mower Deck
TypeMid-mount John Deere Edge 42
Blades2-blade with manual spring-assist lift
Cutting Width42 inches (106 cm)
Overall Width52 inches (132 cm)
Cut Height1 to 4 inches (2 to 10 cm)
Cut Positions13
46″ Blade
TypeFront-mount John Deere 46
Width46 inches (116 cm)
Lift6.5 inches (16 cm)
43.25″ Snow Blower
TypeJohn Deere 44
Width43.25 inches (109 cm)
Total Width44 inches (111 cm)
Clear Height18 inches (45 cm)
Weight180 lbs (81 kg)
John Deere D130 Overview

The John Deere D130, a member of the D100 Series, is a lawn tractor designed for residential use and was manufactured in the USA at John Deere’s facility in Greeneville, Tennessee. Produced during the model years 2011-2012, this lawn tractor was initially priced at $1,899 in 2011. It was available in two variants, the D130 with a 42-inch deck, and the D140 with a larger 48-inch deck.
Powering the D130 is a Briggs & Stratton 40 gasoline engine, featuring a robust 2-cylinder, air-cooled vertical-shaft V-Twin configuration. With a displacement of 655 cc and a power output of 22 hp (gross), it provides ample power for typical residential lawn maintenance tasks. The engine is equipped with an electric starter, and its maintenance details include an oil capacity of 2 quarts and a sparkplug gap of 0.030 inches.

The D130 is equipped with a Tuff Torq T40 transmission, offering infinite forward and reverse gears. It features an automatic transmission with right-side accelerator and decelerator/reverse foot pedals, as well as a left-side brake pedal. Cruise control is a standard feature, enhancing convenience during operation.

This lawn tractor is designed with simplicity in mind, featuring manual steering and mechanical shoe on transaxle brakes. The operator station is open, providing easy access. The tractor’s seat is adjustable, with 15 inches of height and ten different positions for user comfort. Additionally, it includes practical features such as a fender-mounted cup holder. For users looking for additional comfort and protection, John Deere offers optional attachments like a nylon sunshade canopy or snow enclosure.

The D130 is equipped with a mid PTO, offering manual independent control for various attachments. Its electrical system is grounded negatively, and it features an alternator charging system with 9 charging amps. The battery group is U1, and it operates at 12 volts.

Tires for the D130 include 15×6.00-6 for the front and 20×10.00-8 for the rear, suitable for lawn and turf applications. The tractor’s dimensions include a wheelbase of 48.9 inches, a length of 68.75 inches, a width of 51.75 inches for the mower, and a height of 44.5 inches. Its weight stands at 470 lbs.

Attachments compatible with the D130 include a 42-inch mid-mount mower deck featuring a 2-blade design with manual spring-assist lift, a 46-inch front-mount blade with manual lift and angle adjustments, and a 43.25-inch two-stage front-mount snowblower with a clear height of 18 inches.

In summary, the John Deere D130 lawn tractor is a dependable and straightforward choice for residential lawn care. It combines ease of use, reliable performance, and compatibility with various attachments to meet the needs of homeowners maintaining smaller to medium-sized yards. Its affordability and simplicity make it a practical option for routine lawn maintenance tasks.

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