John Deere 7515

The John Deere 7515 is a versatile utility tractor manufactured by John Deere with a production factory located in Montenegro, Brazil. This tractor boasts impressive power and mechanical features, making it suitable for a variety of agricultural tasks.

Engine140 hp (104.4 kW)
PTO (claimed)119 hp (88.7 kW)
Engine DetailJohn Deere 6068T Series 350 turbocharged diesel, 6-cylinder, liquid-cooled
Displacement414.4 cubic inches (6.8 liters)
Bore/Stroke4.19×5.00 inches (106 x 127 mm)
Rated RPM2100
Torque449.9 lb-ft (610.1 Nm) at 1500 RPM
Starter volts12
Coolant capacity26.4 quarts (25.0 liters)
Chassis4×4 MFWD 4WD
Differential lockelectro-hydraulic
Steeringhydrostatic power
Brakeshydraulic wet disc
CabCab optional
Transmission16-speed partial power shift
Fuel81 gallons (306.6 liters)
Hydraulic system16.9 gallons (64.0 liters)
Front axle8.7 quarts (8.2 liters)
Front hubs1.8 quarts (1.7 liters) each
Transmission TypeJohn Deere PowrQuad, partial power shift
Gears16 forward and reverse
Clutchhydraulic wet disc PermaClutch II
Oil capacity67.6 quarts (64.0 liters)
Oil typeJD Hy-Gard
Standard tires (ag)Front
Optional tires (ag)Various options including Front
Wheelbase104.3 inches (264 cm)
Length195.6 inches (496 cm)
Height112 inches (284 cm)
Max weight17,640 lbs (8001 kg)
Rear axleRack-and-pinion
Front treadAdjustable from 63.6 to 84.8 inches (161 to 215 cm)
Rear treadAdjustable from 62.4 to 75.7 inches (158 to 192 cm)
Tractor Hitch:
Rear TypeII
Controlelectronic lower link
Rear lift (at ends)10,690 lbs (4848 kg)
Rear lift (at 24″/610mm)6,500 lbs (2948 kg)
Power Take-off (PTO):
Rear PTOindependent
Rear RPM540/1000
Charging systemalternator
Charging amps90
Battery volts12
Battery AH150

The John Deere 7515 tractor offers reliable power, versatile transmission options, and various tire choices to suit different agricultural needs, making it a valuable addition to any farm or utility operation.

John Deere 7515 Tractor Advantages

Powerful Engine: The tractor is equipped with a robust 140 hp engine, providing ample power for various agricultural tasks.

Versatile Transmission: The 16-speed partial power shift transmission allows for smooth and efficient gear changes, enhancing productivity in the field.

Hydraulic System: With a 16.9-gallon hydraulic system, it can operate hydraulic implements efficiently.

Four-Wheel Drive: The 4×4 MFWD 4WD chassis ensures excellent traction and stability, especially in challenging terrain and adverse weather conditions.

Differential Lock: The electro-hydraulic differential lock improves traction further, preventing wheel slippage.

Power Take-off (PTO): The independent PTO with electro-hydraulic clutch offers flexibility in powering various implements and attachments.

Adjustable Tread: The tractor’s adjustable front and rear tread widths allow for customization to suit different row spacing requirements.

Rear Hitch: The tractor’s rear hitch with electronic lower link control offers precise implement control and lifting capacity, making it suitable for a wide range of implements.

Reliable Brand: John Deere is a well-established and trusted brand known for producing high-quality agricultural machinery.

John Deere 7515 Tractor Disadvantages:

Tire Options: While it offers tire options, some may find that the standard tire sizes do not meet their specific needs, potentially requiring additional investments.

Complexity: The tractor’s advanced features and technology may require a learning curve for operators who are not familiar with John Deere equipment.

The John Deere 7515 tractor offers impressive power and versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of agricultural tasks. However, potential buyers should carefully consider their specific needs, budget, and operating conditions to determine if it is the right choice for their operation.

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