John Deere 6130r

The John Deere 6130R is a remarkable utility tractor that falls under the 6R Series, produced by John Deere between 2012 and 2016 in Mannheim, Germany. It is highly regarded for its exceptional performance, versatility, and operator comfort. With a robust chassis and 4×4 MFWD 4WD capabilities, it can handle a wide range of agricultural tasks with ease. The tractor boasts a powerful John Deere turbocharged intercooled diesel engine, known for its reliability and efficiency. The operator enjoys a ComfortView cab with air-conditioning, making long working hours more comfortable. Additionally, the 6130R is equipped with advanced features like AutoTrac compatibility and ISOBUS implement connections, enhancing its precision and productivity. This utility tractor’s blend of power, technology, and comfort sets it apart in the field of agricultural machinery, making it a popular choice among farmers and agricultural professionals.

John Deere 6130R Specs
Years of Production2012 – 2016
Series6R Series
TypeUtility tractor
ManufacturerJohn Deere
FactoryMannheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
John Deere 6130R Power
Engine (gross)130 hp (96.9 kW)
Engine (max)143 hp (106.6 kW)
Chassis4×4 MFWD 4WD
Differential lockElectro-hydraulic rear with wet disc clutch. Self-locking front.
SteeringHydrostatic power
Trailer brakesHydraulic or pneumatic optional
CabComfortView cab standard with air-conditioning. Optional hydraulic cab suspension (HCS Plus). AutoTrac ready. ISOBUS implement connections.
Engine Detail
EngineJohn Deere turbocharged intercooled diesel
Displacement276 cubic inches (4.5 liters)
Bore/Stroke4.15×5.00 inches (105×127 mm)
EmissionsStage IIIb
Emission controlExhaust gas recirculation (EGR)
Rated Power (EC 97/98)130 hp (96.9 kW)
Maximum Power (EC 97/68)143 hp (106.6 kW)
Rated RPM2100
Torque449.2 lb-ft (609.1 Nm)
Torque RPM1600
Starter volts12
Coolant capacity28.5 quarts (27.0 liters)
Transmission PowrQuad Plus (Partial Power Shift)
Gears24 forward and reverse
Transmission AutoQuad Plus (Partial Power Shift)
Gears24 forward and reverse
Transmission AutoPowr IVT (Infinitely Variable Transmission)
GearsInfinite forward and reverse
TypePressure flow compensated (PFC)
Rear valves4
Front valves2 (optional)
Pump flow21.1 gpm (79.9 lpm), 32.1 gpm (121.5 lpm – optional)
Tractor hitchRear Type 3N
ControlLoad and depth control with electronic lower link sensing
Rear lift (at ends)10,805 lbs (4901 kg)
Rear lift (at 24″/610mm)9,592 lbs (4350 kg)
Front Hitch3N
Front lift (at ends)7,277 lbs (3300 kg)
Power Take-off (PTO)
Rear PTOIndependent
ClutchElectro-hydraulic wet disc
Rear RPM540/540E/1000
Engine RPM540@1950, 540E@1721, 1000@1950
Front PTOIndependent
Front RPM1000
Engine RPM1000@1995
Wheelbase108.9 inches (276 cm)
Length194.1 inches (493 cm)
Width100.4 inches (255 cm)
Height116.1 inches (294 cm)
Shipping weight12,436 lbs (5640 kg)
Max weight22,050 lbs (10001 kg)
Ground clearance20.9 inches (53 cm)
Front axleTriple Link Suspension
Rear axleFlange

The John Deere 6130R utility tractor is a standout model in its category, known for its unique features, advantages, and some potential limitations. As a tractor expert, I can elaborate on what makes it special and how it compares to other similar tractors.

John Deere 6130R Advantages:

Powerful and Efficient Engine: The 6130R is equipped with a robust John Deere turbocharged intercooled diesel engine that provides a substantial power output of 130 hp, with a maximum of 143 hp. This engine strikes a balance between power and fuel efficiency, making it ideal for a variety of farm tasks.
Advanced Transmission Options: This tractor offers versatile transmission choices, including the PowrQuad Plus partial power shift and the AutoQuad Plus partial power shift. The highlight is the AutoPowr IVT, an infinitely variable transmission that provides seamless speed control and enhances fuel efficiency.
Comfortable Cab: The ComfortView cab comes standard with air-conditioning, providing an ergonomic and climate-controlled workspace for operators during long hours in the field. Optional features like hydraulic cab suspension (HCS Plus) enhance ride comfort.
Hydraulic Capacity: The hydraulic system of the 6130R is well-designed, featuring pressure flow compensation (PFC) and multiple rear valves. It can handle various hydraulic implements with ease, improving efficiency and productivity.
AutoTrac and ISOBUS Compatibility: The tractor is AutoTrac ready and equipped with ISOBUS implement connections, allowing for precision farming and seamless integration with modern agricultural technology.

John Deere 6130R Disadvantages:

Cost: The advanced features and capabilities of the John Deere 6130R can come at a higher initial cost compared to some competing models, which may make it less accessible to smaller farms or budget-conscious buyers.
Complexity: The advanced transmission and technology features may have a steeper learning curve for operators who are not familiar with modern tractor systems, potentially leading to operational challenges.

Common Problems:

Electrical Issues: As with many modern tractors, electrical problems can occasionally arise. Routine maintenance and keeping the electrical system clean and well-maintained can help prevent these issues.
Transmission Maintenance: The advanced transmission systems may require more regular maintenance and care to ensure optimal performance. Keeping up with recommended service intervals is essential.

Comparison with Similar Models:

When compared to similar utility tractors in its class, such as the Case IH Farmall 115U or the New Holland T6.140, the John Deere 6130R stands out for its engine power, advanced transmission options, and compatibility with precision farming technology. It offers a comfortable and well-appointed cab, making long working hours more manageable. However, its higher initial cost may be a consideration for some buyers, and operators new to advanced tractor systems may require additional training. Overall, the 6130R is a powerful and versatile utility tractor that excels in modern farming operations, especially when integrated with precision farming technology.

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