John Deere 5310 (1998 – 2001)

The John Deere 5310, a quintessential utility tractor from the esteemed 5000 Ten Series, epitomizes reliability and versatility in agriculture. Powered by a turbocharged diesel engine, it delivers 64 horsepower for a range of tasks. With transmission options like CollarShift, SyncShuttle, and PowrReverser, maneuverability is seamless. Equipped with essential mechanical features such as power steering and hydraulic wet disc brakes, the 5310 ensures optimal control. Its hydraulic system offers ample power for implements, while an independent rear power take-off system enhances functionality. Paired with sturdy tires and optional cab enclosures, the 5310 is a dependable choice for farming needs.

John Deere 5310 Specifications
Years of Production1998 – 2001
Series5000 Ten Series
TypeUtility Tractor
ManufacturerJohn Deere
Production LocationAugusta, Georgia, USA
Original Price (in 2001)$24,705
5310N(narrow profile)
Engine Specifications
EngineJohn Deere 3029T
TypeTurbocharged diesel, 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled
Displacement179 cubic inches (2.9 liters)
Bore/Stroke4.19×4.33 inches (106 x 110 mm)
Power64 horsepower (47.7 kW)
Compression Ratio17.8:1
Rated RPM2400
Idle RPM825-2600
Operating RPM1600-2400
Torque143.8 lb-ft (195.0 Nm) @ 1400 RPM
Firing Order1-2-3
Starter Volts12
Coolant Capacity10 quarts (9.5 liters)
Coolant Change IntervalEvery 2000 hours
Intake Valve Clearance0.014 inches (0.356 mm)
Exhaust Valve Clearance0.018 inches (0.457 mm)
Transmission CollarShift
TypeUnsynchronized gear
Gears9 forward, 3 reverse
ClutchDry disc
Oil Capacity40 quarts (37.9 liters)
Transmission SyncShuttle
TypePartially synchronized
Gears9 forward, 3 reverse
ClutchDry disc
Oil Capacity40 quarts (37.9 liters)
Transmission PowrReverser
TypePower shuttle
Gears12 forward and reverse
ClutchWet disc
Oil Capacity46 quarts (43.5 liters)
Mechanical Features
DriveTwo- or four-wheel drive
SteeringPower steering
BrakesHydraulic wet disc brakes
ROPSTwo-post ROPS (Roll-Over Protective Structure), cab optional
Hydraulic System
TypeOpen center
Pressure2855 psi (196.9 bar)
Pump Flow11.4 gpm (43.1 lpm)
Total Flow18.2 gpm (68.9 lpm)
Steering Flow6.8 gpm (25.7 lpm)
Steering Pressure1955 psi (134.8 bar)
Hitch TypeRear I/II
Rear Lift Capacity (at 24″/610mm)3,374 lbs (1530 kg)
Power Take-Off (PTO)
Rear PTO540 RPM
Optional540/540E (SyncShuttle)
Electrical System
Charging SystemAlternator
Charging Amps (ROPS)40
Charging Amps (Cab)60
Battery CCA700
Battery Volts12
Battery Group (ROPS)28H
Battery Group (Cab)31
Tire Specifications
2WD Standard Tires (Ag)Front – 7.50-16, Rear – 14.9-28
4WD Standard Tires (Ag)Front – 9.5-24, Rear – 14.9-28
Wheelbase80.7 inches (204 cm)
Length (2WD)123.6 inches (313 cm), (4WD)
Width66.7 inches (169 cm)
Clearance (Front Axle)(2WD)
Clearance (Drawbar)15.8 inches (40 cm)
Shipping Weight(2WD ROPS) 4,350 lbs (1973 kg), (2WD Cab) 5,350 lbs (2426 kg), (4WD ROPS) 4,750 lbs (2154 kg), (4WD Cab) 5,750 lbs (2608 kg)
Max Drawbar1,675 lbs (759 kg)
Steering Wheel63.7 inches (161 cm)
Hood (2WD)57.2 inches (145 cm), (4WD)
ROPS88.7 inches (225 cm)
Folded ROPS75.5 inches (191 cm)
Cab97.9 inches (248 cm)
Loader Attachments:John Deere 521 LoaderWith a lifting capacity of 2500 lbs (1134 kg) and breakout force of 3485 lbs (1580 kg), this loader offers a 37.4° dump angle and a reach of 20.2 inches (51 cm) when dumped. It provides versatility for loading and handling tasks.
John Deere 541 LoaderSimilar to the 521, the 541 loader features a lifting capacity of 2500 lbs (1134 kg) and breakout force of 3484 lbs (1580 kg). It offers a 43° dump angle and a reach of 34.6 inches (87 cm) when dumped, providing extended capabilities.
John Deere 541 Self-Leveling LoaderWith a lifting capacity of 2800 lbs (1270 kg) and breakout force of 4125 lbs (1871 kg), this self-leveling loader ensures consistent bucket positioning. It offers an 86° dump angle and a reach of 33 inches (83 cm) when dumped.
Backhoe Attachment
Backhoe:John Deere 49 BackhoeThis attachment offers versatility for digging tasks with a 2-foot flat digging depth of 115 inches (292 cm) and a reach of 149 inches (378 cm) from the pivot. With a transport height of 94 inches (238 cm) and a loading height of 92 inches (233 cm), it provides efficient digging capabilities. It features a 180° bucket rotation and swing arc, with a bucket force of 4575 lbs (2075 kg) and dipperstick force of 3175 lbs (1440 kg).
John Deere 5310 Overview

The John Deere 5310, a member of the 5000 Ten Series, stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of American utility tractors. Manufactured by the renowned John Deere company, these tractors were produced between 1998 and 2001 in Augusta, Georgia, USA. Back in 2001, the original price for this reliable workhorse was set at $24,705, reflecting its robust build and versatile capabilities.
Under the hood, the 5310 is powered by the formidable John Deere 3029T engine, a turbocharged diesel engine with three cylinders and liquid cooling. Delivering 64 horsepower and boasting a displacement of 179 cubic inches (2.9 liters), this engine provides the tractor with the necessary grunt to tackle a variety of agricultural tasks with ease. With a compression ratio of 17.8:1 and a torque output of 143.8 lb-ft at 1400 RPM, the 5310 ensures efficient power delivery across its operating range.

Transmission options for the 5310 include the CollarShift, SyncShuttle, and PowrReverser variants, each offering distinct advantages tailored to different operational requirements. From unsynchronized gear shifts to partially synchronized options and even a power shuttle system for seamless forward-reverse transitions, these transmissions enhance productivity and maneuverability in the field.

In terms of mechanical features, the 5310 doesn’t disappoint. Available in both two- and four-wheel-drive configurations, with power steering and hydraulic wet disc brakes, this tractor ensures optimal control and safety for operators navigating diverse terrain. The inclusion of a two-post Roll-Over Protective Structure (ROPS), with the option for a cab enclosure, underscores John Deere’s commitment to operator safety and comfort.

Hydraulically, the 5310 boasts an open-center system with impressive pressure capabilities, ensuring efficient operation of implements and attachments. With five valves, a pump flow of 11.4 gallons per minute (43.1 liters per minute), and a total flow of 18.2 gallons per minute (68.9 liters per minute), this tractor offers ample hydraulic power to meet various agricultural demands.

Equipped with an independent rear power take-off (PTO) system, the 5310 supports a range of implements for tasks such as tilling, mowing, and hauling. Additionally, its electrical system features an alternator charging system, delivering reliable power to operate lights, implements, and other accessories.

The 5310’s robust construction is complemented by its sturdy tires, available in standard configurations for both two- and four-wheel-drive models. With ample ground clearance, a spacious wheelbase, and a range of optional features including cab enclosures, the John Deere 5310 stands tall as a dependable workhorse for farmers and agricultural professionals alike, embodying the legacy of quality and reliability synonymous with the John Deere brand.