John Deere 5100E (2018-2024)

The John Deere 5100E, a stalwart of the 5E Series spanning from 2018 to 2024, embodies the epitome of reliability and versatility in agricultural machinery. Crafted in Augusta, Georgia, USA, it boasts a potent John Deere FJDXL04.5305 engine, delivering 100 horsepower for a myriad of farming tasks. With mechanical features like four-wheel drive and hydraulic wet disc brakes, it ensures stability and control on varied terrains. Its optional cab configurations, coupled with ample fuel and hydraulic capacities, prioritize operator comfort and extended operational efficiency. The 5100E stands as a steadfast companion, embodying John Deere’s legacy of quality and innovation in agriculture.

John Deere 5100E Specifications (2018-2024)
Model Year2018-2024
Series5E Series
TypeUtility Tractor
ManufacturerJohn Deere
FactoryAugusta, Georgia, USA
Original Price$53,776 (2019), $56,498 (2021)
Engine Detail
BrandJohn Deere FJDXL04.5305
TypeTurbocharged diesel, 4-cylinder, liquid-cooled inline
Displacement276 ci (4.5 L)
Bore/Stroke4.19×5.00 inches (106 x 127 mm)
EmissionsTier IV
Emission ControlSelective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)
Rated Power (EC 97/98)100 hp (74.6 kW)
Rated RPM2500
StarterElectric, 12 volts
Coolant Capacity12 qts (11.4 L)
John Deere 5100E Power
Engine (Gross)100 hp (74.6 kW)
PTO (Claimed)85 hp (63.4 kW)
PTO (Tested)90.65 hp (67.6 kW)
Four-wheel drive
Final drivesInboard planetary
Differential lockMechanical rear
Fuel30 gal (113.6 L)
Exhaust Fluid (DEF)3.2 gal (12.1 L)
Hydraulic System11.5 gal (43.5 L)
TypeOpen center
Capacity11.5 gal (43.5 L)
Pressure2900 psi (200.0 bar)
Valves2 or 3
SCV Flow15.9 gpm (60.2 lpm)
Total Flow22.5 gpm (85.2 lpm)
Tractor Hitch
Rear TypeII
ControlMechanical top-link draft sensing
Rear Lift (at 24″/610mm)3213 lbs (1457 kg)
Rear PTOIndependent
Rear PTO: Independent
Rear PTO Type540/540E, 540/1000 Opt
Transmission PowrReverser
Gears12 forward and reverse
Oil Capacity46 qts (43.5 L)
TransmissionPowrReverser Plus
Transmission: PowrReverser Plus
Gears24 forward and 12 reverse
Oil Capacity46 qts (43.5 L)
John Deere 5100E Tires
Ag Front12.4-24
Ag Rear18.4-30
Wheelbase92.5 inches (234 cm)
Length159.1 inches (404 cm)
Width85.1 inches* (216 cm)
Clearance (Front Axle)17 inches (43 cm)
Flange Rear Axle
Front Tread51.1/54.9/59/62.9/66.9/70.6/74.8/78.6 inches (129/139/149/159/169/179/189/199 cm)
Rear Tread59.6/63.5/67.5/71.4 inches (151/161/171/181 cm)
John Deere 5100E Weight
ROPS Shipping7275 lbs (3299 kg)
Cab Shipping8150 lbs (3696 kg)
Max Capacity11508 lbs (5220 kg)
Max Front Axle5952 lbs (2699 kg)
Max Rear Axle7496 lbs (3400 kg)
John Deere 5100E Height
Hood70.6 inches (179 cm)
ROPS101.1 inches (256 cm)
Cab102.4 inches (260 cm)
520M Loader
3523 lbs Lift (Full at Pin)1598 kg
2293 lbs Lift (Full at 800mm)1040 kg
4641 lbs Lift (1.5m at Pin)2105 kg
2974 lbs Lift (1.5m at 800mm)1349 kg
4641 lbs Breakout (at Pin)2105 kg
3168 lbs Breakout (at 800mm)1437 kg
4830 lbs Breakout (Bucket)2190 kg
Dump Angle55°
Reach (Dumped)40.9 inches (103 cm)
Reach (Ground)88.5 inches (224 cm)
Rollback Angle44°
Height (at Pin)132 inches (335 cm)
Clearance (Dumped)99.2 inches (251 cm)
Clearance (Level)124.3 inches (315 cm)
Bucket Width66 inches (167 cm)
Bucket Width73 inches (185 cm)
John Deere 5100E Overview

The John Deere 5100E, belonging to the esteemed 5E Series and produced from 2018 to 2024, represents a pinnacle of utility and reliability in the realm of agricultural machinery. Manufactured by John Deere in Augusta, Georgia, USA, this versatile tractor stands as a testament to American craftsmanship and innovation. At its core lies the formidable John Deere FJDXL04.5305 engine, a turbocharged diesel powerhouse delivering a robust 100 horsepower, ensuring formidable performance across a wide spectrum of agricultural tasks. Whether tilling fields, hauling loads, or powering implements, the 5100E proves itself as a dependable workhorse capable of meeting the demands of modern farming operations.

Equipped with a host of mechanical features, including four-wheel drive, inboard planetary final drives, and a mechanical rear differential lock, the 5100E ensures superior traction and stability even in the most challenging terrain. Its power steering system enhances maneuverability, while hydraulic wet disc brakes provide reliable stopping power, ensuring operator safety and control in various operating conditions. The availability of optional cab configurations, complete with air-conditioning, underscores John Deere’s commitment to operator comfort and well-being, facilitating long hours of operation without compromising efficiency.

With ample fuel and hydraulic capacities, the 5100E is designed for extended operation, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. Its open-center hydraulic system, coupled with generous flow rates and pressure, enables seamless integration with a wide array of implements, further enhancing its versatility and utility on the field. Precise control over rear attachments is facilitated by the tractor hitch’s mechanical top-link draft sensing mechanism, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency during various agricultural tasks.

The transmission options available for the 5100E, including the 12-speed PowrReverser and the 24-speed PowrReverser Plus, offer flexibility and adaptability to suit diverse operational requirements. Synchronized gear shifts, power shuttle features, and high oil capacities ensure smooth and efficient operation, enhancing productivity and reducing operator fatigue during prolonged use.

With its meticulously engineered tire configurations, dimensions, and weight capacities, the 5100E strikes a perfect balance between agility and stability, catering to the demands of modern agricultural practices. From its hood to its cab, every aspect of the 5100E is designed with precision and attention to detail, reflecting John Deere’s unwavering commitment to delivering superior quality and performance to farmers and agricultural professionals worldwide.