John Deere 4955

The John Deere 4955, an iconic row-crop tractor from the 4055 Series, represents a pinnacle of power and reliability in agricultural machinery. Built in Waterloo, Iowa, USA, this legendary tractor is synonymous with exceptional performance and versatility. With its robust John Deere 6466 engine, advanced transmission options, and ergonomic Sound Gard cab, it embodies the epitome of modern farming technology. Whether tilling fields, hauling heavy loads, or operating implements, the 4955 delivers unmatched efficiency and comfort. As a beloved favorite among farmers and collectors alike, it remains a symbol of John Deere’s enduring legacy and commitment to excellence in agriculture.

John Deere 4955 Tractor Specifications
Production(1988 – 1992)
ManufacturerJohn Deere
FactoryWaterloo, Iowa, USA
John Deere 4955 Power
Engine (net)225.3 hp (168.0 kW)
PTO (claimed)200 hp (149.1 kW)
Drawbar (tested)176.48 hp (131.6 kW)
PTO (tested)210.00 hp (156.6 kW)
DriveTwo- or four-wheel drive
Final DrivesInboard planetary
SteeringPower steering
BrakesDifferential hydraulic wet disc brakes
CabSound Gard cab standard
JD 4955 Engine Specifications
ModelJohn Deere 6466
Type4 Stroke, six-cylinder, direct injection turbocharged intercooled diesel
Displacement466 cu in (7.64 L)
Bore/Stroke4.56×4.75 inches (116.0×121.0 mm)
Rated Engine Power228.0 hp (170.0 kW) @ 2000 RPM
Maximum Torque1010 Nm (747.4 lb-ft) @ 1210 RPM
Fuel SystemDirect injection
Fuel Tank Capacity102.0 gal (386.1 L)
Oil Capacity22.0 qts (20.9 L)
Coolant Capacity32.0 qts (30.4 L)
Electrical System12 Volts, Alternator 120 Amps
Power Take-Off
Operational TypeIndependent
PTO Horsepower200.0 hp (149.0 kW)
PTO ClutchHydraulic disc
PTO Speed1000 RPM
PTO/Engine Speed1000/2200 RPM
John Deere 4955 Transmission
Transmission TypePower Shift
Gearbox Type15F/4R, Full powershift
Clutch TypeWet disc
Maximum Forward Speed19.3 mph (31.0 kph)
Maximum Reverse Speed6.4 mph (10.3 kph)
Transmission TypeQuad Range
Gearbox Type16F/6R, Partial powershift
Maximum Speed (Forward)19.6 mph (31.5 kph)
Maximum Speed (Reverse)12.6 mph (20.3 kph)
Wheels and Tires
Drive Wheels2WD/4WD
Steering ConfigurationFront steer
Brakes TypeDifferential hydraulic wet disc
Front Tire Size11.0×16
Rear Tire Size20.8×38
John Deere 4955 Hydraulic System
Hydraulic System TypeClosed center
Implement Pump Flow29.5 gpm (111.5 Lpm)
Selective Control Valve Flow20.6 gpm (78.0 Lpm)
Hydraulic Pressure174.5 bar (2530 psi)
Hydraulic Capacity (PowerShift, 2WD)18.5 gal (70.0 L)
Hydraulic Capacity (PowerShift, 4WD)20.0 gal (75.7 L)
Hydraulic Capacity (Quad Range)27.0 gal (102.0 L)
Number of Standard Remote Valves2/3
Three-Point Hitch
3-Point Hitch Category3
Standard Lift Capacity at Lift Pin7485 lb (3395 kg)
Optional Lift Capacity at Lift Pin8275 lb (3750 kg)
JD 4955 Dimensions and Weight
Wheelbase (2WD)118.5 inches (3000 mm)
Wheelbase (4WD)117.1 inches (2970 mm)
Length177 inches (4490 mm)
Height (Cab)118.8 inches (3010 mm)
Overall Width118 inches (2990 mm)
Ground Clearance14.9 inches (370 mm)
Turning Radius213 inches (5400 mm)
Operating Weight18370 lbs (8330 kg)
Ballasted Weight24665 lbs (11190 kg)
John Deere 4955

The John Deere 4955, a prominent member of the 4055 Series and a quintessential row-crop tractor, epitomizes John Deere’s commitment to excellence and innovation in agricultural machinery. Produced from 1988 to 1992, this powerhouse of a tractor was built in Waterloo, Iowa, USA, a testament to American engineering and manufacturing prowess.

Under the hood lies the formidable John Deere 6466 engine, a turbocharged intercooled diesel powerhouse boasting six cylinders and a displacement of 466 cubic inches (7.64 liters). With an impressive output of 225.3 horsepower (168.0 kW) and a claimed PTO power of 200 horsepower (149.1 kW), the 4955 delivers robust performance to tackle the most demanding farm tasks with ease.

The transmission options offer versatility to match various operating conditions. The Power Shift transmission with 15 forward and 4 reverse gears provides seamless shifting and precise control, while the Quad Range transmission with 16 forward and 6 reverse gears offers flexibility and efficiency in diverse applications. Whether plowing fields, hauling loads, or operating implements, the 4955 ensures optimal performance and productivity.

Equipped with two- or four-wheel drive options and inboard planetary final drives, the 4955 delivers exceptional traction and pulling power, enabling it to navigate challenging terrain with confidence. The power steering system ensures effortless maneuverability, while the differential hydraulic wet disc brakes offer reliable stopping power for enhanced safety.

Inside the cab, the Sound Gard cab provides a comfortable and ergonomic working environment, shielding the operator from noise, dust, and weather elements. The spacious cab features intuitive controls, adjustable seating, and excellent visibility, allowing operators to work comfortably for extended periods.

The hydraulic system boasts a closed-center design, delivering ample hydraulic power to operate a wide range of implements with precision and efficiency. With an implement pump flow of 29.5 gallons per minute (111.5 liters per minute) and selective control valve flow of 20.6 gallons per minute (78.0 liters per minute), the 4955 ensures responsive and reliable hydraulic performance.

In terms of three-point hitch capabilities, the 4955 offers category 3 hitch compatibility, with standard lift capacities of up to 7485 pounds (3395 kilograms) at the lift pin. Optional lift capacities are available for even greater versatility in handling implements and attachments.

With its rugged construction, advanced features, and legendary John Deere reliability, the 4955 remains a trusted workhorse on farms around the world. As a collector’s item, it embodies the timeless appeal of classic John Deere tractors, revered for its performance, durability, and enduring legacy in agricultural history.

John Deere 4955

John Deere 4955

John Deere 4955