John Deere 455

The John Deere 455 Garden Tractor, a stalwart of outdoor maintenance, embodies reliability and versatility. Powered by a robust Yanmar 3-cylinder diesel engine, it effortlessly handles a range of tasks. Its hydrostatic transmission ensures smooth operation, while hydraulic systems power attachments like loaders and mowers. With compact dimensions and agile steering, it navigates tight spaces with ease. Trusted by homeowners and professionals alike, the John Deere 455 stands as a symbol of efficiency and durability in garden tractor technology.

John Deere 455 Specs
Production1992 – 2001
ManufacturerJohn Deere
Built inHoricon, Wisconsin, USA
Original Price (1995)$10,995
Engine Technical Data
Engine ModelYanmar 3TNA72UJ3
Engine Type3-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel
Displacement53.8 cu in (0.89 L)
Bore2.83 in (72.0 mm)
Stroke2.83 in (72.0 mm)
Rated Engine Power17.0 hp (12.7 kW)
Maximum Engine Power22.0 hp (16.4 kW)
Rated Engine Speed3350 rpm
Compression Ratio22.6:1
Firing Order1-3-2
Idle Speed (Fast)3625 rpm
Fuel Injection TypeElectric Indirect Injection
Valve Clearance0.008 in (20.0 mm)
Fuel Tank Capacity6.5 gal (24.6 L)
Oil Capacity3.6 qts (3.4 L)
Coolant Capacity3.0 qts (2.8 L)
Electrical System Rating12 Volts
Charging SystemAlternator (20 Amps)
Power Take-Off
Rear PTO Operational TypeIndependent
Rear PTO Speeds540 rpm
Front PTO Operational TypeIndependent
Front PTO Speeds2000 rpm
Transmission TypeShaft-driven hydrostatic
Transaxle ModelTuff Torq K91
Transaxle Type2-Pedal Foot Control Hydrostatic
GearsInfinite forward and reverse
Reduction Ratio28.125:1
Max. Input Speed3200 rpm
Brake TypeWet Disc
DifferentialAutomotive-type Bevel Gears
Differential LocksStandard, Interlocked with Brake
Travel Forward Speeds0 to 13.7 km/h (0 to 8.5 mph)
Travel Reverse Speeds0 to 8.1 km/h (0 to 5.0 mph)
Wheels and Tires
Drive Wheels2WD
Steering ConfigurationFront steer
Steering SystemHydrostatic power 4-wheel steering
Front Tire Size16×6.50-8 / 16×7.50-8
Rear Tire Size23×8.50-12 / 23×10.50-12
Axles and Brakes
Differential LockStandard
Service BrakeWet disc
Hydraulic System
Hydraulic System TypeGerotor
Implement Pump Flow4.65 gpm (17.6 Lpm)
Hydraulic Pressure69.0 Bar (1000 psi)
Number of Standard Remote Valves2
Dimensions and Weight
Wheelbase (2WD)50.4 in (1280 mm)
Wheelbase (AWS)49.5 in (1250 mm)
Length75.0 in (1900 mm)
Height51.2 in (1300 mm)
Overall Width48.0 in (1210 mm)
Weight (2WD)966 lb (438 kg)
Weight (AWS)1060 lb (480 kg)
Loader (John Deere 40)
Height (to pin)70 in (1770 mm)
Clearance, Dumped Bucket53 in (1340 mm)
Dump Reach22 in (550 mm)
Dump Angle50 degrees
Reach at Ground42.5 in (1070 mm)
Rollback at Ground18 degrees
Breakout Force (Lift)500 lb (226 kg)
Breakout Force (Bucket)600 lb (272 kg)
Lift to Full Height (at pin)215 lb (97 kg)
Bucket Capacity0.23 yd3 (0.21 m3)
Bucket Width48 in (1210 mm)
Loader Weight580 lb (263 kg)
47-inch Snowblower
Snowblower TypeDual stage, front-mount with hydraulic lifting
Clearing Width47 in (1190 mm)
Clearing Height30.6 in (770 mm)
Weight300 lb (136 kg)
48-inch Mower Deck
Mower Deck TypeMid-Mount
Number of Blades3
Blades TypeWith mechanical lifting
Cutting Width48 in (1210 mm)
Overall Width59.9 in (1520 mm)
Cut Height1.0 to 4.0 in (20 to 100 mm) in 25 positions
Weight175 lb (79 kg)
54-inch Mower Deck
Mower Deck TypeMid-Mount
Number of Blades3
Blades TypeWith mechanical lifting
Cutting Width54 in (1370 mm)
Overall Width65.9 in (1670 mm)
Cut Height1.0 to 4.0 in (20 to 100 mm) in 25 positions
Weight185 lb (83 kg)
John Deere 455 Overview

The John Deere 455 Garden Tractor, manufactured by the renowned John Deere company, stands as a testament to reliability and versatility in the realm of garden tractors. Produced between 1992 and 2001 in Horicon, Wisconsin, USA, this robust machine was initially priced at $10,995 in 1995, offering exceptional value for its range of capabilities.
At the heart of its performance lies the Yanmar 3TNA72UJ3 engine, a 3-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel powerhouse delivering 17.0 horsepower (12.7 kW) at a rated engine speed of 3350 rpm, with a maximum power output of 22.0 hp (16.4 kW). Its efficient design incorporates natural aspiration and electric indirect injection, ensuring optimal fuel utilization and smooth operation. This engine, boasting a displacement of 53.8 cubic inches (0.89 L), is engineered for durability and sustained performance, making it suitable for a wide range of tasks.

The transmission system of the John Deere 455 is a shaft-driven hydrostatic setup, featuring the Tuff Torq K91 transaxle model. With infinite forward and reverse gears, this transmission enables seamless control and maneuverability, allowing operators to navigate various terrains with ease. Equipped with differential locks and wet disc brakes, this tractor ensures stability and safety even in challenging conditions.

Furthermore, the hydraulic system of the John Deere 455, employing a Gerotor design, facilitates efficient operation of attachments and implements. With an implement pump flow of 4.65 gallons per minute (17.6 Lpm) and a hydraulic pressure of 69.0 bar (1000 psi), this system provides ample power for lifting and manipulating heavy loads.

In terms of dimensions and weight, the John Deere 455 offers a balance of compactness and stability, with a wheelbase ranging from 49.5 inches (1250 mm) to 50.4 inches (1280 mm) depending on the configuration. Its overall width of 48.0 inches (1210 mm) ensures maneuverability in tight spaces, while its weight ranging from 966 lbs (438 kg) for the 2WD model to 1060 lbs (480 kg) for the AWS model provides stability for various tasks.

Complementing its exceptional performance are a range of attachments tailored to enhance its functionality. From the John Deere 40 loader, offering impressive lifting capabilities and bucket capacity, to the 47-inch snowblower and 48/54-inch mower decks, each attachment is engineered to integrate seamlessly with the tractor, maximizing productivity and versatility.

In summary, the John Deere 455 Garden Tractor embodies the pinnacle of engineering excellence and practical utility, making it a trusted companion for homeowners and professionals alike in tackling a myriad of outdoor tasks with confidence and efficiency.

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