John Deere 4455

The John Deere 4455 is a robust and versatile row-crop tractor produced by John Deere during the late 1980s and early 1990s. It was manufactured in the United States and Mexico and offered significant power and performance for various agricultural applications. With its powerful turbocharged diesel engine, advanced transmission options, and reliable hydraulic system, the 4455 became a popular choice among farmers and agricultural professionals. Its well-designed cab and operator-friendly features also contributed to its appeal. The tractor’s quality construction and durability made it a dependable workhorse on the farm, earning a reputation for its reliability and efficiency in the field.

John Deere 4455 Specs
Model Years1988 – 1992
Series4055 Series
TypeRow-Crop tractor
ManufacturerJohn Deere
FactoriesWaterloo, Iowa, USA; Saltillo, Mexico
Original Price$60,000 (1992)
Engine (Net)156.9 hp (117.0 kW)
PTO (Claimed)140 hp (104.4 kW)
Drawbar (Tested)128.59 hp (95.9 kW)
PTO (Tested)148.14 hp (110.5 kW)
Engine Detail
BrandJohn Deere
Displacement466 ci (7.6 L)
Bore/Stroke4.5625×4.75 inches (116 x 121 mm)
Fuel SystemDirect Injection
Air CleanerDual Paper Elements
Compression Ratio16:1
Rated RPM2200
Idle RPM800-2400
Operating RPM1500-2200
Firing Order1-5-3-6-2-4
Starter Volts12
Coolant Capacity27 qts (25.6 L)
Intake Valve Clearance0.020 inches (0.508 mm)
Exhaust Valve Clearance0.020 inches (0.508 mm)
Chassis4×2 2WD, 4×4 MFWD 4WD
Final DrivesInboard Planetary
BrakesDifferential Hydraulic Wet Disc
CabSound Guard Cab standard. Four-post ROPS on Mexican-built models
Transmission TypeJohn Deere Quad Range (Partial Power Shift)
Gears16 Forward and 6 Reverse
ClutchHydraulic Wet Disc
2WD Oil Capacity64 qts (60.6 L)
4WD Oil Capacity68.8 qts (65.1 L)
Fuel65 gal (246.0 L)
Hydraulic System13.5 gal (51.1 L) (Powershift 2WD)
Hydraulic System15.9 gal (60.2 L) (Powershift 4WD)
Hydraulic System16 gal (60.6 L) (Quad-Range 2WD)
Hydraulic System17.2 gal (65.1 L) (Quad-Range 4WD)
TypeClosed Center
Pressure2530 psi (174.4 bar)
Valves2 or 3
Pump Flow26.5 gpm (100.3 lpm)
SCV Flow20.6 gpm (78.0 lpm)
Tractor Hitch
Rear TypeIIIN/II
Rear Lift5504 lbs (2496 kg) or 7281 lbs (3302 kg)
Power Take-off (PTO)
Rear PTOIndependent
Rear RPM540/1000 (1.375)
Serial Numbers
LocationSerial number plate on the rear of the 4455, above the PTO shaft.
Charging SystemAlternator
Charging Amps120
Battery CCA925
Battery Volts12
2WD Standard Tires (Ag)Front
4WD Standard Tires (Ag)Front
2WD Wheelbase106.7 inches (271 cm)
4WD Wheelbase105.3 inches (267 cm)
Length158.6 inches (402 cm)
Width109 inches (276 cm)
Height (Steering Wheel)92.8 inches (235 cm)
Height (Cab)116.5 inches (295 cm)
Shipping Weight14,145 lbs (6416 kg)
Operating Weight15,275 lbs (6928 kg) (4WD Powershift)
Rear Axle (Rack-and-Pinion)3.625 by 109 inches (92 by 2768 mm) or 3.625 by 119 inches (92 by 3022 mm)
Front Tread60.5 to 88 inches (153 to 223 cm)
Rear Tread62 to 116 inches (157 to 294 cm)
John Deere 158 Loader
UsageFor use on tractors with two-wheel drive.
Loader Weight1771 lbs (803 kg)
Height (to Pin)156 inches (396 cm)
Clearance, Dumped Bucket127 inches (322 cm)
Dump Reach28 inches (71 cm)
Clearance, Level Bucket149 inches (378 cm)
Rollback Angle14°
Breakout Force (Lift)5300 lbs (2404 kg)
Lift to Full Height (at Pin)4160 lbs (1886 kg)
Opt0.5 cu yd (0.4 cu m)
Opt0.6 cu yd (0.5 cu m)
Opt0.8 cu yd (0.6 cu m)
Opt0.9 cu yd (0.7 cu m)
Opt60 inches (152 cm)
Opt72 inches (182 cm)
Opt84 inches (213 cm)
Opt96 inches (243 cm)
John Deere 265 Loader
UsageFor use on tractors with two-wheel drive.
Loader Weight2619 lbs (1187 kg)
Height (to Pin)157 inches (398 cm)
Clearance, Dumped Bucket123 inches (312 cm)
Dump Reach25.6 inches (65 cm)
Clearance, Level Bucket150 inches (381 cm)
Rollback Angle43°
Breakout Force (Lift)5730 lbs (2599 kg)
Lift to Full Height (at Pin)3920 lbs (1778 kg)
Opt61 inches (154 cm)
Opt73 inches (185 cm)
Opt85 inches (215 cm)
Opt97 inches (246 cm)
John Deere 280 Loader
UsageFor use on tractors with four-wheel drive.
Loader Weight2795 lbs (1267 kg)
Height (to Pin)178 inches (452 cm)
Clearance, Dumped Bucket152 inches (386 cm)
Dump Reach26 inches (66 cm)
Clearance, Level Bucket173 inches (439 cm)
Rollback Angle41°
Breakout Force (Lift)6220 lbs (2821 kg)
Lift to Full Height (at Pin)4580 lbs (2077 kg)
Opt85 inches (215 cm)
Opt97 inches (246 cm)
John Deere 840 Loader
Clearance, Dumped Bucket149 inches (378 cm)
Dump Angle60°
Rollback Angle40°
Bucket Width96.5 inches (245 cm)
John Deere 4455 overview

The John Deere 4455, part of the 4055 Series, is a versatile row-crop tractor that was manufactured from 1988 to 1992 in the USA and Mexico. It boasted a powerful turbocharged diesel engine with a net horsepower of 156.9, making it well-suited for a wide range of agricultural tasks.


Powerful Engine: The tractor’s 466-cubic-inch, 6-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine provided ample power, ensuring it could handle heavy loads and challenging terrain.
Transmission Options: The 4455 featured a 16-speed partial power shift transmission or a 15-speed full power shift transmission, allowing for flexibility in speed and control.
Hydraulic System: With a closed-center hydraulic system, it offered strong lifting capacity and efficient operation of implements.
Sound Guard Cab: Equipped with a Sound Guard cab, the tractor provided a comfortable and quieter working environment for operators.
Durability: John Deere’s reputation for build quality and reliability was evident in the 4455, making it a durable choice for long-term use.


Cost: The initial purchase price of the John Deere 4455 was relatively high, which might be a deterrent for smaller farms or budget-conscious buyers.
Size and Weight: The tractor’s size and weight could be a limitation in terms of maneuverability in tight spaces.
Common Problems:
While the John Deere 4455 was known for its reliability, like any machine, it could experience some common issues over time. These might include problems with the hydraulic system, transmission, or electrical components. Routine maintenance and timely repairs were essential to keep it in optimal condition.

Safety Features:

Safety was a key consideration in the design of the John Deere 4455. It featured a Sound Guard cab that provided protection from noise and environmental factors. Additionally, it had a differential hydraulic wet disc brake system, ensuring secure stopping and control. Safety decals and warnings were prominently displayed for operator guidance.

Other Features:

The tractor came with inboard planetary final drives for added durability.
It offered both 2WD and 4WD (MFWD) options, increasing its versatility for different farming operations.
The tractor’s electrical system included an alternator with a charging capacity of 120 amps for reliable power supply.
In summary, the John Deere 4455 was a robust and powerful row-crop tractor with a strong engine, versatile transmission options, and a comfortable cab. While it had a higher initial cost, its reliability, durability, and safety features made it a popular choice for farmers and agricultural professionals during its production years.

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