John Deere 4040

The John Deere 4040, a cornerstone of agricultural efficiency, embodies reliability and power. From its inception as part of the renowned Iron Horses Series, this row-crop tractor has been a trusted companion to farmers worldwide. Built in Waterloo, Iowa, USA, its robust John Deere 6.404D engine delivers unparalleled performance. With a range of transmission options, advanced mechanical features, and hydraulic capabilities, it excels in versatility and ease of operation. Its durable construction and ergonomic design ensure comfort and productivity, making it a staple on farms for a wide array of tasks.

John Deere 4040 Specifications
ManufacturerJohn Deere
Built inWaterloo, Iowa, USA
Production Years1978 – 1982
Engine ModelJohn Deere 6.404D
Engine Type4-cycle, 6-cylinder diesel
Number of CylindersSix
Displacement404 cu in (6.6 L)
Engine Bore4.25 inches (108.0 mm)
Engine Stroke4.75 inches (121.0 mm)
Rated Engine Power135 hp (101.5 kW) @ 2200 rpm
Idle Speed800-2400 rpm
Firing Order1-5-3-6-2-4
Pre-heatingEther injection
Fuel Tank Capacity37 gal (140 L)
Oil Capacity17.0 qts (16.1 L)
Coolant Capacity24.1 qts (22.8 L)
Electrical System Rating12 Volts
Alternator Rating55 Amps
Power Take-Off (PTO)
Operational TypeIndependent
PTO Horsepower90.8 hp (67.7 kW)
PTO Speeds540/1000 rpm
Standard Transmission16F/6R Quad-Range (Partial power shift)
Number of Forward Speeds16
Number of Reverse Speeds6
Maximum Speed (Forward)16.7 mph (26.9 kph)
Number of Forward Speeds8
Number of Reverse Speeds2
Maximum Speed (Forward)17.5 mph (28.2 kph)
Number of Forward Speeds8
Number of Reverse Speeds4
Maximum Speed (Forward)17.5 mph (28.2 kph)
Quad-Range62.0 qts (58.1 L)
Syncro-Range/Powershift54.0 qts (51.1 L)
Drive4×2 2WD, 4×4 HFWD 4WD
Differential LockPedal-actuated hydraulic
SteeringPower Steering
BrakesDifferential Hydraulic Wet Disc Brakes
CabSound-Gard cab standard
Hydraulics and Hitch
Hydraulic System TypeClosed center
Implement Pump Flow23.0 gpm (87.1 Lpm)
Hydraulic Oil Capacity11.0 gal (41.6 L)
Number of Standard Remote Valves1/2
3-Point Hitch Category2/1
Standard Lift Capacity at lift pin4315 lbs (1960 kg)
Optional Lift Capacity at lift pin5395 lbs (2450 kg)
Wheels and Tires
Drive Wheels2WD/4WD
Steering ConfigurationFront steer
Front Tire Size9.5L-15
Rear Tire Size15.5-38
Dimensions and Weight
Wheelbase104 inches (2640 mm)
Length153.2 inches (3890 mm)
Height (Top of Steering Wheel)86.7 inches (2200 mm)
Height (with ROPS)104.1 inches (2640 mm)
Height (with Cab)109.8 inches (2780 mm)
Overall Width96 inches (2430 mm)
Ground Clearance22.2 inches (560 mm)
Front Tread50 to 91.3 inches (1270 to 2310 mm)
Rear Tread60 to 118.3 inches (1520 to 3000 mm)
Turning Radius153.6 inches (3890 mm)
Shipping Weight9630 lbs (4370 kg)
Operating Weight10490 lbs (4760 kg)
Ballasted Weight12090 lbs (5485 kg)
John Deere 158Loader
Weight1771 lbs (803 kg)
Height (to pin)156 inches (3960 mm)
Clearance, dumped bucket132 inches (3350 mm)
Dump reach32 inches (810 mm)
Dump angle37 degrees
Clearance, level bucket151 inches (3830 mm)
Rollback angle12 degrees
Breakout force (lift)5000 lbs (2268 kg)
Lift to full height (at pin)3800 lbs (1723 kg)
Bucket widthin/mm
60 inches(1520 mm)
72 inches(1820 mm)
84 inches(2130 mm)
96 inches(2430 mm)
60-inch bucket capacity0.5 yd3 (0.4 m3)
72-inch bucket capacity0.6 yd3 (0.5 m3)
84-inch bucket capacity0.8 yd3 (0.6 m3)
96-inch bucket capacity0.9 yd3 (0.7 m3)
John Deere 4040 Overview

The John Deere 4040 stands as a pinnacle of agricultural machinery, embodying the epitome of efficiency, power, and reliability. As a member of the esteemed Iron Horses Series, this row-crop tractor was meticulously engineered by John Deere, a legendary name synonymous with quality and innovation in the realm of farming equipment. Produced in Waterloo, Iowa, USA, spanning the years from 1978 to 1982, the 4040 emerged as a stalwart companion to farmers worldwide, facilitating a myriad of tasks with its versatile capabilities.
At its heart lies the formidable John Deere 6.404D engine, a robust 6-cylinder diesel powerhouse designed to deliver unparalleled performance across various agricultural endeavors. With a displacement of 404 cubic inches (6.6 liters) and a commendable rated engine power of 135 horsepower (101.5 kW) at 2200 rpm, the 4040 exemplifies a harmonious blend of raw strength and efficient operation. Its natural aspiration, coupled with a compression ratio of 16.7:1, ensures optimal fuel utilization and steadfast reliability, even in the most demanding conditions.

The transmission options available for the 4040 cater to diverse operational requirements, ranging from the standard 16F/6R Quad-Range transmission with partial power shift to the optional 8F/2R Syncro-Range or 8F/4R Powershift transmissions, providing farmers with flexibility and control over their machinery. Whether navigating through expansive fields or maneuvering in confined spaces, the John Deere 4040 excels in delivering seamless power delivery and precise handling, thanks to its innovative transmission systems.

Equipped with advanced mechanical features such as pedal-actuated hydraulic differential lock, power steering, and differential hydraulic wet disc brakes, the 4040 ensures exceptional maneuverability, safety, and ease of operation. The inclusion of the Sound-Gard cab as a standard feature underscores John Deere’s commitment to operator comfort and ergonomics, shielding farmers from noise and environmental elements during prolonged hours of operation.

In terms of hydraulics and hitch capabilities, the 4040 boasts a closed-center hydraulic system with an implement pump flow of 23.0 gallons per minute (87.1 liters per minute), facilitating efficient attachment operation and implement control. With a range of standard and optional lift capacities, along with multiple remote valve options, this tractor accommodates a wide array of implements, further enhancing its utility and versatility on the farm.

The design and construction of the John Deere 4040 prioritize durability, resilience, and longevity, evident in its robust frame, reliable axles, and meticulously engineered components. With a spacious and ergonomic cabin, coupled with intuitive controls and instrumentation, operators experience unparalleled comfort and control, enhancing productivity and reducing fatigue during extended work sessions.

In conclusion, the John Deere 4040 epitomizes the essence of excellence in agricultural machinery, embodying decades of expertise, innovation, and dedication to the farming community. Whether tilling fields, hauling loads, or powering implements, this iconic tractor stands as a testament to John Deere’s unwavering commitment to empowering farmers worldwide with the tools they need to succeed in their noble endeavors.

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