John Deere 318

The John Deere 318 is a versatile garden tractor that was produced by John Deere from 1983 to 1992 as part of their 300 Series. It is known for its reliability and capability in handling various outdoor tasks. This garden tractor is available in different variants, including the 318 with an air-cooled gas engine, the 322 with a liquid-cooled gas engine, and the 332 with a diesel engine.

The 318 features a robust and durable design, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. It was manufactured in Horicon, Wisconsin, USA, ensuring the quality associated with John Deere products. The tractor is equipped with various attachments and implements, allowing it to perform tasks such as mowing, snow removal, and more.

John Deere 318 is a well-regarded garden tractor that has gained popularity among outdoor enthusiasts and homeowners for its performance and reliability.

John Deere 318 Specs
Years in Production1983 – 1992
Series300 Series
TypeGarden tractor
ManufacturerJohn Deere
Built inHoricon, Wisconsin, USA
Original Price$5,099 (1983), $5,650 (1989)
318Air-cooled gas
322Liquid-cooled gas
18HP Onan 709cc 2-cylinder gasoline engine
Engine DetailOnan B43G
Cylinders2-cylinder 4-valve
CoolingAir-cooled horizontal-shaft opposed twin
Displacement709 cc
Power (gross)18 hp
Engine DetailOnan P218
CoolingAir-cooled horizontal-shaft opposed twin
Displacement781 cc
Power (gross)18 hp

John Deere 318

TransmissionSundstrand Series 15 Model 90
TypeShaft-driven hydrostatic
GearsInfinite forward and reverse
Oil capacity5 qts
Oil typeJD All-Weather Hydrostatic Fluid
Oil change intervalEvery 200 hours
DriveTwo-wheel drive
SteeringPower steering
BrakesDifferential mechanical drum brakes
Operator stationOpen
Fuel tank capacity4.5 gallons
Hydraulic system capacity1.2 gallons
Front valves2
Rear hitch type0 (Optional)
Rear lift (at 24″/610mm)640 lbs
Power Take-off (PTO)
Rear PTOIndependent (Optional)
Front PTOIndependent
Ag front4.80×4.00-8
Ag rear23×10.50
Lawn/turf front16×6.50-8
Lawn/turf rear23×10.50-12
Wheelbase46 inches
Length68.5 inches
Width44 inches
Height44 inches
Total Weight836 lbs
Shipping Weight780 lbs
Max Front Axle Weight790 lbs
Max Rear Axle Weight1200 lbs
38″ mid-mount mower deck (John Deere 664)
Width38 inches (96 cm)
Total width49.7 inches (126 cm)
LiftHydraulic lift
Cut height1 to 4 inches (2 to 10 cm)
Weight100 lbs (45 kg)
PrimaryJohn Deere M89090 or M71729
SecondaryJohn Deere M82538
46″ mid-mount mower deck (John Deere 595/596)
Width46 inches (116 cm)
Total width57 inches (144 cm)
LiftHydraulic lift
Cut height1.5 to 5 inches (3 to 12 cm)
Weight116 lbs (52 kg)
PrimaryJohn Deere M82718
SecondaryJohn Deere M41668
50″ mid-mount mower deck (John Deere 1013)
Width50 inches (127 cm)
Total width68 inches (172 cm)
LiftHydraulic lift
Cut height1.5 to 4 inches (3 to 10 cm)
Weight186 lbs (84 kg)
PrimaryJohn Deere M82718
SecondaryJohn Deere M41668
54″ Blade (John Deere 54)
Width54 inches (137 cm)
Height18 inches (45 cm)
Lift12 inches (30 cm)
Cut3.5 inches (8 cm)
Weight150 lbs (68 kg)
AngleManual-angle, Hydraulic-angle (Optional)
46″ Snow blower (John Deere 49 0603M)
Width46 inches (116 cm)
TypeSingle-stage, Front-mount
Weight200 lbs (90 kg)
47″ Snow blower (John Deere 47 2752M)
Width47 inches (119 cm)
Clear height23 inches (58 cm)
Weight400 lbs (181 kg)
44 Loader
Lift400 lbs (181 kg) full at pin
Breakout (bucket)575 lbs (260 kg)
Reach (ground)44 inches (111 cm)
Height (at pin)71.5 inches (181 cm)
Clearance (dumped)21 inches (53 cm)
Weight500 lbs (226 kg)
Bucket widths48 inches (121 cm), 54 inches (137 cm)
Bucket capacities0.21 cu yd (0.2 cu m), 0.24 cu yd (0.2 cu m)
John Deere 318 garden tractor is popular for several reasons:

Reliability: The 318 is known for its durability and reliability. Its construction and components are built to last, making it a long-term investment for homeowners and outdoor enthusiasts.
Versatility: This garden tractor is highly versatile due to its compatibility with various attachments and implements. Owners can easily switch between tasks such as mowing, snow removal, tilling, and more, thanks to the wide range of available accessories.
Strong Engine Options: The 318 came with reliable engine options, including the Onan gasoline engines. These engines provided ample power for a variety of tasks, ensuring that the tractor could handle different challenges.
Quality Build: John Deere is known for its commitment to quality and craftsmanship. The 318 reflects this commitment, with a robust and well-built design that can withstand demanding outdoor conditions.
Longevity: Many owners have reported that their John Deere 318 tractors have remained in excellent working condition for many years, even decades, after their purchase. This longevity adds to its popularity as a trusted piece of equipment.
Resale Value: Due to its reputation for durability and reliability, the John Deere 318 often retains its value well in the used tractor market. This makes it an attractive choice for buyers looking for a second-hand garden tractor.
Wide Owner Community: The 318 has a dedicated and passionate owner community. This community often shares tips, advice, and information about maintenance and repairs, making it easier for owners to keep their tractors in good shape.
Ease of Maintenance: The tractor’s design allows for relatively straightforward maintenance and repairs, which can save owners time and money in the long run.
Comfort and Ergonomics: The 318 was designed with user comfort in mind, featuring a comfortable seat, ergonomic controls, and an open operator station.

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