John Deere 3038e (2008 – 2012)

The John Deere 3038E compact utility tractor, produced between 2008 and 2012, is a versatile and dependable workhorse commonly found on farms and properties. Known for its reliability and ease of use, this tractor provides a perfect balance of power and maneuverability. It is designed to handle a variety of agricultural and utility tasks, making it a go-to choice for small to medium-sized operations. With its compact size and compatibility with attachments like loaders, it assists in a wide range of tasks, from landscaping to material handling. Its robust construction and American-made quality make it a trusted companion for those seeking a capable and dependable tractor for their everyday needs.

General Information
ManufacturerJohn Deere
TypeCompact Utility Tractor
Production LocationBuilt in Augusta, Georgia, USA
Original Price (2009)$14,869
Engine (Gross)37.1 hp (27.7 kW)
Engine36.3 hp (27.1 kW)
PTO (Claimed)30 hp (22.4 kW)
Engine Detail
Fuel TypeDiesel
Number of Cylinders3
Displacement91.5 cubic inches (1.5 liters)
Bore/Stroke3.30×3.54 inches (84 x 90 mm)
Air CleanerDry Type
Compression Ratio19:1
Rated RPM2500
Torque88.5 lb-ft (120.0 Nm) at 1680 RPM
Starter Volts12
Starter Power1.9 hp (1.4 kW)
Coolant Capacity4.4 quarts (4.2 liters)
GearsInfinite Forward and Reverse (2-Range)
Oil Capacity22 quarts (20.8 liters)
Ag Front7.00-14
Ag Rear11.2-24
Lawn/Turf Front27×8.5-15
Lawn/Turf Rear41×14.0-20
Industrial Front25×8.5-14
Industrial Rear15.00-19.5
Wheelbase60 inches (152 cm)
Length111 inches (281 cm)
Width56.5 inches (min) to 58 inches (max) (143 cm to 147 cm)
Height (Hood)51 inches (129 cm)
Height (ROPS)82.3 inches (209 cm)
Operating Weight2,175 lbs (986 kg)
Max Weight4,410 lbs (2000 kg)
Fuel Tank6.4 gallons (24.2 liters)
Hydraulic System5.5 gallons (20.8 liters)
TypeOpen Center
Hydraulic Pressure2500 psi (172.4 bar)
Pump Flow5.3 gpm (20.1 lpm)
Total Flow9.3 gpm (35.2 lpm)
Steering Flow4.0 gpm (15.1 lpm)
Steering Pressure1500 psi (103.4 bar)
Tractor Hitch
Rear TypeCategory 1
Rear Lift (at 24″/610mm)1,356 lbs (615 kg)
Power Take-Off (PTO)
Rear PTOIndependent
Rear PTO Type540 RPM
John Deere 305 Loader
Lift Capacity (full at pin)1,186 lbs
Lift Capacity (full at 500mm)845 lbs
Breakout Force1,704 lbs
Dump Angle43.8°
Reach (dumped)24 inches
Rollback Angle31.4°
Height (at pin)84 inches
Clearance (dumped)63 inches
John Deere D160 Loader
Lift Capacity (full at pin)1,186 lbs
Lift Capacity (full at 500mm)845 lbs
Lift Capacity (1.5m at pin)1,294 lbs
Lift Capacity (1.5m at 500mm)977 lbs
Breakout Force (at pin)1,704 lbs
Breakout Force (at 500mm)1,204 lbs
Dump Angle43.8°
Rollback Angle31.4°
Height (at pin)84 inches
Clearance (dumped)24 inches
Raise Time3.3 seconds
Dump Time1.75 seconds
Lower Time2.75 seconds
Rollback Time1.88 seconds
John Deere 3038e (2008 – 2012) overview

The John Deere 3038E, produced from 2008 to 2012, is a compact utility tractor built in Augusta, Georgia, USA. It is powered by a 36.3 horsepower Yanmar 3TNV84T diesel engine, with a gross power rating of 37.1 horsepower. The tractor features a hydrostatic transmission with infinite forward and reverse gears, ensuring smooth operation. It is equipped with a two-post folding ROPS (Roll-Over Protective Structure) for operator safety and wet disc brakes for reliable stopping power. The tractor is available in both 2WD and 4WD configurations.


Versatility: The 3038E is known for its versatility, capable of handling a wide range of tasks on the farm or property, from mowing and tilling to loader work and landscaping.
Compact Design: Its compact size and maneuverability make it suitable for tight spaces and easy to transport on trailers.
Reliability: John Deere’s reputation for durability and reliability extends to the 3038E, ensuring it can withstand the demands of daily use.
Hydrostatic Transmission: The hydrostatic transmission offers seamless speed and direction control, making it user-friendly, especially for less-experienced operators.
Attachment Compatibility: It is compatible with various attachments, such as loaders and backhoes, enhancing its functionality and adaptability.


Hydrostatic Transmission: Some operators prefer traditional manual transmissions, and the hydrostatic system may have a learning curve for those accustomed to them.

Common Problems:

Electrical Issues: As with any machinery, electrical problems can arise, necessitating troubleshooting and repairs.
Wear and Tear: Components such as clutch discs, tires, and bearings may require periodic replacement due to normal wear and tear.

Other Features:

The tractor offers a choice of tire configurations, including agricultural, lawn/turf, and industrial options.
It provides reliable hydraulic power with an open-center hydraulic system and a total flow rate of 9.3 gpm.
The tractor’s compact dimensions, with a 60-inch wheelbase and various tire options, make it adaptable to diverse farming conditions.
It comes with an independent rear Power Take-Off (PTO) with a 540 RPM speed, allowing it to drive a range of implements.
In summary, the John Deere 3038E compact utility tractor is a versatile and reliable machine known for its adaptability and ease of use. While it may have some limitations due to its age and horsepower, it remains a valuable asset for small to medium-sized farms and properties. Buyers should consider their specific needs and potential maintenance challenges when choosing this tractor.