John Deere 3025E

The John Deere 3025E is a versatile compact utility tractor designed to handle a wide range of tasks on the farm or in landscaping and property maintenance. Known for its reliability and performance, this tractor is equipped with various features that make it easy to operate and maneuver. With its compact size and power, it can efficiently tackle plowing, tilling, mowing, and other agricultural and landscaping duties. Its ergonomic design and power steering ensure operator comfort, while its durable build can withstand demanding work conditions. The John Deere 3025E is a trusted workhorse for those seeking a dependable and efficient tractor for their everyday needs.

John Deere 3025E Specs
ProductionManufactured by John Deere in Augusta, Georgia, USA.
Original Price$17,324 (2017), $18,330 (2020).
Engine (Gross)24.4 hp (18.2 kW).
PTO (Claimed)17.4 hp (13.0 kW).
Mechanical Features
DriveFour-wheel drive.
Final drivesSpur gear.
Differential lockMechanical rear.
SteeringPower steering.
SafetyTwo-post folding ROPS (Rollover Protective Structure).
Engine Model3TNV88F-EPJT2.
Rated Power24.4 hp (18.2 kW) at 2400 rpm.
Emissions ComplianceFinal Tier 4.
Number of CylindersThree.
Displacement1.64 L (100.2 cu in.).
Bore and Stroke88 x 90 mm (3.46 x 3.54 in.).
Compression Ratio19.1:1.
Cooling SystemWater pump.
Air CleanerDual element.
Fuel Tank Capacity28.5 L (7.5 U.S. gal.).
Battery Size500 CCA.
Alternator (12-V)55 amp.
Starter Size1.4 kW (1.9 hp).
Hydrostatic transmission (HST)
Left-hand reverserNo.
Final DriveSpur gear.
BrakesWet disk.
SteeringPower steering.
Differential LockYes.
TypeOpen center.
Pump Rated OutputSteering – 15 L/min (4 gpm), Implement – 20.2 L/min (5.3 gpm), Total – 35.2 L/min (9.3 gpm).
Pump TypeDual gear.
Maximum Operating Pressure172 bar (2495 psi).
Draft Control SensingPosition control.
Remote Control Valves AvailableUp to two (optional).
3-Point Hitch
TypeCategory 1.
Lift Capacity (24-in. behind link arms)615 kg (1356 lb).
PTO (Power Take-off)
Standard Rear PTO540 rpm.
ClutchWet disk.
Brake (for mid and rear PTO)Wet disk.
Fluid Capacities
Crankcase with Filter4.5 L (4.8 gal.).
Transmission and Hydraulic System20.8 L (22 qt).
Final Drive
TypeSpur gear
Operator Station
Rollover Protective StructureFoldable.
Gear Shift LocationLeft-hand side (console/floor).
Wheelbase152 cm (60 inches).
Length387 cm (152.4 inches).
Height (ROPS)242 cm (95.3 inches).
Shipping1007 kg (2222 lbs).
Max Front Axle798 kg (1760 lbs).
Max Rear Axle1197 kg (2640 lbs).
Front Tire Options
R1 Bar TreadTire Size 7-14. This option provides traction suitable for general use, including field work.
R4 Industrial TreadTire Size 25×8.5-14 or 27×8.5-15 Ideal for industrial and construction applications, offering good traction on hard surfaces.
Rear Tire OptionsR1 Bar Tread. Tire Size 11.2-24. Provides excellent traction for various agricultural tasks, including field work.
R3 Turf TreadTire Size 41×14-20. Suitable for turf and grassy areas, reducing damage to lawns and delicate surfaces.
R4 Industrial TreadTire Size 15-19.5 or 43×16-20. Designed for industrial and heavy-duty applications, offering traction on hard surfaces.
John Deere 3025E

The John Deere 3025E is a well-rounded compact utility tractor with several notable features. It’s powered by a 24.4 horsepower Yanmar diesel engine, which provides ample power for various agricultural and landscaping tasks. The hydrostatic transmission (HST) offers smooth and easy control, making it suitable for operators of all skill levels.


Versatile Performance: The 3025E can handle a wide range of tasks, from mowing and tilling to loader work and digging, making it highly versatile for small to medium-sized properties.
Durability: John Deere is known for its durable and reliable equipment, and the 3025E is no exception. It’s built to withstand the rigors of everyday use.

Power Steering: The power steering feature reduces operator fatigue and allows for precise maneuvering, especially in tight spaces.

Category 1 Three-Point Hitch: This tractor’s three-point hitch system allows for easy attachment of various implements, expanding its functionality.

Independent PTO: The rear PTO can run at 540 RPM, providing power to various implements such as mowers, tillers, and rotary cutters.


Price: While it offers excellent performance and durability, the John Deere 3025E can be relatively expensive compared to some competing models.

Limited Speed Range: Some users may find the limited speed range of the HST transmission to be a drawback for road travel.

Common Problems:

Hydraulic Leaks: Like many tractors, hydraulic leaks can occur over time and may require maintenance.

Electrical Issues: Some users have reported minor electrical problems, such as issues with the starter or lights.

Safety Features:

The John Deere 3025E is equipped with safety features such as a foldable Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) to protect the operator in case of accidental rollovers. It’s essential to use the tractor with the ROPS in the upright position when operating in potentially hazardous conditions.

Other Features:

The tractor has an open-center hydraulic system, a differential lock for improved traction, and optional cruise control for convenience during long hours of operation. It also offers various tire options to suit different terrains and applications.

In summary, the John Deere 3025E is a versatile and reliable compact utility tractor suitable for a range of tasks. While it may have a higher price point, its durability and performance make it a popular choice for those seeking a dependable workhorse for their property or small farm.

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