John Deere 2130

The John Deere 2130 is a utility tractor manufactured by John Deere between 1973 and 1977. It was produced in Mannheim, Germany, and offered both 2WD and 4WD configurations to cater to various farming needs. This versatile tractor model came with options for power steering and a comfortable cab, making it suitable for a range of agricultural tasks. With its reliable performance and robust design, the John Deere 2130 was a workhorse on the farm, known for its durability and ability to handle different types of equipment and attachments.

John Deere 2130 Specs
TypeUtility tractor
FactoryMannheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Production Years1973 – 1977
Engine Specifications
Gross Engine Power79.1 hp (59.0 kW)
Net Engine Power73.8 hp (55.0 kW)
PTO Power (claimed)60.4 hp (45.0 kW)
Engine ModelJohn Deere 4239DL-01
Displacement239 cu in (3.92 L)
Number of Cylinders4
Engine Bore4.19 inches (106.0 mm)
Engine Stroke4.33 inches (110.0 mm)
Compression Ratio16.8:1
Rated Engine Speed2500 RPM
Low Idle Speed850 RPM
High Idle Speed2800 RPM
Maximum Torque246 Nm (181 ft-lbs) at 1400 RPM
Firing Order1-3-4-2
Fuel Tank Capacity23.8 gallons (90.0 L)
Oil Capacity9.0 quarts (8.5 L)
Coolant Capacity (ROPS)12.1 quarts (11.5 L)
Coolant Capacity (Cab)30.8 quarts (29.1 L)
Electrical System Rating12 Volts
Charging SystemGenerator
Transmission Options
Standard Transmission8 forward gears, 4 reverse gears
Optional Transmission16 forward gears, 8 reverse gears
ClutchDry Disc
Maximum Forward Speed18.9 mph (30.4 kph)
Maximum Reverse Speed8.4 mph (13.6 kph)
Power Take-Off (PTO)
PTO Operational Type (Std)Transmission
PTO Operational Type (Opt)Independent
PTO Horsepower66 hp (49.2 kW)
PTO Speed (Std)540 RPM
PTO Speed (Opt)540/1000 RPM
Hydraulic System
Hydraulic System TypeClosed center
Implement Pump Flow13.2 gpm (47.0 lpm)
Hydraulic Pressure170 Bar (2450 psi)
Hydraulic Capacity15.5 gallons (55.0 liters)
Number of Standard Remote Valves1
3-Point Hitch Category2/1
Standard Lift Capacity at lift pin5540 lbs (2520 kg)
Steering ConfigurationFront steer
Steering SystemManual recirculating ball bearing worm and nut (Power steering optional)
BrakesHydraulic wet disc brakes
Drive Wheels2WD (4×2) or 4WD (4×4 HFWD)
Front Tire Size6.0-16
Rear Tire Size15.5-38
Dimensions and Weight
Wheelbase85.8 inches (2170 mm)
Length147.5 inches (3730 mm)
Height (Hood)61.3 inches (1550 mm)
Height (Exhaust)103.7 inches (2625 mm)
Width72.5 inches (1835 mm)
Turning Radius144.3 inches (3650 mm)
2WD ROPS5980 lbs (2710 kg)
Chassis and Differential Lock
Chassis4×2 2WD or 4×4 HFWD 4WD
Final DrivesPlanetary
Differential LockMechanical rear
Cab TypeOpen operator station
Cab OptionalYes
John Deere 2130 overview

The John Deere 2130 is a utility tractor that was produced by John Deere in the early 1970s. It was built in Mannheim, Germany, and offered a range of features and specifications that made it a popular choice among farmers during its time. Here’s a closer look at this tractor, including its specs, advantages, disadvantages, common problems, safety features, and other notable characteristics:


Engine: The John Deere 2130 is equipped with a 4-cylinder diesel engine with a displacement of 239 cubic inches (3.92 liters). It delivers a rated power of 75 horsepower (55.9 kW) at 2500 rpm, making it suitable for various agricultural tasks.
Transmission: This tractor comes with two transmission options. The standard configuration offers 8 forward and 4 reverse gears, while the optional version provides 16 forward and 8 reverse gears. The clutch is a dry disc type, and it can reach a maximum speed of 18.9 mph (30.4 kph) in forward motion.
PTO (Power Take-Off): The PTO operates via the transmission and delivers 66 horsepower (49.2 kW) at a speed of 540 rpm, making it compatible with various implements and attachments.
Hydraulics: The tractor features a closed-center hydraulic system with a pump flow rate of 13.2 gallons per minute (47.0 liters per minute) and a hydraulic pressure of 170 bar (2450 psi). It includes one standard remote valve and a 3-point hitch with a lift capacity of 5540 pounds (2520 kg).
Tires: The drive wheels come in a 2WD 4×2 configuration, with 6.0-16 front tires and 15.5-38 rear tires.
Dimensions: The John Deere 2130 has a wheelbase of 85.8 inches (2170 mm) and a length of 147.5 inches (3730 mm). It stands at a height of 61.3 inches (1550 mm) at the hood and 103.7 inches (2625 mm) at the exhaust. The width is 72.5 inches (1835 mm), and it has a turning radius of 144.3 inches (3650 mm).
Weight: The tractor’s weight is approximately 5980 pounds (2710 kg).


Versatility: The John Deere 2130 offers versatility in terms of transmission options, allowing farmers to choose the configuration that suits their specific needs.
Powerful Engine: With a 75-horsepower engine, this tractor provides ample power for a wide range of agricultural tasks.
Hydraulic Capacity: The closed-center hydraulic system and decent pump flow rate enable the use of various hydraulic implements and attachments.
Reliability: John Deere is known for building reliable and durable tractors, and the 2130 is no exception.


Age: Being a tractor model from the 1970s, the John Deere 2130 may lack some of the modern features and conveniences found in newer tractors.
Limited Speed: The maximum speed of 18.9 mph (30.4 kph) may be slower compared to more modern tractors.
Availability of Parts: Finding replacement parts for older tractor models like the 2130 may become challenging as they age.

Common Problems:

Wear and Tear: Due to its age, the tractor may experience wear and tear on various components, including the engine, transmission, and hydraulic system.
Electrical Issues: Older tractors may encounter electrical problems, such as issues with the generator or wiring.

Safety Features:

Differential Lock: The tractor is equipped with a mechanical rear differential lock, which can enhance traction and stability in challenging conditions.
Hydraulic Wet Disc Brakes: The hydraulic wet disc brakes provide effective stopping power and control.

Other Features:

Optional Cab: While the tractor comes with an open operator station by default, there was an optional cab available for added comfort and protection from the elements.

In summary, the John Deere 2130 is a reliable and versatile utility tractor with a powerful engine and a range of transmission options. While it may lack some modern features, its durability and performance make it a valuable asset for farmers. However, potential buyers should consider the availability of replacement parts and the tractor’s age when making a purchase decision.

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