John Deere 1010

The John Deere 1010, a staple of the New Generation Series, epitomizes reliability and versatility in farming equipment. Produced from 1960 to 1965, it offers various configurations to suit diverse agricultural needs, from row-crop to utility applications. With its sturdy construction and dependable engine options, including gasoline and diesel variants, the 1010 ensures optimal performance in the field. Equipped with a versatile power take-off system and efficient transmission, it empowers farmers to tackle a wide range of tasks with ease. Compact yet robust, the 1010 embodies John Deere’s commitment to efficiency and productivity on the farm.

John Deere 1010 Specifications
ManufacturerJohn Deere
SeriesNew Generation
Production Years1960 – 1965
TypeUtility Tractor
BuiltDubuque, Iowa, USA
Total Built44,377
1010RURow-Crop Utility
1010RSSingle Row-Crop
1010RUSSpecial Row-Crop Utility
1010WWheeled Industrial
Gasoline Engine
Engine ModelJohn Deere
Engine Type4-cycle, 4-cylinder gasoline
Number of CylindersFour
Displacement115.5 cu in (1.90 L)
Bore3.50 in (89.0 mm)
Stroke3.00 in (76.0 mm)
Rated Power40.0 hp (29.6 kW) @ 2500 rpm
Compression Ratio8.3:1
Fuel Tank Capacity12.0 gal (45.4 L)
Electrical System12 Volts, Generator
Diesel Engine
Engine ModelJohn Deere
Engine Type4-cycle, 4-cylinder diesel
Number of CylindersFour
Displacement144.5 cu in (2.40 L)
Bore3.63 in (92.0 mm)
Stroke3.50 in (89.0 mm)
Rated Power40.0 hp (29.6 kW) @ 2500 rpm
Compression Ratio18:1
Fuel Tank Capacity12.0 gal (45.4 L)
Coolant Capacity11.0 qts (10.4 L)
Electrical System12 Volts, Generator
Power Take-Off (PTO)
Operational Type (Std)Transmission
Operational Type (Opt)Independent
Horsepower36.2 hp (27.0 kW)
Speed (Std)540 rpm
Speed (Opt)540/1000 rpm
Type5F/1R, Sliding gear
Number of Forward Gears5
Number of Reverse Gears1
ClutchDry type
Maximum Forward Speed16.9 mph (27.1 kph)
Maximum Reverse Speed2.6 mph (4.2 kph)
Service BrakeMechanical disc
Wheels and Tires
Drive Wheels2WD 4×2
Steering ConfigurationFront Steer
Steering SystemManual / Power (Opt)
Front Tire Size (Std)5.0×15
Rear Tire Size (Std)10.0×34
Front Tire Size (Opt)6.0×16
Rear Tire Size (Opt)12.0×28
Front Tread50-80 in (1270-2030 mm)
Rear Tread56-89 in (1420-2260 mm)
Hydraulics and Hitch
Hydraulic System TypeOpen Center
Implement Pump TypeGear
Hydraulic Capacity4.5 gal (17.0 L)
3-Point Hitch Category1
Dimensions and Weight
Wheelbase82.5 in (2090 mm)
Length121.5 in (3080 mm)
Height (Exhaust)72.3 in (1830 mm)
Height (Hood)55.9 in (1410 mm)
Shipping Weight (Diesel)3430 lb (1555 kg)
Shipping Weight (Gasoline)3350 lb (1520 kg)
Operating Weight (Diesel)4040 lb (1830 kg)
Operating Weight (Gasoline)3920 lb (1780 kg)
Ballasted Weight5750 lb (2610 kg)
John Deere 1010 Overview

The John Deere 1010 stands as a quintessential representative of the New Generation Series, embodying the innovation and reliability synonymous with the John Deere brand. Produced between 1960 and 1965 in Dubuque, Iowa, USA, this utility tractor remains an iconic fixture in agricultural history, with a total production tallying 44,377 units. Its versatility was unparalleled, with a range of variants catering to diverse agricultural needs, including row-crop, single row-crop, row-crop utility, orchard, utility, and industrial wheel configurations. Additionally, it offered specialized models such as the crawler types and the low-cost Special Row Crop Utility variant, showcasing John Deere’s commitment to meeting the specific demands of farmers.
Under the hood, the John Deere 1010 boasted a robust engine lineup, available in both gasoline and diesel variants. The gasoline engine featured a four-cycle, four-cylinder design with a displacement of 115.5 cubic inches, delivering a rated power of 40.0 horsepower at 2500 rpm. Meanwhile, the diesel engine, with a displacement of 144.5 cubic inches, offered identical power output, ensuring formidable performance across diverse agricultural tasks. With features like a natural aspiration system and a dependable 12-volt electrical system powered by a generator, the 1010 guaranteed reliable operation even in the most demanding conditions.

Equipped with a versatile power take-off (PTO) system, the John Deere 1010 provided flexibility in implementing various implements and attachments. Whether through the standard transmission-operated PTO or the optional independent PTO, delivering 36.2 horsepower at 540 rpm or 540/1000 rpm respectively, operators could efficiently power a wide array of agricultural machinery, enhancing productivity on the field.

The transmission system of the 1010 was designed for optimal performance, featuring a 5F/1R configuration with a dry-type clutch mechanism. With five forward gears and a single reverse gear, operators could seamlessly navigate the terrain, achieving a maximum forward speed of 16.9 mph and a reverse speed of 2.6 mph, all while benefiting from the reliability of a mechanical disc service brake.

In terms of mobility, the John Deere 1010 boasted a sturdy 2WD 4×2 drive system with front steering, ensuring precise maneuverability and control in various field conditions. Whether equipped with manual or optional power steering, operators could navigate with confidence, aided by a range of tire sizes tailored to specific needs, from the standard 5.0×15 front tires to the optional 12.0×28 rear tires.

Furthermore, the hydraulic and hitch system of the 1010 exemplified efficiency and functionality, with an open-center hydraulic system equipped with a gear pump providing ample hydraulic capacity for powering implements. Coupled with a reliable 3-point hitch system categorized as Category 1, the 1010 facilitated seamless integration with a wide range of implements, enhancing its utility and versatility on the farm.

In terms of dimensions and weight, the John Deere 1010 struck a balance between compactness and robustness, with a wheelbase of 82.5 inches and a length of 121.5 inches, ensuring maneuverability without compromising stability. With shipping weights ranging from 3350 to 3430 pounds for gasoline and diesel variants respectively, and operating weights from 3920 to 4040 pounds, the 1010 offered a sturdy platform for tackling demanding agricultural tasks. Additionally, with a ballasted weight of 5750 pounds, operators could optimize traction and stability, further enhancing the tractor’s performance in the field.

In summary, the John Deere 1010 stands as a testament to John Deere’s commitment to innovation, reliability, and versatility in agricultural machinery. With its robust engine options, versatile PTO system, efficient transmission, and ergonomic design, the 1010 remains a timeless icon in agricultural history, embodying the spirit of efficiency and productivity on the farm.

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