Hinomoto E2304

The Hinomoto E2304 is a robust and versatile compact utility tractor that hails from Japan. Renowned for its reliability and performance, this tractor is equipped with a powerful Toyosha MS142 diesel engine with three cylinders and liquid cooling, delivering 22.7 horsepower. Its 4WD capability ensures excellent traction, making it well-suited for a wide range of agricultural and landscaping tasks. With a 12-speed transmission, it offers versatility for various applications. However, it should be noted that the E2304 comes with drum brakes, which may not match the efficiency of modern hydraulic systems. Despite this, the Hinomoto E2304 remains a dependable and compact workhorse, ideal for those seeking durability and functionality in a smaller tractor package.

TypeCompact Utility tractor
5220(similar Deutz-Allis model)
Engine Detail
EngineToyosha MS142
Number of Cylinders3
Displacement86.96 cubic inches (1.4 liters)
Bore/Stroke3.3228 x 3.543 inches (84 x 90 mm)
Power22.7 horsepower (16.9 kW)
Compression Ratio23:1
Rated RPM2500
Starter Voltage12 volts
Oil Capacity3.7 quarts (3.5 liters)
Coolant Capacity4.5 quarts (4.3 liters)
Number of Gears12 forward and 4 reverse
Oil Capacity23.3 quarts (22.1 liters)
DriveFour-wheel drive (4WD)
BrakesDrum brakes
Tractor Hitch
Rear TypeI
Power Take-off (PTO)
Rear PTO Type540 RPM
Charging Amps35
Battery Voltage12 volts
Front Tires7-14
Rear Tires11.2-24
Length100 inches (254 cm)
Width48 inches (121 cm)
Height74 inches (187 cm)
Weight2,253 pounds (1021 kilograms)
Ground Clearance12.2 inches (30 cm)

The Hinomoto E2304 stands out in the world of compact utility tractors due to its blend of reliability, power, and versatility. One of its key advantages is its robust Toyosha MS142 diesel engine, which delivers 22.7 horsepower and exceptional torque, making it well-suited for a variety of agricultural tasks. The 4WD capability ensures excellent traction, allowing it to handle challenging terrain and heavy loads with ease. With a 12-speed transmission, it offers a wide range of speed options, enabling users to adapt to various applications efficiently.

One notable advantage of the E2304 is its compact size, making it highly maneuverable and suitable for tasks in confined spaces. Its comparatively lower weight and ground clearance also contribute to its maneuverability and ease of operation.

However, it’s important to consider that the E2304 is equipped with drum brakes, which may not provide the same level of braking performance as modern hydraulic systems. Additionally, the tractor’s basic features may not match the sophistication of some newer models with advanced technology and comfort features.

In terms of comparison with similar models, the E2304 is akin to the Deutz-Allis 5220, showcasing its enduring popularity and reputation among compact tractor enthusiasts. Both models offer similar power and capabilities, giving users options when it comes to choosing between them.

In conclusion, the Hinomoto E2304’s reliability, compact size, and versatile performance make it a unique and practical choice for those in need of a dependable compact utility tractor, especially for agricultural and landscaping purposes. Its simplicity and durability are its primary strengths, though potential buyers should be aware of its limitations compared to more modern tractors in terms of braking technology and advanced features.