Ford 8210

The Ford 8210 is a versatile row-crop tractor known for its robust performance and reliability. Produced from 1982 to 1991, it boasts a powerful 115 hp diesel engine, coupled with a dual power transmission offering 16 forward and 8 reverse gears. This tractor features advanced hydraulic systems with up to 4 valves and a rear lift capacity of over 4400 lbs. It offers comfortable operation with power steering, mechanical wet disc brakes, and a spacious cab equipped with air-conditioning. Renowned for its durability and agricultural prowess, the Ford 8210 remains a trusted choice for farmers seeking efficiency and productivity in the field.

Ford 8210 Row-Crop Tractor Specifications
TypeRow-Crop Tractor
Production Years1982 – 1991
Original Price (1991)$49,000
Engine (Gross)115 hp (85.8 kW)
Engine (Net)110 hp (82.0 kW)
PTO (Claimed)95 hp (70.8 kW)
Engine Details
Fuel TypeDiesel
Cooling SystemLiquid-cooled
Displacement401 ci (6.6 L)
Bore/Stroke4.40 x 4.40 inches (112 x 112 mm)
Power (Gross)115 hp (85.8 kW)
Air CleanerDual dry element
Pre-heating SystemThermostart
Compression Ratio16.3:1
Rated RPM2300
Starter Volts12
Oil Capacity20 qts (18.9 L)
Coolant Capacity22.5 qts (21.3 L)
TypeDual Power, two-speed power shift
Gears16 forward and 8 reverse
Clutch330 mm dry disc
Oil Capacity60 qts (56.8 L)
Mechanical Features
DriveTwo- or four-wheel drive
Differential LockMechanical rear
SteeringPower steering
BrakesMechanical wet disc
CabStandard with air-conditioning, optional AM/FM radio
TypeOpen center
Valves2 to 4
SCV Flow18.2 gpm (68.9 lpm)
Tractor Hitch
Rear TypeII
ControlPosition control and top-link draft sensing
Rear Lift (at 24″/610mm)4435 lbs (2011 kg)
Power Take-off (PTO)
Rear PTOIndependent
PTO Type540/1000 (1.375)
Engine RPM540 @ 1902, 1000 @ 2049
Serial Numbers
LocationData plate inside engine compartment
Charging SystemAlternator
Charging Amps72
Battery Volts12
Battery AH128
Ag Front14.9-24, 14.9-28
Ag Rear18.4-34, 18.4-38, 16.9-38
Wheelbase109.6 inches (278 cm)
Length176.6 inches (448 cm)
2WD Weight8730 lbs (3959 kg)
4WD Weight9370 lbs (4250 kg)
Clearance (Front Axle)19.6 inches (49 cm)
Front Tread60 to 79 inches (152 to 200 cm)
Rear Tread60 to 80 inches (152 to 203 cm)
To Steering Wheel86.3 inches (219 cm)
To Cab114 inches (289 cm)
To Exhaust119.6 inches (303 cm)
Ford 8210 Overview

The Ford 8210 epitomizes the reliability and efficiency expected from a classic row-crop tractor, revered among farmers and agricultural enthusiasts alike. Introduced by Ford in 1982 and produced until 1991, this tractor was designed to handle a variety of farming tasks with its robust construction and powerful performance.

At the heart of the Ford 8210 is its 115 horsepower diesel engine, providing ample power for demanding agricultural operations. This engine, equipped with a dual dry element air cleaner and thermostart pre-heating system, ensures reliable starts and efficient operation across diverse field conditions. With a displacement of 6.6 liters and a compression ratio of 16.3:1, the engine delivers both strength and fuel efficiency, crucial for long days in the field.

The transmission system of the Ford 8210 features a two-speed power shift mechanism, offering 16 forward and 8 reverse gears. This setup allows for precise control and seamless transitions between speeds, optimizing productivity during various tasks such as plowing, planting, and harvesting. The inclusion of a 330 mm dry disc clutch further enhances operational smoothness and durability.

Hydraulically, the Ford 8210 is equipped with an open-center system capable of handling up to 4 valves, providing flexibility in implementing attachments and implements that require hydraulic power. The rear hitch, with a Category II classification and advanced control features like position control and top-link draft sensing, enables precise implement control and adjustment according to field conditions and operational requirements.

In terms of comfort and operator convenience, the Ford 8210 offers a well-appointed cab with standard air-conditioning, ensuring comfort during long working hours. Optional features like an AM/FM radio further enhance the operator’s experience, contributing to reduced fatigue and increased productivity.

Structurally, the tractor is built for durability with a robust chassis and mechanical components designed for longevity. The option of two-wheel or four-wheel drive provides versatility to adapt to different terrain and operational needs, while the mechanical wet disc brakes ensure reliable stopping power and safety.

Ford 8210 remains a trusted choice for farmers looking for a reliable, powerful, and efficient row-crop tractor. Its combination of performance, durability, and operator comfort makes it a staple in agricultural operations worldwide, embodying Ford’s commitment to delivering quality machinery for the farming community.

Ford 8210
Ford 8210