Ford 4000

The Ford 4000 is a versatile utility tractor produced by Ford from 1962 to 1975. It was designed to be a dependable workhorse for a variety of agricultural and industrial applications. This model is known for its durability and reliability, making it a popular choice among farmers and operators who needed a dependable machine for various tasks.

The Ford 4000 tractor was available in different variants to suit different needs, including the 4100 for general-purpose use, the 4200 for row-crop applications, and the 4000SU for special utility tasks.

Known for its simplicity and ease of use, the Ford 4000 was appreciated for its straightforward design and functionality. It featured a robust chassis and offered a range of engine options, including both gasoline and diesel variants. This allowed operators to choose the power source that best suited their requirements.

The Ford 4000 is remembered as a reliable and versatile utility tractor that played a significant role in various agricultural and industrial settings during its production years. It continues to hold a place in the history of tractors and remains a collector’s item for those who appreciate its contributions to the farming and industrial sectors.

Ford 4000 Specs
Production Years1962 – 1975
Model TypeUtility Tractor
Production Details
Manufactured inHighland Park, Michigan, USA
Original Price (1975)$3,500
4100General Purpose
4000SUSpecial Utility
Engine Variants
VariantFord 3.3L 3-cyl Diesel
VariantFord 3.3L 3-cyl Gasoline
Transmission Variants
Ford 4000 Tires
Ag Front6.00-16, 7.50-16, 7.50-18
Ag Rear12.4-38, 13.6-38, 14.9-30, 16.9-26, 16.9-30, 18.4-26
Wheelbase84.5 inches (214 cm)
Length137 inches (347 cm)
Width67.5 inches (171 cm)
Operating Weight4,885 lbs (2215 kg)
Ballasted Weight8,215 lbs (3726 kg)
Ground Clearance17.25 inches (43 cm)
Rear Tread52 to 80 inches (132 to 203 cm)
Ford 4000 Height
Steering Wheel63 inches (160 cm)
Hood57.5 inches (146 cm)
Exhaust84.75 inches (215 cm)
Ford 4000 Power
Engine57 hp (42.5 kW)
PTO (Claimed)52 hp (38.8 kW)
Drawbar (Tested)47.57 hp (35.5 kW)
PTO (Tested)52.65 hp (39.3 kW)
DriveTwo-wheel drive
Final DrivesInboard Planetary
Differential LockMechanical Rear (Optional)
SteeringManual (Power Steering Optional)
BrakesMechanical Wet Disc Brakes
StationOpen Operator Station
Fuel16 gallons (60.6 L)
Hydraulic System8.4 gallons (Transmission PTO), 8.1 gallons (Independent PTO)
TypeOpen Center
Pressure2500 psi (172.4 bar)
Pump Flow5.4 gpm (20.4 lpm)
Steering Flow4.5 gpm (17.0 lpm)
Steering Pressure800 psi (55.2 bar)
Tractor Hitch
Rear TypeII/I
Rear Lift3200 lbs (1451 kg)
Power Take-off (PTO)
Rear PTOTransmission (Independent PTO Optional)
Rear RPM540, 1000
Engine RPM540 @ 1800, 1000 @ 1950
4000 Serial Numbers
Charging SystemGenerator
Charging Amps22
Battery Volts12
Battery AH80 (Gas), 128 (Diesel)
AttachmentFord 771 Loader
AttachmentFord 772 Loader
AttachmentFord 7210 Loader
AttachmentFord 7309 Loader
Ford 771 Loader
Loader TypeFront Loader
Lift Capacity1800 lbs (full at pin) or approximately 816 kg
Breakout Force2700 lbs
Reach (Dumped)33 inches (83 cm)
Height (at Pin)97 inches (246 cm)
Clearance (Dumped)78 inches (198 cm)
Weight1045 lbs (474 kg)
Bucket Width Options48 inches (121 cm) or 60 inches (152 cm)
Ford 772 Loader
Loader TypeFront Loader
Lift Capacity2500 lbs (full at pin) or approximately 1134 kg
Breakout Force4000 lbs
Reach (Dumped)40 inches (101 cm)
Height (at Pin)100 inches (254 cm)
Clearance (Dumped)80 inches (203 cm)
Weight1054 lbs (478 kg)
Bucket Width60 inches (152 cm)
Ford 7210 Loader
Loader TypeFront Loader
Lift Capacity2320 lbs (full at pin) or approximately 1052 kg
Breakout Force4210 lbs
Reach (Dumped)35 inches (88 cm)
Height (at Pin)124 inches (314 cm)
Clearance (Dumped)103 inches (261 cm)
Weight1636 lbs (742 kg)
Bucket Width Options60 inches (152 cm), 72 inches (182 cm), or 84 inches (213 cm)
Ford 7309 Loader
Loader TypeFront Loader
Lift Capacity1725 lbs (full at pin) or approximately 782 kg
Breakout Force2665 lbs
Reach (Dumped)14 inches (35 cm)
Height (at Pin)120 inches (304 cm)
Clearance (Dumped)112 inches (284 cm)

The Ford 4000 tractor holds a special place in the realm of collectible agricultural machinery due to its historical significance and enduring legacy. As a collection model, it represents a piece of farming history and the evolution of tractors over the years.

Ford 4000

This tractor is cherished by collectors and enthusiasts for several reasons:

Historical Significance: The Ford 4000 was produced during a time when tractors were undergoing significant advancements in design and technology. Its introduction marked a shift towards more modern and efficient farming equipment.
Versatility: The Ford 4000 was a versatile utility tractor, capable of handling a wide range of tasks on the farm. It played a crucial role in various agricultural operations, from plowing fields to hauling loads.
Variants: Collectors appreciate the different variants of the Ford 4000, including the 4100, 4200, and 4000SU, each designed to cater to specific needs. This adds depth and diversity to a collection.
Timeless Design: The tractor’s design is timeless, characterized by its rugged appearance and iconic Ford branding. It embodies the classic image of a workhorse tractor from the mid-20th century.
Longevity: Many Ford 4000 tractors have endured over the years, showcasing their durability and lasting value. Collectors often seek out well-preserved or restored models that have stood the test of time.
Contribution to Agriculture: This tractor played a vital role in the agricultural sector, contributing to increased productivity and efficiency on farms. Collecting a Ford 4000 allows enthusiasts to celebrate this important piece of farming history.
Restoration Projects: Some collectors take on Ford 4000 tractors as restoration projects, enjoying the process of bringing these vintage machines back to their former glory.

Finally, the Ford 4000 tractor is not just a piece of machinery; it’s a symbol of agricultural progress and a tangible connection to the past. Collectors value it for its historical significance, enduring quality, and the role it played in shaping the agriculture industry. Owning and preserving a Ford 4000 is a way to pay tribute to the legacy of farming and the tractors that powered it.

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