Farmall Cub

The Farmall Cub, manufactured by Farmall (a part of International Harvester), is a compact and iconic tractor known for its versatility and reliability. Produced from 1947 to 1964 in Louisville, Kentucky, the Farmall Cub featured an offset engine and steering configuration, making it suitable for various agricultural tasks. Its compact size and maneuverability made it a popular choice for small farms and gardens. With its open operator station and manual controls, it was straightforward to operate. Over the years, it underwent several series improvements, ensuring its continued usefulness for farmers. The Farmall Cub holds a special place in agricultural history and remains a beloved collector’s item today.

Farmall Cub Specs
ManufacturerFarmall (a part of International Harvester)
Made inBuilt in Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Three major series of the original Cub were builtthe Farmall Cub until 1964, the International Cub until 1975, and the new International Cub until the end of production in 1979.
Displacement59.5 cubic inches (1.0 L)
Bore/Stroke2.625×2.75 inches (67 x 70 mm)
Cooling systemThermosyphon
Air cleanerOil bath
Rated RPM1600 (later 1800)
StarterManual (Electric optional)
Starter volts6 (12 after SN# 224401)
Coolant capacity9.75 quarts (9.2 L)
SparkplugChampion D-21, AC C86
Sparkplug gap0.023 inches (0.584 mm)
Intake/exhaust valve clearance0.013 inches (0.330 mm)
Oil capacity3 quarts (2.8 L)
TypeSliding gear
Gears3 forward and 1 reverse
Oil capacity1.75 quarts (1.7 L)
Farmall Cub Power
Drawbar (claimed)10 hp (7.5 kW)
PTO (claimed)11 hp (8.2 kW)
Belt (claimed)9.76 hp (7.3 kW)
Plows1 (12 inch)
Drawbar (tested)9.87 hp (7.4 kW)
Belt (tested)10.39 hp (7.7 kW)
Two-wheel drive
Fuel7.5 gallons (28.4 L)
Hydraulic system0.56 gallons (2.1 L)
Capacity0.56 gallons (2.1 L)
Pressure1200 psi (82.7 bar)
Total flow2.8 gpm (10.6 lpm)
Tractor hitch
TypeIH Fast Hitch optional
Power Take-off (PTO)
Rear PTOIndependent
Rear PTO Type1600, 1800 (counter-clockwise)
Farmall Cub Tires
Ag front4.00-12
Ag rear8-24, 9.5-24
Industrial rear8.3-24, 9.5-24
Wheelbase69.25 inches (175 cm)
Length99.325 inches (252 cm)
Width48.25 inches (122 cm)
Height62.75 inches (159 cm)
Height (exhaust)76.25 inches (193 cm)
Operating Weight (Early Models)1477 lbs (669 kg)
Operating Weight (Late Models)1877 lbs (851 kg)
Ballasted Weight2891 lbs (1311 kg)
Nebraska Tractor Test 386 (Gasoline 3-speed 2WD)
Test DateSeptember 29 – October 9, 1947
Belt power (max)9.23 hp (6.9 kW)
Belt fuel use (max)0.8 gal/hour (3.0 l/hour)
Max power8.47 hp (6.3 kW)
Max pull1,596 lbs (723 kg)
Nebraska Tractor Test 575 (Gasoline 3-speed 2WD)
Test DateMay 18 – June 3, 1956
Belt power (max)10.39 hp (7.7 kW)
Belt fuel use (max)1.1 gal/hour (4.2 l/hour)
Max power9.87 hp (7.4 kW)
Max pull1,605 lbs (728 kg)
Attachment Overview
42″ mower deck (IH Danco C-2)42 inches (106 cm), 1-blade
60″ mid-mount mower deck (IH Danco C-3)60 inches (152 cm), 3-blade
54″ Blade (International 54A)Mid-mount, 54 inches width (137 cm)
Weight450 lbs (204 kg)
Raise time to height6.5 seconds
Bucket width36 inches (91 cm)
Bucket capacity0.26 cubic yards (0.2 cubic meters)
Farmall Cub overview

The Farmall Cub, produced from 1947 to 1964, holds a revered place in tractor history, embodying a simpler era of agriculture. Today, it stands as a cherished relic and a collector’s dream. With its modest 10-horsepower gasoline engine and 3-speed transmission, the Farmall Cub may seem quaint compared to the powerful machines of today, but in its prime, it was a revolutionary tool for small-scale farming and gardening.

One of its standout features was the “Cultivision” design, which included an offset engine and steering wheel, allowing farmers to navigate through narrow rows with precision. This innovation was a game-changer at the time, making it a beloved workhorse for cultivating crops like corn, potatoes, and more. Its compact size and ease of operation endeared it to countless farmers, and many still reminisce about their experiences with the Farmall Cub.

In the modern world, the Farmall Cub has become a sought-after collector’s item. Enthusiasts and restorers painstakingly refurbish these vintage tractors, not only for their historical significance but also for their timeless charm. Owning a Farmall Cub today is a way of connecting with the past, a reminder of the days when farming required hands-on skill and a close connection to the land. It’s a testament to the enduring quality of American manufacturing and the agricultural heritage that shaped rural life for generations.