Farmall A

The Farmall A, manufactured by Farmall (a division of International Harvester) from 1939 to 1947, is a renowned row-crop tractor known for its versatility. Produced in Chicago, Illinois, and Louisville, Kentucky, it saw a total of 117,552 units. This iconic tractor featured an offset engine and wide front end, earning it the nickname “Cultivision.” With variations such as the AV for vegetable crops and the AI for industrial use, it catered to diverse farming needs. Powered by a dependable 4-cylinder International Harvester engine (gasoline or kerosene), the Farmall A played a crucial role in American agriculture, symbolizing a bygone era.

Farmall A (a part of International Harvester) Specs
FactoriesChicago, Illinois, USA; Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Total Built117,552
Original Price (1947)$750
AVVegetable crop
AIInternational industrial
Engines Overview
EngineInternational Harvester C113
FuelGasoline or Kerosene (Depending by engine type)
Configuration4-cylinder, liquid-cooled
Displacement113.1 cubic inches (1.9 liters)
Bore/Stroke3.00 x 4.00 inches (76 x 102 mm)
Compression Ratio6.0:1
Rated RPM1400
Firing Order1-3-4-2
StarterManual (electric option available)
Starter Volts6
Coolant Capacity13 quarts (12.3 liters)
Oil Capacity5 quarts (4.7 liters)
Oil Change Interval120 hours
TypeSliding gear
Gears4 forward and 1 reverse
Farmall A Power
Plows1 bottom plow
Drawbar (Tested)16.32 horsepower (12.2 kW)
Belt (Tested)18.34 horsepower (13.7 kW)
Mechanical Details
DriveTwo-wheel drive
BrakesMechanical contracting band brakes
Operator StationOpen
Tractor Hitch
TypeIH Pneumatic Lift-All
Power Take-off (PTO)
Rear PTOTransmission-driven
Rear RPM540 (1.125)
A Serial Numbers
1947 (Chicago)FAA182964 (Final
1947 (Louisville)FAA200001 (Final
Belt Pulley
Diameter8.50 inches (21 cm)
Width6 inches (15 cm)
Speed2574 ft/min (784.56 meters/min)
Battery Volts6
Farmall A Tires
FrontAg tires 4.00-15
RearAg tires 9-24
Length106.3 inches (270 cm)
Width76.8 inches (195 cm)
Height (steering wheel)63.3 inches (160 cm)
Weight2400 lbs (1088 kg)
Ballasted Weight3,450 lbs (1564 kg)
Clearance (Front Axle)21.875 inches (55 cm)
Clearance (Rear Axle)20.875 inches (53 cm)

Farmall A Overview

The Farmall A is a prized collection model, cherished by tractor enthusiasts and historians for its remarkable historical significance and unique attributes. It stands as a testament to a pivotal era in American agriculture, produced by Farmall, a division of International Harvester, during the critical years spanning 1939 to 1947. What truly sets the Farmall A apart and endears it to collectors is its distinct “Cultivision” design, featuring an offset engine and a wide front end. This design allowed for unparalleled visibility during cultivation and planting, a revolutionary feature in its time.
Furthermore, the Farmall A’s versatility is a key aspect of its uniqueness. It was manufactured with variations like the high-crop AV, ideal for vegetable farming, and the AI model tailored for industrial applications. This adaptability made it a trusted workhorse on farms across the United States, a testament to its enduring legacy.

Under the hood, the Farmall A boasts a robust 4-cylinder International Harvester engine, available in both gasoline and kerosene versions, providing reliable power for a multitude of agricultural tasks. Its engine configuration, coupled with a manual or optional electric starter and positive grounding, made it a practical choice for farmers of the time.

Collectors prize the Farmall A not only for its mechanical prowess but also for its historical value. This tractor played an essential role in shaping American agriculture during a period of significant change and innovation. Today, it serves as a cherished symbol of that bygone era, making it a must-have addition to any tractor collection and a genuine piece of agricultural history.