Farmall 560

The Farmall 560, a revered row-crop tractor from International Harvester’s Farmall division, epitomizes agricultural excellence of the late 1950s to early 1960s. Boasting robust construction and versatile performance, it offered farmers unmatched reliability for various tasks. With variants including the standard-tread IH 560 and the high-crop Hi-Clear, it catered to diverse farming needs. Powered by either a diesel or gasoline engine, it delivered ample horsepower for demanding operations. Known for its ergonomic design and intuitive controls, the Farmall 560 remains an enduring symbol of agricultural ingenuity and a cherished companion for generations of farmers.

Farmall 560 Specs
ManufacturerFarmall (a part of International Harvester)
TypeRow-Crop Tractor
Total Built65,982
Original Price (1963)$5,500
Production1958 – 1963
IH 560Standard-tread
Diesel Engine
Engine ModelInternational Harvester D282
Engine Type4-stroke, six-cylinder diesel
Displacement282 cu in (4.60 L)
Rated Engine Power66.0 hp (48.9 kW) @ 1800 rpm
Fuel SystemDirect injection
Fuel Tank Capacity33.0 gal (124.9 L)
Oil Capacity9.0 qts (8.5 L)
Coolant Capacity16.0 qts (15.1 L)
Electrical System Rating12 Volts
Gasoline Engine
Engine ModelInternational Harvester C263
Engine Type4-stroke, six-cylinder gasoline
Displacement263 cu in (4.30 L)
Rated Engine Power72.5 hp (54.1 kW) @ 1800 rpm
Maximum Torque292 Nm (215 ft-lbs) @ 1050 rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity33.0 gal (125.0 L)
Oil Capacity9.0 qts (8.5 L)
Coolant Capacity19.5 qts (18.5 L)
Electrical System Rating12 Volts
Power Take-Off
PTO Operational TypeIndependent
PTO Horsepower59.5 hp (44.4 kW) @ 540 rpm
PTO ClutchDry disc
Transmission TypeSliding gear / Torque Amplifier
Gearbox Type5F/1R (Sliding gear) / 10F/2R, 2-speed powershift (Torque Amplifier)
ClutchDry disc
Oil Capacity64.0 qts (60.6 L)
Maximum Forward Speed16.6 mph (26.7 kph)
Maximum Reverse Speed2.8 mph (4.5 kph)
Wheels and Tires
Drive Wheels2WD 4×2
Steering ConfigurationFront Steer
Steering SystemManual rack-and-pinion/hydrostatic power
Brakes TypeIndependent mechanical disc
Front Tire Size6.00-16 (Std) / 6.00-20 (Opt)
Rear Tire Size12.4-38 (Std) / 13.6-38 (Opt)
Front Tread8-16 in (200-405 mm)
Rear Tread48-93 in (1215-2350 mm)
Hydraulic System
Hydraulic System TypeOpen Center
Implement Pump TypeGear
Implement Pump Flow (Std)9.5 gpm (36.1 Lpm)
Implement Pump Flow (Opt)14.0 gpm (53.2 Lpm)
Steering Pump Flow2.5 gpm (9.5 Lpm)
Hydraulic Fluid Capacity16.0 qts (60.6 L)
Number of Standard Remote Valves1/3
3-Point Hitch CategoryIH Fast Hitch
Dimensions and Weight
Wheelbase96 in (2430 mm)
Length141 in (3580 mm)
Height (Steering Wheel)88 in (2230 mm)
Overall Width85 in (2150 mm)
Ground Clearance16 in (400 mm)
Turning Radius158 in (4000 mm)
Weight (Gas)6560 lb (2975 kg)
Weight (Diesel)6785 lb (3075 kg)
Farmall 560 overview

The Farmall 560, a quintessential row-crop tractor manufactured by Farmall, a subsidiary of International Harvester, exemplifies the epitome of agricultural machinery from the late 1950s to the early 1960s. With a production run totaling 65,982 units, this sturdy workhorse was designed to handle the demands of farming operations with remarkable efficiency. Sporting a hefty original price tag of $5,500 in 1963, the Farmall 560 boasted variants such as the standard-tread IH 560 and the high-crop Hi-Clear, catering to diverse agricultural needs.

Under the hood, the Farmall 560 offered two engine options to suit different preferences and fuel types. The diesel variant housed an International Harvester D282 engine, delivering a robust 66.0 horsepower at 1800 rpm, while the gasoline model featured the C263 engine, churning out an impressive 72.5 horsepower. Both engines were engineered for reliability and performance, ensuring seamless operation even under challenging conditions.

Equipped with an independent power take-off (PTO) system, the Farmall 560 provided ample power for various implements, with a horsepower rating of 59.5 at 540 rpm. Its transmission options included a sliding gear configuration and a torque amplifier gearbox, offering versatility and flexibility in different applications. With a maximum forward speed of 16.6 mph and a reverse speed of 2.8 mph, this tractor facilitated efficient maneuverability and productivity in the field.

In terms of design and construction, the Farmall 560 boasted robust build quality and ergonomic features aimed at enhancing operator comfort and control. Its 2WD 4×2 drive system, coupled with a manual rack-and-pinion/hydrostatic power steering configuration, ensured precise handling and ease of operation. Independent mechanical disc brakes provided reliable stopping power, while a comprehensive hydraulic system with an open-center design facilitated seamless implement control and operation.

Measuring 141 inches in length, 85 inches in overall width, and standing 88 inches tall at the steering wheel, the Farmall 560 offered a spacious and ergonomic cabin environment for operators. Its sturdy construction, with a wheelbase of 96 inches and ground clearance of 16 inches, enabled smooth navigation over varied terrain, while its robust weight distribution ensured stability and traction during heavy-duty tasks.

In conclusion, the Farmall 560 remains an iconic symbol of agricultural prowess, embodying reliability, power, and versatility. With its formidable performance capabilities and enduring legacy, this legendary row-crop tractor continues to hold a special place in the hearts of farmers and agricultural enthusiasts worldwide.