David Brown 1210

The David Brown 1210 is a classic utility tractor known for its rugged reliability and versatile performance. Produced in the early to mid-1970s in England, it gained popularity among farmers and landowners for its ability to handle a wide range of agricultural tasks with ease. This tractor model is often remembered for its straightforward design, making it user-friendly and dependable in various farming operations. Its availability in different variants, including synchromesh and power shift options, allowed buyers to choose the one that best suited their needs. The David Brown 1210 is considered a timeless workhorse in the world of agricultural machinery.
General Information
ManufacturerDavid Brown
Production Years1971 – 1976
TypeUtility Tractor
FactoryMeltham Mills, Huddersfield, England
Original Price (1976)$11,500
1212Power Shift
PTO (Claimed)61 hp (45.5 kW)
Drawbar (Tested)55.83 hp (41.6 kW)
PTO (Tested)65.98 hp (49.2 kW)
ManufacturerDavid Brown
Fuel TypeDiesel
Number of Cylinders4
Cooling SystemLiquid-cooled
Displacement219 cubic inches (3.6 liters)
Bore/Stroke3.939×4.50 inches (100 x 114 mm)
Air CleanerOil bath
Compression Ratio17:1
Starter Volts12
Coolant Capacity15 quarts (14.2 liters)
Gears12 forward and 4 reverse
Chassis4×2 2WD or 4×4 MFWD 4WD
BrakesDifferential mechanical shoe
CabCab optional.
2WD Standard Tires (Ag):
2WD Wheelbase89 inches (226 cm)
4WD Wheelbase88 inches (223 cm)
Length143 inches (363 cm)
Width78 inches (198 cm)
Height (Exhaust)90 inches (228 cm)
2WD Clearance (Front Axle)21 inches (53 cm)
4WD Clearance (Front Axle)18.5 inches (46 cm)
2WD Clearance (Drawbar)17 inches (43 cm)
4WD Clearance (Drawbar)19.5 inches (49 cm)
2WD Front Tread52 to 72 inches (132 to 182 cm)
4WD Front Tread66 inches (167 cm)
2WD Operating5860 lbs (2658 kg)
4WD Operating6910 lbs (3134 kg)
Ballasted10440 lbs (4735 kg)
TypeOpen center
Pressure2500 psi (172.4 bar)
Pump Flow6.9 gpm (26.1 lpm)
Tractor Hitch
Rear TypeII
Recommended2,200 lbs (997 kg)
Maximum4,400 lbs (1995 kg)
Power Take-off (PTO)
Rear PTOIndependent
Rear RPM540/1000

David Brown 1210 Advantages:
Reliability: The David Brown 1210 is well-known for its durability and reliability, making it a dependable choice for various agricultural tasks.
Versatility: It is a versatile tractor capable of handling a wide range of farming operations, from plowing and tilling to hauling and mowing.
Variants: The availability of different variants, including synchromesh and power shift options, allows buyers to select the model that best suits their specific needs and preferences.
Powerful PTO: The tractor boasts a powerful PTO (Power Take-Off) system, making it suitable for various implements and attachments.
Optional Cab: An optional cab provides protection from the elements and improves operator comfort during long working hours.

David Brown 1210 Disadvantages:
Age: The David Brown 1210 is an older tractor model, which may pose challenges in terms of finding replacement parts and qualified mechanics for maintenance and repairs.
Limited Horsepower: While it offers respectable power for its time, with a PTO claim of 61 hp, it may be underpowered compared to modern tractors, limiting its performance in more demanding tasks.
Basic Features: The tractor lacks many of the advanced features and modern amenities found in contemporary tractors, potentially affecting operator comfort and convenience.
Fuel Efficiency: Older tractor models like the David Brown 1210 may be less fuel-efficient compared to newer, more technologically advanced options.
Limited Speed: The tractor’s speed capabilities may be slower compared to modern tractors, which could impact efficiency during transport and fieldwork.