Belarus 3522

The BELARUS 3522 tractor epitomizes versatility and power, designed to excel in a wide array of agricultural tasks. With its robust construction, advanced features, and innovative technologies, this tractor offers unparalleled performance and adaptability in diverse farming operations. From primary tillage to seeding, harvesting, hauling, and industrial applications, the BELARUS 3522 delivers exceptional efficiency and precision, empowering operators to maximize productivity and achieve superior results in the field.

Belarus 3522 General Specifications
Overall Length (with ballast weights of FLL)6500 mm
Width2740 mm
Height (to cabin top)3350 mm
Tractor Base3000 mm
Front Wheels2000 mm and 2150 mm
Rear Wheels2130-2220 mm and 2316-2636 mm
Agrotechnical Clearance450 mm
Least Turning Radius6.5 m
Operating Weight12300 kg
Tire Sizes (Standard)
Front Wheels600/65R34
Rear Wheels710/70R42
TypeDiesel engine (D*) with CommonRail or Mercer fuel injection system, turbocharged and intercooled. Stage IIIa.
ModelDepending by engine
Rated PowerDepending by engine
Caterpillar268 kW (364 hp)
Cummins264 kW (359 hp)
Crankshaft Rated Speed2100 rpm
Number of Cylinders6
DisplacementDepending by engine
Caterpillar8.8 liters
Cummins8.9 liters
Maximum TorqueDepending by engine
Caterpillar1694 Nm
Cummins1500 Nm
Specific Fuel ConsumptionDepending by engine
Caterpillar243 g/kWh
Cummins229 g/kWh
Factor of Torque BackupDepending by engine
Fuel Tank Capacity650 liters
ClutchDry, two-disc
GearboxHydromechanical with friction clutches
Shifting between GearsElectrohydraulic
Number of GearsForward/Reverse
Travel SpeedF/R
Forward0.34-40 km/h
Reverse0.43-20.8 km/h
Rear Power Take-Off (PTO)Options
Continuous I1000 rpm
Continuous II1450 rpm
Max. Power on Front PTO58 kW (79 hp)
Max. Power on Rear PTO219 kW (298 hp)
PTO ControlHydraulic
Differential LockHydraulic
Hydraulic Lift Linkage:
NoteVersatile hydraulic system for controlling working elements of agricultural implements with a variable-displacement pump, an electronically controlled distributor providing ability to program on/off sequences of sections, flow rates and operating times by reading signals from two sensors. With draft, position and mixed modes of soil cultivation depth control, 4 pairs of independent outlets.
Maximum Lifting CapacityFront/Rear
Rear Linkage10000 kg
Front Linkage5000 kg
Maximum Pressure20 MPa
Pump Performance0-160 l/min
Hydraulic System Capacity100 liters

Belarus 3522 overview

The BELARUS 3522 tractor stands as a formidable force in the realm of agricultural machinery, purpose-built to tackle power-intensive tasks across various farming operations. Its robust design and advanced features make it a versatile workhorse, capable of handling primary and pre-sowing tillage, seeding of grains and crops, harvesting, hauling, and industrial applications with ease. What sets the BELARUS 3522 apart are its distinctive features, including a hydraulic lift linkage with an electro-driven distributor, rear wheel twinning kit, creeper gear, air conditioner, front lift linkage (FLL), and front power takeoff shaft (PTO) as standard configurations, ensuring optimal performance and adaptability in diverse working environments.

Crafted with precision engineering, the BELARUS 3522 boasts impressive dimensions, with an overall length of 6500 mm, width of 2740 mm, and height to the cabin top of 3350 mm. Its robust construction, with a tractor base of 3000 mm and agrotechnical clearance of 450 mm, ensures stability and maneuverability even in challenging terrains. With an operating weight of 12300 kg, this tractor strikes a balance between power and efficiency, providing operators with the capability to handle heavy-duty tasks without compromising on performance.

Under the hood, the BELARUS 3522 is powered by a potent diesel engine, available in Caterpillar C9CPXL08.8ESK and Cummins QSL8.9-C360-III models, delivering impressive power outputs of 268 kW (364 hp) and 264 kW (359 hp) respectively. Equipped with advanced features such as turbocharging, intercooling, and CommonRail or Mercer fuel injection systems, these engines offer exceptional torque and fuel efficiency while complying with stringent environmental standards.

The transmission system of the BELARUS 3522 is equally impressive, featuring a hydromechanical gearbox with electrohydraulic control and 30 forward and 12 reverse gears, including a creeper gear. With travel speeds ranging from 0.34 km/h to 40 km/h in forward motion and 0.43 km/h to 20.8 km/h in reverse, this tractor offers unmatched agility and control, enabling operators to tackle a wide range of tasks with precision and ease.

Moreover, the hydraulic lift linkage system of the BELARUS 3522 is designed for versatility and efficiency, with a variable-displacement pump and electronically controlled distributor providing precise control over working elements of agricultural implements. With maximum lifting capacities of 10000 kg at the rear linkage and 5000 kg at the front, coupled with a hydraulic PTO control mechanism and differential lock, this tractor empowers operators with the tools necessary to maximize productivity and performance in the field.

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