Belarus 3022.DZ1/3022.V

The BELARUS 3022.DZ1/3022.V tractors are versatile workhorses, meticulously engineered to tackle a wide range of agricultural tasks with ease. Equipped with powerful engines, advanced transmission systems, and innovative hydraulic lift linkages, these tractors offer exceptional performance and reliability in demanding farming conditions. Their distinctive features, including hydraulic lift linkages, front power takeoff shafts, and air conditioning, make them invaluable assets on the farm. From primary tillage to harvesting, hauling, and industrial applications, these tractors deliver efficiency and precision, empowering farmers to achieve optimal results with confidence.

Overall Length (with ballast weights of FLL)6100 mm
Width2630 mm
Height (to cabin top)3150 mm
Tractor Base3010 mm
Operating Weight11500 kg
BELARUS 3022.V Main Specs
Overall Length (with ballast weights of FLL)6400 mm
Width2480 mm
Height (to cabin top)3150 mm
Tractor Base3960 mm
Operating Weight11500 kg
Tire Sizes (Standard)
Front Wheels540/65R30
Rear Wheels580/70R42
TypeDiesel engine (C*)
ModelBF06M1013FC (DEUTZ)
Rated Power223 kW (303 hp)
Crankshaft Rated Speed2300 rpm
Number of Cylinders6
Displacement7.146 liters
Maximum Torque1300 Nm
Specific Fuel Consumption at Operating Power248 g/kWh
TypeDiesel engine (C*)
ModelD-262S2 (DEUTZ)
Rated Power220 kW (300 hp)
Crankshaft Rated Speed2100 rpm
Number of Cylinders6
Displacement7.98 liters
Maximum Torque1320 Nm
Specific Fuel Consumption at Operating PowerN/A
ClutchDry, two-disc
GearboxHydromechanical, fixed-ratio
Shifting between GearsElectrohydraulic
Number of GearsForward/Reverse
Travel SpeedBy trator model
ForwardBy trator model
3022.DZ.10.37-40.0 km/h
3022.V0.38-40.0 km/h
ReverseBy trator model
3022.DZ.10.43-19.39 km/h
3022.V0.41-20.1 km/h
Rear Power Take-Off (PTO)Dry, two-disc, hydromechanical, fixed-ratio, electrohydraulic
Continuous I1000 rpm
Continuous II1450 rpm
Maximum Power182.2 kW
Front PTOSpecs
Maximum Power60 kW
Hydraulic Lift LinkageVersatile hydraulic system for controlling working elements of agricultural implements with a variable-displacement pump, an electronically controlled distributor providing ability to program on/off sequences of sections, flow rates and operating times by reading signals from two sensors. With draft, position and mixed modes of soil cultivation depth control, 4 pairs of independent outlets.
Maximum Lifting CapacityRear/Front
Rear Linkage10000 kg
Front Linkage5000 kg
Maximum Pressure20 MPa
Pump Performance0-120 l/min
Hydraulic System Capacity100 liters
Belarus 3022.DZ1/3022.V specs

The BELARUS 3022.DZ1/3022.V tractors represent a pinnacle of agricultural machinery, meticulously engineered to meet the demands of power-intensive farming operations. These versatile machines are designed to excel in a wide array of tasks, including primary tillage, seeding, harvesting, hauling, and industrial applications. What sets them apart are their distinctive features, including a hydraulic lift linkage with electro-driven distributor, front power takeoff shaft (PTO), rear wheel twinning kit, air conditioner, creeper gear, and reversible control post, all of which come as standard configurations.

Under the hood, the 3022.DZ1 is equipped with a robust BF06M1013FC engine from DEUTZ, delivering a rated power of 223 kW (303 hp) at 2300 rpm, while the 3022.V features the D-262S2 DEUTZ engine, offering 220 kW (300 hp) at 2100 rpm. These engines are designed to provide exceptional torque and efficiency, ensuring optimal performance in various farming conditions. With their fuel-efficient operation and adherence to Stage II emission standards, these tractors strike a perfect balance between power and environmental sustainability.

The transmission system of the BELARUS 3022 tractors is equally impressive, featuring a hydromechanical gearbox with electrohydraulic control and a wide range of gears, including a creeper gear for precise control at low speeds. This enables operators to tackle tasks with ease, whether it’s traversing rough terrain or maneuvering in tight spaces. With travel speeds of up to 40 km/h in forward motion and 20.1 km/h in reverse, these tractors offer unmatched agility and versatility.

Moreover, the hydraulic lift linkage system of the BELARUS 3022 tractors is designed for precision and efficiency, with the ability to control working elements of agricultural implements with ease. With a maximum lifting capacity of 10000 kg at the rear linkage and 5000 kg at the front, coupled with a variable-displacement pump and electronically controlled distributor, operators have the tools they need to maximize productivity and performance in the field.

In essence, the BELARUS 3022.DZ1/3022.V tractors embody the perfect fusion of power, versatility, and innovation, making them indispensable assets for modern farming operations. Whether it’s tilling the soil, planting seeds, or harvesting crops, these tractors deliver exceptional results, ensuring that agricultural tasks are completed efficiently and effectively.