Belarus 2122.3

The BELARUS 2122.3 tractor stands as a formidable companion for agricultural endeavors, boasting a fusion of robust power and versatile functionality. Designed to excel in traction and drive modes, it seamlessly integrates into various farming operations, from primary tillage to hauling. Noteworthy features include a fuel-efficient engine, advanced hydraulic system with precise control, and a user-friendly transmission. With its traction class 4 designation, front lift linkage, and power takeoff shaft, it offers unmatched adaptability to diverse implements. Overall, the BELARUS 2122.3 embodies reliability and efficiency, serving as an indispensable tool for farmers seeking optimal performance in the field.

BELARUS 2122.3 Specs
Overall Length (with ballast weights of FLL)6040 mm
Width2460 mm
Height (to cabin top)3170 mm
Tractor Base2980 mm
Operating Weight8370 kg
Tire Sizes (Standard)
Front Wheels480/65R24
Rear Wheels580/70R42
TypeDiesel engine (C*)
Rated Power156 kW (212 hp)
Crankshaft Rated Speed2100 rpm
Number of Cylinders6
Displacement7.12 liters
Maximum Torque923 Nm
Specific Fuel Consumption at Operating Power249 g/kWh
Factor of Torque Backup30%
Fuel Tank Capacity420 liters
ClutchDry, two-disc
Clutch ControlHydrostatic with hydraulic booster
GearboxHydromechanical with friction clutches
Number of GearsForward/Reverse
Forward/Reverse2.8-39.5 km/h / 4-18.6 km/h
Rear Power Take-Off (PTO)
Continuous I540 rpm
Continuous II1000 rpm
PTO ControlElectrohydraulic
Differential LockElectrohydraulic
Hydraulic Lift Linkage
TypeLoad-sensitive hydraulic system based on variable-displacement pump with four-section electrohydraulic distributor (EHS-1).
Rear Linkage6500 kg
Front Linkage4800 kg
Maximum Pressure20 MPa
Pump Performance0-86 l/min
Hydraulic System Capacity80 liters
BELARUS 2122.3 overview

The BELARUS 2122.3 tractor embodies a harmonious blend of power and versatility, purpose-built to tackle a wide array of agricultural tasks with utmost efficiency and precision. Positioned as a traction class 4 tractor, it comes equipped with front lift linkage (FLL) and front power takeoff shaft (FPTO) as standard, ensuring seamless integration with various implements for enhanced productivity. One of its standout features is the fuel tank with a higher capacity, enabling prolonged operation without frequent refueling interruptions. The tractor boasts a robust hydraulic system with a variable-displacement pump and a four-section distributor equipped with the Electro-Hydraulic System (EHS), ensuring precise control over hydraulic functions for optimal performance in diverse operating conditions. Its hydromechanical gearbox, complemented by a side control console with a Complex electronic control system, offers smooth and intuitive operation, enhancing operator comfort and efficiency.

Under the hood lies a potent diesel engine, the D-260.4S2 model, delivering a rated power of 156 kW (212 hp) at 2100 rpm. With six cylinders and a displacement of 7.12 liters, this engine generates ample torque, making light work of demanding tasks while maintaining fuel efficiency. The tractor’s transmission system, featuring a dry, two-disc clutch and a hydromechanical gearbox with friction clutches, offers a wide range of gears for both forward and reverse motion, enabling precise control over speed and traction in various terrain conditions. Additionally, its hydrostatic clutch control with a hydraulic booster ensures smooth and responsive operation, further enhancing its usability and versatility in the field.

Equipped with electrohydraulic controls, the tractor’s rear power take-off (PTO) system provides flexibility and convenience for powering various implements, with continuous speeds of 540 and 1000 rpm. The electrohydraulic differential lock further enhances traction and stability, allowing the tractor to navigate challenging terrain with ease. The hydraulic lift linkage system, designed with load-sensitive technology and a four-section electrohydraulic distributor, offers impressive lifting capacities at both the rear and front linkages, along with customizable pressure settings to suit specific operational requirements. In summary, the BELARUS 2122.3 tractor represents a reliable and efficient solution for modern agricultural operations, combining robust performance, advanced features, and intuitive controls to meet the diverse needs of farmers and agricultural professionals.

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