Belarus 2022V.3-17/32

The BELARUS 2022V.3-17/32 tractor, originating from the prestigious Minsk Tractor Works in Belarus, represents a pinnacle of contemporary agricultural engineering. Since its introduction in 2020, this tractor has been a stalwart companion to farmers, delivering exceptional performance and reliability in the field. Its robust construction and advanced technology make it well-suited for a wide range of agricultural tasks, from plowing and planting to harvesting. With a powerful 212 horsepower engine and sophisticated transmission systems, it offers smooth operation and impressive power delivery, ensuring efficiency even in the most challenging conditions. Furthermore, its hydraulic lift linkage, featuring an electrohydraulic system, provides precise control over implements, optimizing soil cultivation depth and enhancing overall productivity. As a testament to the enduring legacy of Minsk Tractor Works, the BELARUS 2022V.3-17/32 tractor continues to embody excellence and craftsmanship, earning its place as a trusted asset on farms worldwide.
Belarus 2022V.3-17/32 Specs
Produced atMinsk Tractor Works (Belarus)
Type6-cylinder, turbocharged with intermediate cooling of supercharged air
Power212 hp / 156 kW
Environmental StandardStage II
Specific Fuel Consumption250.0 ± 7.0 g/(kW·h)
Maximum Torque900 N·m
TransmissionMechanical, step with gear wheels of continuous gearing, synchronizers for gear shifting in each range, switching of range gear couplings, and synchronizers
ClutchFrictional two-disc constant closed type
Number of Forward/Reverse Gears24/12
Rear Power Take-Off (PTO) Speeds540/1000 rpm
Hydraulic Lift Linkage
TypeRemote-cylinder, with electrohydraulic system of automatic soil cultivation depth control, providing draft, position, and mixed modes
Lifting Capacity at Suspension Point6500 kg
Maximum Pressure20 MPa
Pump Performance55 l/min
Hydraulic System Capacity35 liters
Dimensions and Weight
Overall Length5230 mm
Width (Between Rear Wheel Axle Shaft Ends)2400 mm
Height (to Cabin Top)3120 mm
Tractor Base2920 mm
Front Wheels1640-2190 mm (8 values)
Rear Wheels1800-2500 mm
Agrotechnical Clearance540 mm
Least Turning Radius5.8 m
Operating Weight7220-7620 kg (depending on configuration)
Tire Sizes (Standard)
Front Wheels420/70R24
Rear Wheels580/70R42