Belarus 2022.4

The BELARUS 2022.4 tractor is a formidable agricultural workhorse renowned for its robust design, powerful performance, and versatile functionality. With a diesel engine boasting direct injection and turbocharging, it delivers 156 kW (212 hp) of reliable power, ensuring efficient operation across various farming tasks. Equipped with a synchronized transmission system and advanced hydraulic lift linkage, it offers precise control and enhanced productivity in soil cultivation and implement handling. Its ergonomic cabin design and optional features, such as a front power take-off (PTO) and additional seat, further enhance user comfort and operational flexibility, making it a trusted choice for farmers worldwide.

TypeDiesel with direct injection and turbocharging
Capacity156 kW (212 hp)
Brand MarkD-260.4S3A
Ecological StandardStage IIIA
Fuel Use250.0 ± 7.0 g/(kW·h)
Torque Capacity923 N·m
Transmission System
Number of Gears Forward/Reverse24/12
Back Power Take-Off (PTO) Shaft Speed540/1000 rpm
Hydraulic Lift Linkage
TypeRemote-cylinder, with electrohydraulic system of automatic soil cultivation depth control, providing draft, position, and mixed modes
Lifting Capacity at Suspension Point6500 kg
Maximum Pressure20 MPa
Pump Performance55 l/min
Hydraulic System Capacity35 liters
Dimensions and Weight
Overall Length5230 mm
Width (Between Rear Wheel Axle Shaft Ends)2400 mm
Height (to Cabin Top)3120 mm
Tractor Base2920 mm
Front Wheels1640-2190 mm (8 values)
Rear Wheels1800-2500 mm
Agrotechnical Clearance540 mm
Least Turning Radius5.8 m
Operating Weight7220-7620 kg (depending on configuration)
Tire Sizes (Standard)
Front Wheels420/70R24
Rear Wheels580/70R42
Additional Options
PTOFront Power Take-Off (PTO) (with engine from “Minsk Motor Plant”)
HitchFront Hitch
SeatsAdditional Seat
BallastFront Ballast up to 1010 kg
Belarus 2022.4 Overview

The BELARUS 2022.4 tractor epitomizes the fusion of power, efficiency, and versatility, making it a stalwart in modern agricultural endeavors. Boasting a diesel engine with direct injection and turbocharging, this robust machine generates an impressive 156 kW (212 hp) of power, ensuring seamless operation even in demanding conditions. Its transmission system, comprising 24 forward and 12 reverse gears with synchronized selection, offers precise control and maneuverability.

Equipped with a hydraulic lift linkage featuring an electrohydraulic system, the tractor provides automated soil cultivation depth control, enhancing productivity and efficiency in farming operations. With a lifting capacity of 6500 kg and a maximum pressure of 20 MPa, it effortlessly handles various implements, from plows to planters. Moreover, its ergonomic design, spacious cabin, and optional features like a front power take-off (PTO), front hitch, additional seat, and front ballast further underscore its adaptability and utility on the field. From tilling to harvesting, the BELARUS 2022.4 tractor stands as a reliable and indispensable ally for farmers, embodying the pinnacle of agricultural machinery engineering.